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Healthcare Document Specialist Syllabus
Course One
Welcome to Course One of your Healthcare Document Specialist program! I will be your guide as you prepare for your new career as a healthcare document specialist. If you have any questions or want to discuss general topics, feel free to contact me through the course. (Click on participant; then, click on my name to send me a message.) Course Description
The Healthcare Document Specialist program provides you practical instruction to process medical claims, research and assign diagnostic and procedural codes to medical records and transcribe and In your fi rst course, you’ll learn about the team of professionals that provides health care, as well as the personal qualities and character traits of a successful healthcare professional. You’ll study medical terminology, and you’ll examine different insurance programs. This course also details important legal and ethical guidelines and the role medical records play for the healthcare Course Objectives
Upon completion of Course One, you will be trained to: • Describe medical personnel and their role in quality health care.
• Properly use medical and insurance terminology.
• Distinguish among different types of insurance plans.
• Apply effective medical ethics and legal theory in your career.
• Explain the parts of a medical record, and describe the importance of documentation Course One Outline
Percent of
Lesson and Content
Lesson 1—The World of Health CareLesson 2—Medical Insurance 101 Lesson 3—Private Insurance and Managed CareLesson 4—Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare Lesson 5—Military Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and COBRA Lesson 6—Introduction to Medical Terminology: Word Parts Lesson 7—Medical Terminology: Dividing and Combining Terms Lesson 8—Medical Terminology: Abbreviations, Symbols and Special Terms Lesson 9—Ethics and Legal IssuesLesson 10—Medical Records Healthcare Document Specialist Syllabus—Course One Grading Criteria
Required Course Materials
Healthcare Document Specialist Course One. Fort Collins, CO: Weston Distance Learning, Inc., 2013.
General Requirements
Your program is self-paced. I, your instructor, access the course each business day and often on the weekends. I will review your Quizzes and inquiries in a timely manner and hope that your responses will Practice Exercises: Practice Exercises are presented throughout the lessons to reinforce what you’ve
learned. As their name implies, Practices Exercises are for your practice and aren’t graded. You may start and stop a Practice Exercise as many times as you wish. In addition, you may also take Practice Exercises repeatedly to reinforce information.
Quizzes: You’ll complete a Quiz for every lesson or group of lessons as noted on this syllabus. All of your
Quizzes are open book, so feel free to use your course material and other resources at any time. However,
once you begin a Quiz, you cannot navigate away from your Quiz to look up answers within
your course.
Technical Requirements
To maximize your online experience, please ensure you have access to a computer with the following 1. Hardware
CPU (Processor): Intel Pentium 4 or higher Monitor Display Settings: 1024 x 768 resolution 2. Software—Operating System: Windows® XP or higher or OSX or higher
Internet Browser: Mozilla® Firefox (highly recommended) or Internet Explorer 6.0 3. Services
Internet Service Provider: Cable or a DSL line (Please note, Adobe® and Mozilla® free product download information is provided in your course.) Technical Support
You can contact our help desk via the form at http://apps.at-homeprofessions.edu/HelpDesk/ or call our help desk at 1-866-679-3682. Our hours are: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.—5 p.m. MSTSaturday and Sunday 10 a.m.—2 p.m. MST Healthcare Document Specialist Syllabus—Course One Student Services Support
Our Student Services Representatives are ready to assist you with payment or shipping questions. You can reach them at [email protected] or 800-359-3455. You may also access your student account record at www.at-homeprofessions.edu.
Healthcare Document Specialist Online Program Completion Policy
Please refer to the At-Home Professions School Catalog to review the program completion policy.
Let’s Get Started!
We look forward to working with you and helping you as you prepare for your new career. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments. We wish you the best of luck in your studies! Reminder: Did you take a few minutes to review your Success Strategies Tutorial? If so, great! You have
prepared yourself to successfully take your online program. If not, we strongly suggest that you return
to the program home page, click the Success Strategies Tutorial link and spend 30 to 60 minutes reviewing your Success Strategies Tutorial before you begin your online program. In that short amount of time, you
The few minutes you spend on your Success Strategies Tutorial now will save you hours of time later! When you begin your program, you’ll know how to navigate your materials and where to go to get answers to your questions. The faculty and staff at At-Home Professions want you to succeed in your online program and in

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