This makes Viagra totally obsolete! Never Before Have So Many Libido/Testosterone
Enhancing Compounds Been Combined In Such Quantity and Force!!! Unleashes Hidden
Capacities By Boosting Blood Circulation and Vital Fertility-Intensity/Chromosome
Production Without Use of Dangerous Drugs.

Background: The recent introduction of the multi-billion dollar drug, Viagra, brought the conversation about
"love" and "intimacy" out of the bedroom and into the medicine cabinet. But with it came the pitfalls of all
pharmaceutical answers to modern day health dilemmas–dangerous side effects. What is the use of
increasing sexual desire and capacities when the user has to cope with stomach aches, facial flashing,
thumping headaches and diarrhea? Mother Nature has an answer and this formula is it!!! This
extraordinary, new formula is a super-upgrade of our already famous MALE CHING FORMULA that so
many couples have gained so much pleasure from ever since it was first introduced over 8 years ago. The
very latest discoveries and increased knowledge of special herbs from China the rainforests of Brazil have
resulted in what we think is the most powerful, natural sexual desire and performance formula in the world
today. Again, as with so many of our formulas, it is a deft combination of both Chinese, Ayurvedic and
Western Herbalism with Amazon Rainforest compounds and the turbo-charging effects of fertility minerals,
trace minerals, amino acids and health enhancing vitamins that no other phytonutrient or biotech company
has the capacities or knowledge to produce or replicate in any comparable way.
INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C; Niacin; Copper; Zinc; Boron; Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed); Tribulus Terestris; Siberian
Ginseng; Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Root; Fo-Ti; Mucuna Pruriens Seed; Muira Puama Bark; Peptide Amino Acid
Complex; Flax Seed Oil Powder; Wild Yam Root; Ocean Source Mineral/Trace Mineral Complex.
VITAMIN C: Essential for all health and fertility. A powerful anti-oxidant to fight the formation of free radicals which
cause premature aging. Needed for fresh testosterone to be produced and all hormonal strength and vitality. Protects
against cancer, viral and bacterial infections heart disease, arthritis and allergies. Support all adrenal and iron
insufficiencies particularly when the body is under stress. Needed for formation of new collagen.
NIACIN: Also known as Vitamin B3. This is a blockbuster vitamin with a broad spectrum of functions including energy
production and cholesterol control. It is also vital to sex hormone synthesis and helps build new myelin sheath
protection of nerves while stimulating circulation to the central nervous system, the heart, brain and sex organs.
COPPER: The partner to Iron and thus needed to prevent anemia and exhaustion. Helps prevent hair from losing its
color–another sign of lack of fertility. Aids in Iron absorption, protein metabolism, bone formation and blood clotting.
SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a Copper-containing enzyme that protects against free radical damage and boosts
ZINC: Over one hundred years ago, researchers acknowledged that Zinc was vital to optimal health. In the 1960s it
was added to RDA listings because of its necessity for overall health. People with compromised immune systems have
one thing in common–low Zinc levels. Zinc is the "orchestrator" of the body's thymus gland, which uses the Zinc to
produce vital T-cells, the "foot soldiers of battle' that fight disease that invade the body. Zinc is also needed to keep
skin and hair health. Bones need Zinc in order to be strong and its also helps red blood cells transport carbon dioxide
to keep oxygen/carbon dioxide levels balanced. Zinc is also the vital mineral of all sperm production through the
prostate gland.
BORON: The "fertility" mineral. Ask any farmer of the value of Boron in the soil. Without Boron no plant can flower or
produce fruit. Same too of us humans. Boron enhances the use of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D
for bone formation. It also stimulates sex hormone production to protect against fertility-debt.
EPIMEDIUM (HORNY GOAT WEED): Found in Southern China, legend has it that mountain goats were observed
having far more "kids" or baby goats after nibbling from a certain patch of weeds, which naturally led to deeper study.
