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L’ANTICONCEPCIÓ D’EMERGÈNCIA AMB LEVONORGESTREL A LES OFICINES DE FARMÀCIA DISPENSACIÓ SENSE PRESCRIPCIÓ MÈDICA Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Salut L’ANTICONCEPCIÓ D’EMERGÈNCIA AMB LEVONORGESTREL A LES OFICINES DE FARMÀCIA 1. Introducció 2. Indicació de l’anticoncepció d’emergència 3. Accés a l’anticoncepció d’emergència 4. Pr

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy Introduction Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) is a developmental disease in larger breed dogs (commonly, the Great Dane, Alaskan Malamute, Weimaraner and Irish Setter). This disease usually begins between the ages of 3 months to 5 months of age. Signs can vary in intensity, and several dogs from one litter may be affected, although at different times. The heri


arrest in the G1-phase in a dose-dependent manner, while body removal, and intraocular lens (IOL) implant. Post- MMC inhibits DNA synthesis, which results in cell cycle operatively, IOL was imaged with Pentacam Scheimpflug arrest in the S CSA also inhibits angiogenesis in imaging. RESULTS: Scheimpflug imaging allowed us to confirm the Our cases indicate that adjunctive treatment with

01. artlista

F L O R A N I Ö R K E L L J U N G A — • — Floran i Örkelljunga Floran i Perstorp Syftet med artlistan är i huvudsak två. För det första är det en sammanställning av alla växtfynd som gjorts inom Örkelljunga kommun, totalt 1276 (+6) taxa. För det andra ska den stimulera till att rap-portera nya fynd. Artlistan omfattar alla kända fynd av kärlväxter, såväl publi


UK Case Report – Granting Emergency Interim Injunction Pending Trial in the GSK Generic Patent Litigation Article for Journal of Generic Medicines, August 2003 Michael Burdon and Kristie Sloper, Olswang (1) SmithKline Beecham PLC & (2) GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd v (1) Apotex Europe Ltd (2) Neolab Ltd (3) Waymade Healthcare PLC [2002] EWHC 2556; [2003] EWCA (Civ) 137 Patents


State-of-the-Art UROLOGY AND UROLOGIC SURGERY In a Minimally Invasive Way No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy (Please also refer to our vasectomy web site at www.VasectomyNoNeedle.com) Vasectomy is a procedure performed in your urologist’s office. The vas deferens, the tube connecting the testicle to the urethra, is cut to prevent sperm from being added to the semen. Al

Abnormal reactivity of the ∼20-hz motor cortex rhythm in unverricht lundborg type progressive myoclonus epilepsy

NeuroImage 12, 707–712 (2000) doi:10.1006/nimg.2000.0660, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on Abnormal Reactivity of the ϳ20-Hz Motor Cortex Rhythm in UnverrichtLundborg Type Progressive Myoclonus EpilepsyTeija Sile´n,* Nina Forss,* Ole Jensen,* and Riitta Hari*,†* Brain Research Unit, Low Temperature Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, P.O. Box 2200, FIN-0

ObservatÓrio polÍtico

working paper #19 A HISTÓRIA DO PARTIDO DOS TRABALHADORES: UMA NARRATIVA BRASILEIRA Bruno G. Bernardes O Partido dos Trabalhadores atravessou um período de profundastransformações organizacionais e ideológicas, o que coincidiu com a vitória naspresidenciais de 2002. Até esse ano, a sua história demonstra de que forma aslutas internas entre tendências ajudariam a recriar


CENTRAL NEW JERSEY AFFILIATE SUMMER 2002 VOL. 4 NO. 2 OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE FOUNDATION Every Meeting is a Learning Experience RITA NEWMAN, MD, SPEAKS AT NJOCF WILLIAM GORDON, PHD, TO PRESENT AT NEXT MARCH MEETING ON MEDICATION QUARTERLY MEETING A special disclaimer. NJ OCF does not specifically endorse any of the state- ments made in this article. Reading this a

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“Principles of Long-run Incremental Cost Model for the Jamaican Telecommunications Market” Digicel Submission: In Response to the OUR Consultation Document “Principles of Long-run Incremental Cost Model for the Jamaican Telecommunications Market” 2. LRIC COSTING BASED ON TOP-DOWN APPROACH .8 2.1. LONG-RUN AND FORWARD LOOKING COSTS .8 2.2. NETWORK TOPOLOGY.9 2.3. RELEVANT INCREMENT .9 2

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DOCUMENTO INFORMATIVO Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF) actualmente proporciona atención a más de 100.000 personas con VIH/SIDA y terapia antirretroviral a más de 80.000 personas en sus 65 proyectos en más de 30 países. Aunque los programas de MSF reportan muy buenos resultados, los retos que Basado en datos y experiencias que se presentaron en la XVI Conferencia Internacional del SIDA


Usage Statistics for ospreysailuk - March 2009 Graphical statistics for ospreysailing.org.ukSummary Period: March 2009Generated 01-Apr-2009 02:02 BST[Daily Statistics] [Hourly Statistics] [URLs] [Entry] [Exit] [Sites] [Referrers] [Search] [Agents] [Countries]3481 2.08% 2387 3.47% 279 3.24% 125 4.94% 117906 3.03%6338 3.78% 2766 4.02% 366 4.25% 183 7.24% 147634 3.79%5994 3.58% 2773 4.03% 4

Adp executive group minutes 20 april 201

Outer Hebrides Alcohol Drug Partnership EXECUTIVE GROUP MEETING 20 April 2011 at 10.00 – 3.00pm Police Station, Church Street, Stornoway Minutes of Meeting Members Present: Gordon Macleod Chief Inspector, Northern Constabulary Colin Gilmour Health Promotion Manager – NHS Western Isles Mairi Bremner Community Representative John Edwards I

