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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
(GERD) Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy makes sure that the food you eat will improve your
health and help control your symptoms.

Recommended Foods

Food Group
Recommended Foods
Milk and Milk
Evaporated skim milk Skim or 1% low-fat milk Soy milk Nonfat or low-fat yogurt Powdered milk Nonfat or low-fat cheeses Low-fat ice cream Sherbet Meat and Other
Tender, well-cooked lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or soy Protein Foods
Dried beans and peas Nuts and nut butter (these are high in fat) Any prepared without added fat; choose whole grains for at least half of your grain servings. Vegetables
Any prepared without added fat. Eat a variety of vegetables, especially green and orange ones. Any prepared without added fat. Eat a variety of fruits. Limit to less than 8 teaspoons per day; heart-healthy vegetable oils such as olive or canola oil. Beverages
Caffeine-free soft drinks Caffeine-free herbal teas except those made with peppermint or Copyright American Dietetic Association. This handout may be duplicated for client education. Foods Not Recommended

It is recommended that a trial of limiting or eliminating the following foods may reduce
the symptoms of GERD:
• Caffeinated beverages (regular tea, coffee, colas, energy drinks, other caffeinated soft • Decaffeinated coffee and decaffeinated regular tea (herbal teas, except those with peppermint or spearmint, are allowed) Pepper o 2% milk, whole milk, cream, high-fat cheeses, high-fat yogurt, chocolate milk, o Fried meats, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, salami, bologna, frankfurters/hot dogs o Other fried foods (doughnuts, french toast, french fries, deep-fried vegetables) o Nuts and nut butters o Pastries and other high-fat desserts o More than 8 teaspoons of oil, butter, shortening per day • Any fruits or vegetables that cause symptoms. (These will vary from person to person.) Sample 1-Day Menu
2 packets cooked oatmeal with raisins 1 cup soy milk Caffeine-free herbal tea (not made with peppermint or Chicken salad made with 2 ounces cooked chicken, 1 small corn muffin ½ cup sliced bananas with ½ cup blueberries 1 cup skim milk 6 ounces apple juice
1 ounce low fat cheddar cheese
4 whole wheat crackers
Evening Meal
Pasta primavera: 2 ounces (1 cup) pasta with ½ cup (Eat at least 3 hours
before bedtime)
Plain bread stick Baked apple dumpling made with peeled apple,
Approximate Nutrition Analysis:

Calories: 1,650; Protein: 80g (19% of calories); Carbohydrate: 265 (63% of calories); Fat: 32g
(17% of calories); Cholesterol: 105g; Sodium: 1,518; Fiber: 27g
Lifestyle Tips
• Exercise at least three or four times each week. • Raise the head of your bed 6 to 9 inches. You can put a foam wedge under the top part of the mattress or prop up the legs on the head of the bed with wooden blocks. (Stacking pillows is not effective.) • Wait 3 hours after eating before lying down. • Eat several small meals throughout the day. • Eat in a calm, relaxed place. Sit down while you eat.



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