Researchers at the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China found that the herb tones the kidney
and strengths "yang" the male life force-energy and source of all sexual drive. This herb has been the main part of an
ancient formula reportedly used by Chinese emperors for 1,800 years to enhance vitality. Recently, Chinese
researchers used the formula on 45 male patients and found 87% improvement in sexual function by reportedly
revitalizing the whole male sex organ system which then resulted in dramatic sexual flowering.
TRIBULUS TERESTRIS: Charaka, the Hippocrates of Ayurvedic medicine from India, described Tribulus as being
"the greatest of all aphrodisiac and sexual tonic herbs with the abilities to build wonderful stamina for all life". The fruit
and root of the Tribulus tree contain pharmacologically important things called "metabolites" which are energy
compounds revered for having a stipulatory effect on the immune, sexual and reproductive systems. In 1847, a
scientist named "Fritzsche" isolated a chemical from the plant called "Peganum Harmala' that he called "Harmine". This
was used in Arabic medicine as a stimulant and aphrodisiac and this compound, "Harmine" is the main active
component of Tribulus. The people of Bulgaria have used Tribulus for hundreds of years to treat infertility and as a
sexual enhancer. It has also been shown to reduce high blood pressure as well as sodium and fluid retention.
SIBERIAN GINSENG: Possibly the most famous of all the natural-aphrodisiac herbs and used in Traditional Chinese
Medicine for over 3000 years. It contains a mixture of compounds, one group called "eleutherosides" has been shown
to be primary responsible for its supreme adaptogenic qualities. Among the other ingredients are "polysaccharides"
which have been shown to display immune modulating activity. For centuries, the Chinese have prized Siberian
Ginseng to prolong life, enhance health and stimulate both a healthy appetite for food and sexual activity.
EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA JACK ROOT: "The Tongkat Ali" as it is known in the Far East, translates into "Ali's
Walking Stick" and is reputed to bestow a variety of powers on users, including improved mental and physical energy.
But mostly, it's known as a potent aphrodisiac, increasing testosterone levels and sperm counts. A native plant of
tropical rainforests in Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra, the root is now being processed into an additive for natural
sexual enhancement here in the West. Laboratory tests conducted at universities in the Far East and Singapore on
castrated rats, showed extraordinary results.
FO-TI: The famous "longevity herb" of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Said to help return an aging person to youthful
activity once again. A major blood tonic, it is said to increase energy and to cleanse the blood while increasing sperm
production in men and increasing fertility in women.
MUIRA PUAMA BARK: Known in South American Folk Medicine as the "Potency Wood Tree", this extraordinary
compound is now just being discovered in the West for its vibrant sex-enhancing/aphrodisiac qualities and libido
strengthening abilities. A clinical study of 262 patients complaining of lack of sexual desire and inability to attain or
maintain erection that was conducted at the famous Institute of Sexology in Paris, France by leading sexual researcher
Dr Jacques Wayneberg, found that in just 2 weeks, 62% of patients who had complained of loss of libido claimed
"dynamic effects" with 51% of patients with prior erection failure felt "dramatic improvement". This powerful
aphrodisiacal and nerve simulation herbal medicine has been used in South American Folk Medicine for centuries and
delivers its transformative powers with no known side-effects such as with Viagra.
PEPTIDE/AMINO ACID COMPLEX: A gift form the Ocean. These are the building blocks of total proteins and
necessary for all life processes.
FLAX SEED OIL/POWDER: Rich source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids which in turn are necessary for all nervous
system and hormonal health.
WILD YAM ROOT: A powerful hormonal sustenance/food that dramatically increases testosterone production and
sexual appetite.
MINERAL/TRACE MINERAL COMPLEX/OCEAN SOURCE: The foundation of all our formulations. Blood plasma
and purified ocean water are identical. These minerals are in a special, dry form to give the body all the "life-
generating" elements necessary to maintain and prolong life. Particularly high in Magnesium, the "mother mineral" of
all Life.
*Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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