Powerpoint presentation

Oral Health in the Pal iative Care Patient: Care throughout the Continuum of Il ness Rose Anne Indelicato, MSN, ANP-BC, ACHPN, OCN, Daniel Pomerantz, MD, MPH, FACP, & Dorothy Wholihan, DNP, ANP-BC, GNP-BC, ACHPN Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester, New Rochel e, New York New York University Col ege of Nursing (NYUCON), New York, New York INTRODUCTION OUR CASE: MRS. THOMPSON �

Attachment to guidance on pharmacogenomic data submissions

Examples of Voluntary Submissions or Submissions Required Under 21 CFR 312, 314, or 601 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) March 2005 Procedural Contains Nonbinding Recomm


Part 7 Fish Diseases and Health Management years, probably due to better husbandry on farms and kill large numbers of ish within days. here is and a build-up of natural immunity within ish said to be no efective cure for sporozoan diseases populations. once ish are infected. Diseased ish should be removed, euthanized and safely disposed of. Detection/identification : ulcers that appear Good


Onium Chemicals B.V., The Netherlands T.: +31(0)6 20171394; F.: +31(0)847233093; Mail : [email protected] Productlist API based on product in alphabetical For products detailed specifications or MSDS, please contact us by email to [email protected] PRODUCT NAME APPLICATION 7689-03-4 (+)-Camptothecin 200815-49-2 (R,R)-Formoterol-L-(+)-Tartrate 826

Notice tonilax

Dénomination du médicament TONILAX, comprimé enrobé Encadré Veuillez lire attentivement cette notice avant de prendre ce médicament. Elle contient des informations importantes pour votre traitement. Si vous avez d'autres questions, si vous avez un doute, demandez plus d'informations à votre médecin ou à votre pharmacien. • Gardez cette notice, vous pourriez avoir beso


LAURENTIAN ROGAINE Prévost, Piedmont, St-Hippolyte, Ste-Adèle - Québec September 29, 2001 - 12 Hour Event A Map and Compass Adventure Sport ROGAINE is an acronym for a Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance. Originating in Australia, it is rapidly becoming popular in North America. Participants in a Rogaine come from diverse backgrounds: Hikers, Run


Open Letters. Open Letters features the collected letters of: Open Letters July 23, 2000 ~ Vol. I, No. 5 For a free subscription to this, the weekly version of Open Letters, send a blank email to [email protected]. Open Letters also exists as a daily web magazine, at www.openletters.net. For a free subscription to the daily reminderfor the web magazine, send a blank em

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T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F M E L B O U R N E A N I M A L W E L F A R E C O M M I T T E E G U I D E L I N E S F O R G E N E R A L A N A E S T H E S I A A N D A N A L G E S I A O F C O M M O N L A B O R A T O R Y A N I M A L S I n t r o d u c t i o n Anaesthesia means without ('an') feeling ('aesthesia') and general anaesthetic agents are drugs which typically produce a progr


Your PreventiveRxSM Drug List: Expanded Plan PreventiveRx covers drugs that help keep you healthy because they prevent illness and other health conditions. You can get the products on this list at low or no cost to you. This list includes only prescription products. Brand-name drugs are listed with a first capital letter. Non-brand drugs (generics) are in lowercase letters. Brand-name drug

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DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF ACUTE AND CHRONIC SYMPTOMATIC ORAL ULCERATIONS Acute and chronic ulcerations represent the most common symptomatic mucosal pathoses encountered by oral health care practitioners. Every clinician should have an organized approach to these problems which will be encountered frequently. The first step in all cases should be to divide and conquer. The ulcerations

Distrito escolar unificado de oakland

DISTRITO ESCOLAR UNIFICADO DE OAKLAND Política de la Mesa Directiva BP 5145.7 Estudiantes La Mesa Directiva tiene el compromiso de mantener un ambiente educativo libre de acoso y discriminación. La Mesa Directiva prohíbe el acoso sexual de estudiantes por otros estudiantes, empleados u otras personas, en la escuela, en actividades auspiciadas por la escuela o durante actividades relac


Replacing the SNAP PAC R-Series Rechargeable Battery Introduction Opto 22 SNAP PAC R-series programmable automation controllers manufactured after July 1, 2007, have a rechargeable battery that receives charging current whenever the controller has power. The battery will retain data for up to three years Replacing the SNAP P Because the battery is rechargeable and has such a long data re

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Sallinen - Otsonoitujen öljyjen lääkinnällinen käyttö 26.9.2006 Otsonoitujen öljyjen lääkinnällinen käyttö Katsaus tieteellisiin tutkimuksiin Miika Sallinen [email protected] Johdanto. 2 Infektoituneet avohaavat. 3 Vaikeat alaraajojen avohaavat. 3 Fistelit eli leikkausavanteet . 3 Tehokas myös tukihoitomuotona . 4 Vertailevia eläinkokeita . 5 Mär


Introduction to Sequence of Events Recorder This document introduces P-CIM for Windows Sequence of Events Recorder (SER) functions. In this document: Overview --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Multiple SER Management -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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CITIM 2011 PROGRAM Budapest, Hungary May 2-5, 2011 May 2, 2011 15:30 (3:30 pm) CONFERENCE OPENING CEREMONY Welcome remarks, Greetings and Information (CITIM Organizing Committee) KEYNOTE LECTURE Dmitry I. Gabrilovich H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, Florida, USA Myeloid suppressor cells in cancer: from biology to immunotherapy __

New commercial feed labeling requirements(rev april 2007).pub

COMMERCIAL Labeling Requirements Adopted by the TEXAS FEED & FERTILIZER CONTROL SERVICE Texas A&M University System The Agriculture Program Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Tim Herrman, State Chemist & Director College Station, TX Website: OTSC.TAMU.EDU (Updated April 2007) TABLE OF CONTENTS Commercial Feed Labeling Requirements


