Courses at Tertiary non-university level are provided by Public Schools of Tertiary Education and
Private Institutions of Tertiary Education. Law 67 (I) of 1996 and its amendments regulate the
establishment and operation of these institutions.
Public Tertiary Education
The public Schools of Tertiary Education operate under various ministries:
1. Forestry College of Cyprus – Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment 2. Higher Technical Institute – Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance 3. Higher Hotel Institute – Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance 4. Nurse School – Ministry of Health 5. Mediterranean Institute of Management - Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance 6. Police Academy – Ministry of Justice and Public Order 7. School for Tourist Guides – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism CERTIFICATION

1. Is certification released at Certification is released at national level.
national/regional or local
2. Is it a final certification

Certification can be final or intermediate. For instance, a Bachelor or is it issued at different
of Arts in Business Administration takes two years to complete. stages during the course of
Upon completion of the first two years, students may receive the study to attest the
competencies acquired by
the students?
3. What is certified?

Knowledge, competencies, theoretical, and practical abilities are all (Knowledge, competencies, certified.
theorical and practical
4. What is specified on the

Following aspects are specified on the certificate: certificate (e.g. duration of
the course expressed in
hours, modules/formative
units, stages in enterprises,
ISCED level?
For hiring purposes or for credit transfer a transcript including the number of hours, credits, titles of courses taken and marks received, is attached to the certificate. 5. Does the certificate
The certificate indicates only the title of study. indicate only the title of
study or also the
competencies acquired?
6. Are there national

Concerning professionally oriented programmes of study three formative standards in your qualifications are awarded depending on the length of the
country? If yes, are they
indicated in the certificate?
1. Pistopoiitiko spoudon (Certificate) One year. 2. Diploma (Diploma) Two Years. 3. Anotero Diploma (Higher Diploma) Three Years. 7. Which body is
The certificate is issued by school of tertiary education which responsible for issuing the
certificate? Please indicate
if they are State institutions
(national/regional or local
level), state -controlled
institutions or private
accredited agencies?
8. Is this certificate formally
The certificates awarded are formally recognized for the purposes of
recognised, i.e. at the same
hiring and credit transfer. The extent to which these certificates are extent of certificates
accepted by various organizations, for the abovementioned awarded at the end of other purposes, varies depending on the qualifications required by the
cycles of education (for
example for a promotion in
the career)?
9. Furthermore, it would be
Please, see attached sample of certification.
very useful for us to receive
from you an example of the
above-mentioned certificate
and related official
documents (guidelines,
regulations, etc., that
explain the relevance of this
certification on the labour
market and on the studies
prosecution, and which set
out how to draw up the


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