OPEN: Towards Method Convergence with other input from the OPEN methodology collaborative team ofezivin, L.L. Constantine, P. Desfray, R. Du¶e,D. Mehandjiska-Stavrova, B. Meyer, J.-M. Nerson, J.J. Odell,M. Page-Jones, T. Reenskaug, B. Selic, A.J.H. Simons, P. Swatman, R. WinderThis paper was published in IEEE Computer, Volume 29 number 4, IEEE Computer°1996 IEEE. Personal use of this mat


Glaucoma/Stargardt’s Sanjeev Nath, M.D. Eye Institute and Laser Center New York, NY A 37-year-old Hispanic female presented 5 years ago with a 20-year history of an “untreatable” retinal degeneration. At presentation, with high plus reading glasses, our patientwas able to read magazine print at about 4 inches, but with some difficulty, and felt that herability to read was worsening. Th

Vorstellung jacqueline kramer

Philosophie Naturgeflüster ist eine Therapiepraxis für Mensch und Tier und bietet erfolgreich individuelle Einzelsitzungen, aber auch fundierte Aus- und Weiterbildungen an. In den Workshop’s und Ausbildungen wird grossen Wert auf persönliche Entwicklung gelegt. Eine professionelle und engagierte Betreuung der Schüler ist selbstverständlich. Die Schüler profitieren vom praxisnahen Unterrich


Benefit Changes for the New Plan Year 2011/2012 Plan Year Maximum: Removal of the Plan Year benefit maximum of $500,000 , there is now no limit. Lifetime Maximum: Removal of the Lifetime benefit maximum of $1,000,000 , there is now no limit. Office Visit Co-Pay: The Plan has created an Office Visit Co-Pay. In-Network Office Visits with a BlueChoice primary-care physician will b


Journal of the Neurological Sciences 211 (2003) 81 – 84Efficacy and safety of repeated intrathecal triamcinolone acetonideapplication in progressive multiple sclerosis patientsVolker Hoffmann, Sebastian Schimrigk, Saida Islamova, Kerstin Hellwig, Carsten Lukas,Nils Brune, Dieter Po¨hlau, Horst Przuntek, Thomas Mu¨ller*Department of Neurology, St. Josef-Hospital, Ruhr-University of Boc


2011.05.30 / 380x135mm / B.261.004.OEST_GTP_02 Herstellung der Lösung: GEBRAUCHSINFORMATION: INFORMATION FÜR DEN ANWENDER Verminderung der Blutplättchenkonzentration verursacht hat. INFORMATIONEN FÜR MEDIZINISCHES FACHPERSONAL 1. Lösungsmittel (Wasser für Injektionszwecke) und Pulver in den ungeöffneten Durchstechfl aschen auf Zimmertemperatur bringen. Diese Temperatur muss wäh

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Comprehensive Land Use Planning DRAFTING THE ZONING ORDINANCE Zoning is the division of a community into zones or districts (e.g. commercial, residential,industrial, institutional, etc.) according to the present potential uses of land to maximize,regulate and direct their use and development according with the CLUP. It takes theform of a locally enacted ordinance which embodies among othe


Ototoxicity Ahmad M Alamadi FRCS (Glasg), John A Rutka FRCS(C) Ototoxicity can be defined as the tendency of certain substances, either systemic or topical, to cause functional impairment and cellular damage to the tissues of the inner ear and especially to the end organs of the cochlear and vestibular divisions of the eighth cranial nerve 1 . Major systemic ototoxic substances include;

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Sejarah Seksualitas dalam Kekristenan 1 Stephen Suleeman Pendahuluan Permintaan kepada saya untuk menyampaikan makalah “Sejarah Seksualitas dalam Kekris-tenan” adalah sebuah permintaan yang menantang namun juga tidak mudah ditulis. Permintaan ini menantang, sebab sejauh ini orang biasanya meminta pendeta untuk menyampaikan pandangan etika-teologi tentang seksualitas menurut agama Kristen. Namu

Monday, january 16, 2006

Daily summary of discussion at the seventh session 19 January 2006 UN Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities Ad Hoc Committee - Daily Summaries A service brought to you by Rehabilitation International (RI) Volume 8, #4 January 19, 2006 MORNING SESSION Article 14 – Liberty and security of the person The Chair reflected on the good level of

Cervical bk z 5/01 frc

SPECIFIC TOPICS Returning Home After Surgery Most patients who have had either an anterior or a posterior cervical operative procedure will leave the hospital a day or two after surgery. Withtheir neurosurgeon’s approval, they may return home even ifthey live a considerable distance away. Pain after cervical spinesurgery is usually treated with a combination of analgesics, suchas Darvoce

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Drug Information Sheet("Kusuri-no-Shiori") The information on this sheet is based on approvals granted by the Japanese regulatory authority. Approval details may vary by country. Medicines have adverse effects (risks) as wel as efficacies (benefits). It is important to minimize adverse effects and maximize efficacy. To obtain a better therapeutic response, patients should understand

Regular board meeting

Regular School Board Meeting Oldham-Ramona School Dist 39-5 February 16, 2012 The Oldham-Ramona School Board of Education met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. at the school. Present were Lisa Beyer, Larry Malcomb, and Mike Matson. Absent were Chandra Waikel and Jay Hojer. Others present were Dick Amert, Deanne DeRungs, Tyler Soma, Supt Brian Sieh, and Business Manager GayLynn Hagemann.


Turkmenistan ranks among the mostrepressive and closed societies in theworld. The Internet is heavily regu-lated and available only to a smallfraction of the population. Amongthe countries of the CIS, it has thelowest penetration rate of Internet ac-cess and the highest degree of first-generationlance is significant, and the few citizens who benefit from access to the Internetare closely monito

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Colonoscopy Preparation for a MORNING Procedure. Failure to follow these instructions may result in cancellation of your procedure. 1 Week Prior to the Procedure • Stop Aspirin for ____ days. Stop Ticlid, Plavix, Coumadin, Aggrenox for ____days. • Stop Pepto-Bismol, iron supplements or fish oil supplements. Multivitamins are OK. • Avoid nuts, seeds, popcorn and fiber suppl


PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD The official text of the Prohibited List shall be maintained by WADA and shall be published in English and French. In the event of any conflict between the English and French versions, the English version shall prevail. This List shall come into effect on 1 January 2011 The 2011 Prohibited List 18 September 2010 THE 2011 PROHIBITED LI

I det här inlägget kommer jag att förhålla mig till och resonera kring en del av de många intressanta frågor som ställs i p.

Anna G. Jónasdóttir Centrum för feministiska samhällsstudier Samhällsvetenskapliga institutionen Örebro universitet SE-701 82 Örebro E-postadress: Feminism, vetenskap och föränderliga kunskapsintressen Presenterat på den nordiska konferensen Kvinnorörelser – inspiration, intervention och irritation , 10-12 juni 2004, i arbetsgruppen: ”Kön och vetenskapssamhället”

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THE EFFECT OF 2-CHLORODEOXYADENOSINE ON ENDOGENOUS RESPIRATION OF A HUMAN LYMPHOMA CELL LINE (U-937) Knoblechner a, Rosmarie Steinlechner b, Michael Schirmer a, Frank N. Gellerich b, Raimund Margreiter b, Günther Konwalinka a, Erich Gnaiger b aDepartment of Internal Medicine, and bDepartment of Transplant Surgery, University Hospital of Innsbruck, Anichstr. 35, A-6020 Innsbruc

The physician’s role in post-discharge emergency care

Triamcinolone Acetonide (KenalogTM TriesenceTM TrivarisTM): Recommendations Anne M. Menke, R.N., Ph.D. OMIC Risk Manager PURPOSE OF RISK MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS OMIC regularly analyzes its claims experience to determine loss prevention measures that our insured ophthalmologists can take to reduce the likelihood of professional liability lawsuits. OMIC policyholders are not requir


OTC COMPANY NEWS Oxford Nutrascience offers better taste Oxford Nutrascience is seeking brand-own- bald and another ex-Boots man,Marcelo Bravo. ers worldwide to license its delivery sys-tems that use prebiotic soluble fibres to makeand healthcare product development at Boots,medicines and food supplements more pleas-while Bravo worked in new business develop-ment for the company. B


Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, {Bi-Monthly}, ISSN2249-9598, Vol-III, Nov 2013 Special Issue Preliminary phytochemical and in vitro anti-diabetic activity of Ficus racemosa (L.) stems bark extract aRajendra Chary Vijayagiri, aEstari Mamidala aInfectious Diseases & Metabolic Disorders Research Lab, Department of Zoology, Kakatiya Universit

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Electronic article surveillance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the use of the term Electronic article to mean an electronic version of a Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for preventing from retail stores or pilferage of books from libraries. Special tags are fixed to merchandise or books. These tags are removed or deactivated by the clerks w

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Alpine Medical Group LLC, Pain Management Division Steven Pulley, MD ■ Nathan Dahle, MD ■ Thomas Trauba, MD ■ N. Lee Smith, MD ■ Whitney Bancroft, APRN ■ Katie Toledo, APRN, FNP ■ Laura Chamberlain, MSN, NPC Welcome Valued Patients to Omega Interventional Pain Clinic! As of January 1, 2011 the following are Patient Guidelines for All existing as well as New Pa

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FINAL SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM THURSDAY, JUNE 08, 2006 12.00-15.00 Registration 14.00 SCUR Board members meeting/coffee, tea and sandwiches 14.45-15.00 Opening 15.00-15.30 INVITED LECTURE Chairman: S. Jablonska Slawomir Majewski (Warszawa, Poland) A possible role of epidermodysplasia verruciformis-associated human papillomaviruses in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. 15.30-16.30 FREE COM

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General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd DOC201109230040 APPROVE SHEET Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery www.gebattery.com.cn 1 TEL: 0755-81762726 General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd DOC201109230040 REVISION AND UPDATES GENERAL ELECTRONICS BATTERY CO., LIMITED www.gebattery.com.cn 2 TEL: 0755-81762726 General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd DOC201109230040 Specification of Lithi

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Seasonal Influenza Immunization Questionnaire Live, Attenuated (Nasal Administration) FLUMIST Available for healthy patients, 2 years through 49 years of age For patients: The following questions will help us determine if you are eligible to receive influenza vaccine today. Please answer these questions by checking the boxes. If the question is not clear, please ask us to explain it. Patient


Law Makers Lab Technicians & Section 28 of the MDA 1971 I recently dealt with a case concerning compounds derived from cathinone, which although used as plant food, were also marketed on the internet as ‘legal highs’. The defence raised Section 28 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and also questioned whether the compounds in question were actually controlled substances. My research led me


MINOXIDIL O minoxidil é um modificador biológico que age revertendo o processo de miniaturização do pêlo na AAG ao normalizar o ciclo do folículo, prolongando a fase anágena ou de crescimento. Seu agente ativo, substância responsável pela estimulação do folículo piloso, é o sulfato de minoxidil (SM). A descoberta de que o minoxidil estimulava o crescimento de cabelos foi ca


La Lettre d’Oriade I Septembre 2013 Pour les infections à gonocoque : Comme la plupart des bactéries, le gonocoque a acquis des résistances à de nombreux résistances des germes, Ainsi, les fluoroquinolones n’ont plus de place dans cette indication, le gonocoque et constatez notamment étant résistant à la ciprofloxacine dans plus d’1 cas sur 3 en 2009 (contre 1 cas sur 15


Die Breitbandwirkung von Kolloidalem Gold Die Geschichte vom Kolloidalen Gold Das Gold gehört zur Gruppe der Edelmetallen, die als reines Metall in der Natur vorkommt.und stammt ursprünglich von dem lateinischen Wort Aurum ab, dass so viel bedeutet wie: das Helle oder das Gläserne! Gold ist das 74ste Element, auf einer Liste, der am häufigsten vorkommenden Elemente auf der Erde, es



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Dominic S. Carreira, M.D. 300 SE 17th St First Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (954) 764-2192 Medications: Today: Pain medication prescribed is: _________________________________________________________ Take this every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. You may find that if you alter one tablet every 2-3 hours this may be beneficial. Post-op day one: Start this in the morning, tak


Releasing the Value of Hidden Assets As energy utilities complete their retreats from unsuccessfulderegulated ventures, their financial statements contain lessdebt and suggest a higher-quality earnings outlook. Divestingassets identified as “discontinued operations” has shored upearnings across the sector. In fact, the power and gas sectorscurrently trade at record P/E multiples. Howe


BUNDESGESETZBLATT FÜR DIE REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH Jahrgang 2006 Ausgegeben am 19. Mai 2006 64. Bundesgesetz: Anti-Doping-Bundesgesetz (NR: GP XXII AB 1416 S. 146. BR: 7521 AB 7530 S. 734.) 64. Bundesgesetz, mit dem das Bundes-Sportförderungsgesetz 2005 geändert wird (Anti- Doping-Bundesgesetz) Bundesgesetz, mit dem das Bundes-Sportförderungsgesetz 2005 geändert wi


Autor: ORLANDO JOSÉ DE LA CRUZ ORTIZ REVISTA DR DLC NORMAS PARA LOS AUTORES Los artículos para su publicación han de ser inéditos, concisos, correctos en su estilo y en el uso de abreviaturas, símbolos y terminologías. El formato del artículo (salvo excepciones) debe ser presentado según las siguientes instrucciones: Debe estar escrito en formato WORD (Texto) en español o in


CADET ACTIVITY MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM INSTRUCTIONS: All activity participants must complete this form in its entirety. Indicate NONE or NO where applicable. Failure to disclose all known medical conditions is cause for dismissal from the activity. Attach a current copy of the member’s insurance card to the application submission. Parent/guardian of cadets age 17 and under must complete

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ORLANDO HEART CENTER DUAL ISOTOPE ADENOSINE STRESS TEST Please read the following instructions carefully! What to do the day of the test: Upon arrival at the doctor's office. • No food or drink four (4) hours prior to your appointment. If you eat A Nuclear Medicine Technologist will escort you to an exam room to explain or drink, the test will be rescheduled.


TDR_SEO0109_10Drugs:TDR_SEO0109_10Drugs 11/13/08 2:37 PM Page 1from William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. 10 drugs you should never take! We’re in the age of what I call “conveyor-belt medicine.” The mainstream medical system isset up to allow your doctor just enough time to give you a quick diagnosis followed by a pre-scription or a needless procedure. Rarely does it allow you the time t

Ofs flute fair 2011 flyer

Flute Fair 2011 Saturday, November 19, 2011 Oklahoma Christian University 2501 E Memorial Road, Edmond, OK, 73013 Guest Artists: Christina Jennings and Ann Fairbanks A great event for flutists of all ages! Collegiate Competition: Performance competition with cash awards for college students. Our Collegiate Competition will be held on Friday, November 18, 2011. Mastercl

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Ophthalmological Society of South Africa Preliminary Programme 24 – 27 March 2011 CONTENTS OPHTHALMIC PROGRAMME THURSDAY, 24 MARCH 2011 MEETINGS : Council Meeting: College of Ophthalmologists REFRESHMENTS FOR ALL DELEGATES SESSION 1 Retina & Oncology Chair: Dr Karin Lecuona 10:40 Whats' new in malignant intraocular tumors? Prof Jerry Shields, USA (


Schizophrenia What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that has affected people throughout history. About 1 percent of Americans have this illness.1 People with the disorder may hear voices other people don't hear. They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. This can terrify peo


Parents of Children with Known Allergies Requiring Medication(s) From: Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School Clinic The nurses in the OLACS clinic take your child’s health and safety very seriously. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to update and renew all required allergy forms, so we may take the appropriate action for your child if/when it may be necessary. Per Arch

The medical letter issue 1137

Published by The Medical Letter, Inc. • 1000 Main Street, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 • A Nonprofit Publication TESTS FOR DRUGS OF ABUSE Testing for drug use has become increasingly common, not only in health care, but alsoin drug rehabilitation, in the military, at the workplace, after accidents and in the criminal jus-Performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, growth hormone(

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“II Taller Iberoamericano de Indicadores de Trayectorias de Recursos Humanos en Ciencia y Tecnología en Iberoamérica: Hacia el Manual de Buenos Aires” PROGRAMA Día 1 – Lunes 9 de noviembre I Jornada de intercambio entre expertos invitados, grupo de trabajo y equipo técnico del Manual 9.30 a 10 hs - Apertura del II Taller • Dr. Francisco Manuel

Saw palmetto used by millions of men for non-cancerous prostate problems

Saw palmetto used by millions of men Proven benefits for non-cancerous prostate problems Optimal Health Systems April, 2010 Saw palmetto berries come from a little palm tree indigenous to the coastal regions of the southern United States—particularly Florida, though some sources say it is also native to the West Indies. It is often referred to as the ‘American Dwarf Palm Tree’ and

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Bad Bugs, Bad Bugs, What You Gonna Do? In a past article, I mentioned that all public water systems are required to have a written Coliform Sampling Plan. The plan can help the water system operator decide which corrective actions to take should routine coliform samples test positive. It is important to keep in mind the critical rational behind that requirement. Routine total coliform samples


Postnatal depression Adjusting to life as a mother can be difficult. In fact, for many women, having a baby is the most significant life-changing event they will ever experience. Adjusting to this major life change, as well as coping with the day-to-day demands of a new baby, can make some women more likely to experience depression at this time, particularly if they’ve experienced depressi


Fax 038 425 48 88 overijssel.nl [email protected] RABO Zwolle 39 73 41 121 Inlichtingen bij fax 038 425 75 00 [email protected] Zaaknummer Z-HZ_NB-2013-015249 Natuurbeschermingswet 1998; wijzigingsbesluit Op 14 juni 2011 hebben wij aan Staatsbosbeheer voor het zenderen van Korhoenders in het Natura 2000-gebied ‘Sallandse heuvelrug’ een vergunning1 in het kader van art. 19d v


Eye - Intravitreal preservative-free triamcinolone acetonide for the treatment of macul. Page 1 of 3 Case Series Eye (2005) 19, 686–688. doi:10.1038/sj.eye.6701602 Published online 27 August 2004 Intravitreal preservative-free triamcinolone acetonide for the treatment of macular oedema S J Bakri 1 , A Shah 1 , N S Falk 1 and P M Beer 1 1Lions Eye Institute, Albany Medical Colle

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Case 1:06-cv-01487-RMU Document 23-1 Filed 12/29/2006 Page 1 of 36ANDREW C. VON ESCHENBACH, M.D., ) in his official capacity as GOVERNMENT'S OPPOSITION TO PLAINTIFFS' SECOND MOTION FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION Case 1:06-cv-01487-RMU Document 23-1 Filed 12/29/2006 Page 2 of 36 INTRODUCTION At issue in this case is the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA or

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O regon Seniors and People with Disabilities Top Tag Drill Down Report Original 1/10/08 rev 3/08 The total number of phrases or key words is greater than the number of instances as a tag may contain multiple issues. Nursing Facilities F 0309 - Provide necessary care and services… 30 cites for the 10/1-12/31/2007 quarter 14 – lack of monitoring or assessment or Dr n


Probiotikus fermentált húskészítmények kifejlesztése BEVEZETÉS A funkcionális élelmiszerek jelentısége, valamint az ezzel foglalkozó kutatások és termékfejlesztések az elmúlt évtizedben jelentısen nıttek. Ezen élelmiszerek egy csoportja a probiotikus mikroorganizmusokat tartalmazó élelmiszerek. Egészségügyi hatásukat tekintve részt vesznek béltraktus mőköd

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Omnibionta® Pronatal Metafolin® QU’EST CE qu’Omnibionta® Pronatal? Omnibionta ® Pronatal contient des quantités spécifiques et adaptées de vitamines et de minéraux qui sont recommandés dès le désir de grossesse. Une dose journalière d’Omnibionta® Pronatal se compose de: • 1 comprimé composé d’acide folique, de Metafolin ® et d’autres vitamines et minérau

Hands on 1 s5

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ����� �� ��������� ������ �� ���������� �� ��������� ������� POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA Gillian Hosie , MB, ChB, FRCP(Glas), DA General Practi

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PLAN DOCUMENT STUDENT HEALTH BENEFITS PLAN (SHBP) EFFECTIVE DATE: SEPTEMBER 1, 2007 For the most current information regarding the SHBP, notices, and general information, students should refer to the Student Health Program web site: www.ptsem.edu/current/healthresources/ TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Page(s) Schedule of Medical Benefits.1-5 Schedule of Prescription Drug Be

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At-Home Professions Healthcare Document Specialist Syllabus Course One Welcome to Course One of your Healthcare Document Specialist program! I will be your guide as you prepare for your new career as a healthcare document specialist. If you have any questions or want to discuss general topics, feel free to contact me through the course. (Click on participant; then, click on my name to

Prob 11-17 ff 104-5

THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES PROB 11/17, ff. 104-5 1 ________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY: The document below is the Prerogative Court of Canterbury copy of the will, dated 29 May 1514 and proved 1 July 1514, of Sir William Browne, Lord Mayor of London. The testator was the son and heir of Sir John Browne, Lord Mayor of London in 1480, and the nephew of Sir W

Ocp newsletter june 2008

Newsletter June 1. Something old, something new Since its last newsletter OCP has acquired several new clients, and has also deepened its relationships with organisations for whom it has worked for many years. A consistent theme has been our role in helping clients to specify, design and manage organisational change resulting from mergers, changes in processes or technology and a genera

Amelioration of oxidative stress in red blood cells from patients with [beta]-thalassemia major and intermedia and e-[beta]-thalassemia following administration of a fermented papaya preparation

PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH Phytother. Res. (2010) Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI : 10.1002/ptr.3116 FULL PAPER Amelioration of Oxidative Stress in Red Blood Cells from Patients with β-thalassemia Major and Intermedia and E-β-thalassemia Following Administration of a Fermented Papaya Preparation Eitan Fibach1*, Ee-Shien Tan2, Saumya Jamuar2,

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Organic Chemistry II KEY February 14, 2008 1. Which of the following starting material/ reagent combinations would give rise to chlomiphene, a fertility agent? E 2. The major kinetic product(s) of the reaction of 2-methyl-2-pentene with Cl2, H2O is (are): A a) Organic Chemistry II KEY February 14, 2008 3. The major product of the reaction below is: B


PAIN RELIEF AFTER SURGERY Preparation Quick recovery after surgery can only happen if it doesn’t hurt too much, so effective pain management is one of our main priorities . We expect to be able to keep you very comfortable after your surgery and consequently you should be able to be up and about just a few hours after surgery and you may go home if you wish very soon afterwards. We

Ocumox brief prescribing information

Brief Prescribing Information COMPOSITION: ADVERSE EFFECTS: No serious ophthalmic or systemic adverse reactions related to Moxifloxacin wereMoxifloxacin Hydrochloride B.P. equivalent to Moxifloxacin . 5 mg. Preservative: None. Product is self - preserved. Adverse reactions were generally mild and occurred at an incidence similar toInactives: Boric acid and sodium chloride. placebo

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SLOWING THE AGING PROCESS WITH NATURAL PROGESTERONE Aging is as inevitable as death and taxes, but prevention of premature aging is a goal towhich we all should (and can) aspire. In this regard, the role of natural progesterone shouldbe re-examined. In women, progesterone and estrogen are produced primarily by the ovaryduring normal menstrual cycles. Progesterone maintains the secretory endometri

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RE PLASTIC SURGERY - MR. LOK HUEI YAP FRCS (PLASTIC SURGERY) 1. AVOID ASPIRIN OR ASPIRIN-CONTAINING MEDICATIONS for a period of 7-10 days before surgery, unless there is a strong medical reason for taking Aspirin. Aspirin makes the blood less effective at clotting and may increase bleeding and bruising, as do many other medications with names ending in ‘-phen’ or ‘-fen’. Please review t

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Treatments for Minor Discomforts Colds, Congestion, Cough, Mucinex DM, Coricidin D, Neo-Synephrine Nose Drops (not nose spray), and Seasonal Allergies: Saline drops, Tylenol Cold/ Sinus/ Allergy, Sudafed, Robitussin (plain) PE, Dimetapp Extentabs, Dimetapp Elixir, Chlor-Trimeton 4mg, Plain Benadryl, Claritin, Actifed, Non-medicated cough drops. Sore Throat: Chloraseptic Spray, Cepa


Ambulatory Care Clerkship Goals and Objectives COURSE GOALS: Teach the student the rationale of prescribing medication in an ambulatory care setting;Familiarize the student with laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures used in themonitoring of drug therapy;Teach the student both the physical and laboratory parameters for evaluating effectivemedication use in ambulatory patients,Reinforc


Definitions: “Charge to Mobile” means the service by which O2 enables both prepay and bill pay O2 customers to charge certain goods and services within a limited network to their mobile phone bill; “Merchant” means a third party merchant whom O2 has selected to party to a limited network of Charge to Mobile Merchants who, can as a result, offer Charge to Mobile as a payment option to elig


Sobre el Acto Formativo de la educación superior* El acto formativo es la unidad de análisis del proceso educativo y expresa ante todo una significativa relación e interacción humana de los agentes y actores educativos entre sí (estudiantes, profesores y directivos académicos) respecto de los propósitos y objetivos de formación de los programas de formación técnic

Ökolog sommerakademie 2010 in viktorsberg

ÖKOLOG SOMMERAKADEMIE 2010 IN VIKTORSBERG Dramatechnik Erzählerbericht Die Geschichte, um die es geht, handelt von Gerechtigkeit und fehlender Gerechtigkeit. Sie handelt von einem indianischen Stamm und von reichen westlichen Pharmakonzernen, das sind große Firmen, die mit Medikamenten, Nahrungsmittelzusätzen, Heilmitteln und Schönheitsprodukten ihr Geld verdienen. Die Geschichte


Reviews and Overviews Substance Use Disorders in Patients With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of the Literature Leslie K. Jacobsen, M.D. Objective: Alcohol use disorders and dence, physiologic arousal resulting from Steven M. Southwick, M.D. posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thisarticle reviews studies pertaining to the Thomas R. Kosten, M.D. work has led to the

Use and misuse of tobacco among aboriginal peoples

Use and misuse of tobacco among Aboriginal peoples Sam Wong, Canadian Paediatric Society First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health Committee Paediatr Child Health 2006;11(10):681-5 Updated: Jun 1 2010 rate. In a 2005 study of a First Nations community in Mani- Abstract toba [5], 82% of adolescents aged 15 to 19 years were current Changes in the use of tobacco by Aboriginal peoples have smo

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Linda’s story I had a miscarriage in 1998 when I was 19 and was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in 2000. I took Clomid in 2001 for six months and my son was born in December 2002. I wanted to complete my family so after 3 years of trying to conceive naturally, I was referred back to the fertility clinic. I was told that IUI was the first route to try. My experience of m


A n a l t e r n a t i v e t o N i c a d N P b a t t e r y p a c k s ,offering u p t o C o m p a t i b l e w i t h m o s t N P c h a r g e r s i n t h e field All NP batteries have a 4-stage LED Power G a u g e so y o u can quickly r e f e r e n c e the Internal p r o t e c t i o n circuit m o n i t o r s t e m p e r a t u r e , a n d p r o t e c t s c h a r g e s t a t u s of

Pigmanorm cream patient information

Pigmanorm Cream Patient Information Please read the entire packaging instructions or user information carefully before you start using this medication. This medicine was prescribed for you personally, and must mot be used by a third person. It can be harmful to other people, even if they have the same illness as you. Pigmanorm Cream 15g Ingredients: Hydroquinone, tretinoin, hy


DR. ANTONIO PANTI - FIRENZE DOCUMENTO DELLA FNOMCeO SUI PROBLEMI CONNESSI ALLA CONTRACCEZIONE, PROCREAZIONE ED INTERRUZIONE DI GRAVIDANZA Negli ultimi tempi è aumentata nella società e nel confronto politico l’attenzione sulle problematiche che si riferiscono alla contraccezione, alla PMA , all’interruzione farmacologica di gravidanza e ai comportamenti da assumere verso feti vitali in età


Schriftliche Erfahrungsberichte über Behandlungen von durch Tierärzte und THP Rasse: MixWeiblich kastriert, geb. 2000, 19 KiloIndikation: Alte Körperverletzung rechts hinten, vorstellig erstmals 2005 wegen Lahmheit. Kurz RÖ: Mgr. Arthrose. Behandlungsmethode: Im akuten Zustand Entzündungshemmer + Schmerzmittel, immer wieder Lahmheiten bis wir erstmals Coxan akut verabreichten. Verw

Solution oriented hypnotic analgesia

Solution Oriented Hypnotic Analgesia in Naltrexone Treatment for Heroin Addiction Abstract I have been using Solution Oriented Hypnosis and Solution Oriented Counselling for anumber of years. During that time, I have counselled several hundred Heroin addicts whowere undergoing Rapid Opiate Detoxification (ROD) with the drug Naltrexone. Heroinaddicts suffer from acute and chronic pain. Nal

Kami parsa, m

Kami Parsa, M.D. 465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 1001, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Date: _________________________________ Name: ________________________________________________ Age: _____________ DOB: _______/______/______ Address: ______________________________________City_______________________State_______ Zip________________ Home Tel: ________________________________Cell:____________________

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Docteur François BOBIN Service ORL POLYCLINIQUE DE POITIERS 1 rue de la Providence 86035 Poitiers Cedex( + 33 (0)5 49 41 23 04( + 33 (0)5 49 61 72 50 L'oreille interne est fragile, quelques conseils pour la préserver. 1- Voici une liste des principales substances médicamenteuses ayant une toxicité potentielle pour l'oreille interne (même normale). Ne les prendre que s'il sont i


POLICY BRIEF DISABLED RELATED POLICIES IN MOLDOVA: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Contents: 1. Summary.2 2. Current aims of policies related to the disabled people of working age.3 3. Review of the disable d related welfare programmes and policies .3 4. Analyses, lessons and benchmarking good practices. 13 5. Conc lusions and Policy options .14 6. References.16 Alexandru Hajdeu 95 &#


http://assembly.coe.int/Main.asp?link=/Documents/AdoptedText/ta02/ERES1307.htm Resolution 1307 (2002)[1] Sexual exploitation of children: zero tolerance 1. Since 1996 in particular, the international community has been taking action to combat the sexual exploitation of children. The Parliamentary Assembly wishes to recall the importance of the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights

Patient information form – gastroscoopies (egd)

PATIENT INFORMATION FORM – GASTROSCOPIES (EGD) DATE OF PROCEDURE : ________________________________________________ Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time Preparation for a procedure is very important. Proper preparation will reduce the risks of the procedure and will assist in obtaining proper results. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY REQUIRE SEDATION DURING YOUR PROCED


Published in Barbados 2000 byWomen and Development UnitSchool of Continuing StudiesUniversity of the West IndiesCave Hill CampusCave HillBarbadosThe information in this publication may be freelyquoted and reproduced but should not be used as asubstitute for consulting a qualified health careprofessional. Printed and bound in Barbados by WAND Unit. Contents The Menstrual Cycle The Repr


C O N T A C T L E N S M O N T H L Y Use your ears (not your eyes) to identify CL-related dryness Dr Robin Chalmers and Dr Carolyn Begley describe their questionnaire-based assessment of dry eye symptoms among contact lens wearers FIGURE 1. Biomicroscope appearance of contact lens wearer. Can you see symptoms of contact lens related dryness? number of sufferers, esti


The American Journal of Medicine (2006) 119, e3-e5 CLINICAL COMMUNICATION TO THE EDITOR Rituximab-induced Elimination of Acquired frequent administration of C1-inhibitor concentrate, leading Angioedema Due to C1-Inhibitor Deficiency to very frequent attacks of severe These at-tacks may be life-threatening and obviously have a majorimpact on morbidity and quality of life. Here we descr


Oakwood House, Fuller Road, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9EA Tel: 01379 852 146 Fax: 01379 854 293 CHANGE TO ADVICE ON USE OF FLUKICIDES IN DAIRY ANIMALS The European Commission has recently published a decision that will lead to changes across the EU to the labelling of medicines containing certain Flukicides. The advice confirms that products containing clorsulon, closantel, nit

Calving difficulties in beef cattle

Calving difficulties in beef cattle M.E. Howell, W.A. Zollinger, and D.E. HansenCalf death at or shortly after calving results inlosses of over 3.5 million calves annually in theUnited States. About 45% of these losses arecaused by dystocia (delayed and/or difficultparturition). The two principal factors involvedin dystocia are size of calf and age of cow. occuring in mature cows, it’s a

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Medical Manual for Judo Author - Dr John Azoury MBBS, Fellow RACGP, Fellow ACRRM, Dip RACOG, Mast Sp Md PO Box 295 Queanbeyan NSW 2620, 02 62973311, 0402 449530, Email [email protected] Compiled - June 2003 Table of contents Tournament medical area requirements.2 Physical area.2 Equipment .2 Personnel .2 General guideline for medical personnel attending Judo tournaments.3 Punctual

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Analgesic Efficacy of Administering Celecoxib, Pregabalin, or the Combination for Spinal Fusion Surgery Scott S. Reuben, MD, Asokumar Buvanendran, MD, Jeff S. Kroin, PhD, Karthik Raghunathan, MD, MPH Department of Anesthesiology, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA ~ The Western Campus of Tufts University School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology, Rush University Medical Center,

By catrin lorch

by Catrin Lorch Expeditions in the Coral Reef “The ancient hordes are best imagined as floating islands. (.) under whose protection homo sapiens was able to develop into a being that outwardly avoids conflicts and inwardly luxuriates. “Im selben Boot”, Peter Sloterdijk (1995) The philosopher seeks new images to describe the polis ; unlike Plato (“the farmer from Athens”), S

Actos de habla en editoriales del periódico "la nación" de costa rica

ACTOS DE HABLA EN EDITORIALES DEL PERIÓDICO LA NACIÓN … ACTOS DE HABLA EN EDITORIALES DEL PERIÓDICO LA NACIÓN DE COSTA RICA Adrián Vergara Heidke Este trabajo presenta el análisis de los actos de habla utilizados en los edito-riales del periódico costarricense La Nación , a propósito de uno los mayores escándalos políticos por supuestos actos de corrupción ocurrido

The ura & omote july vol1 05 1995 - bujinkan.rtf

JULY 1995 Power, Passion And Anger (Courtland J. Elliot) What Is Kasumi-An? (Jean-Pierre Seibel) Reply To "The Devil's Advocate" (Michael Fazekas) Sempai Yo!: Try Something New (Regina Brice) If You Seek It, You Will Not Find It (Ken Harding) Method Acting & Ninpo (David J. Bockman) The Wilderness Survival First Aid Kit (Ron Blackwood) Kata & The Nature Of Combat

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