contains the active ingredient minocycline (hydrochloride)
What is in this leaflet
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if
you are not sure if you are taking
one of these medicines.

Do not take Akamin if you are

your baby. This may includereduced bone growth, enamel loss Before you take
If you have any concerns about
When you must not take it
taking this medicine, talk to your
doctor or pharmacist.
Do not take Akamin if you are
Do not take Akamin if you are
Keep this leaflet with your
allergic to:
Do not take Akamin if you have:
What Akamin is used
Do not give Akamin to children
aged 8 years and under unless

directed by the child's doctor.
hives; swelling of the face, lips,tongue or other parts of the body; Do not take Akamin if you are
taking preparations containing:

Do not take Akamin if the expiry
date (EXP) printed on the pack has

Do not take Akamin if the
packaging shows signs of

tampering or the tablets or
capsules do not look quite right.
Ask your doctor if you have any
questions about why Akamin has

been prescribed for you.
preparations may lead to unwantedside effects.
Before you start to take it
How to take Akamin
Tell your doctor if you are allergic
Swallow the tablets or capsules
to any other medicines, foods, dyes
whole with a full glass of water or
or preservatives.
If you are not sure whether you are
milk while sitting or standing
taking any of these medicines,
Tell your doctor if you have any
check with your doctor or
other medical conditions,
Stay upright for at least 30
especially kidney disease.
minutes. Do not lie down
immediately after taking Akamin.
If you have not told your doctor
about any of the above, tell them
before you start taking Akamin.
Taking other medicines
Tell your doctor if you are taking
any other medicines, including any
When to take Akamin
that you buy without a
prescription from a pharmacy,
Take Akamin during or
supermarket or health food shop.
However, you must take Akamin at
immediately after a meal.
least 2 hours before or 2 hours
after taking any of these medicines
to make sure there is no problem
with absorption.
Take Akamin at about the same
time each day.
skin problems such asisotretinoin (Roaccutane, How long to take Akamin for
How to take Akamin
Keep taking Akamin until you
finish the tablets or capsules, or for
Follow all directions given to you
as long as your doctor
by your doctor and pharmacist
information contained in this leaflet.
If you do not understand the
instructions on the bottle, ask your
doctor or pharmacist.
How much to take
Do not stop taking Akamin, even if
you feel better after a few days,
unless advised by your doctor.
Talk to your doctor about the
additional need for a barrier
method of contraception (e.g.
condom or diaphragm) while
taking Akamin.
If you forget to take Akamin
If you get a sore, white mouth or
Things to be careful of
tongue while taking or soon after
If it is almost time for your next
stopping Akamin, tell your doctor.
Protect your skin when you are in
dose, skip the dose you missed and
Also tell your doctor if you get
the sun, especially between 10 am
take your next dose when you are
vaginal itching or discharge.
and 3 pm. If outdoors, wear
meant to.
protective clothing and use a SPF
30+ sunscreen.
Otherwise, take the missed dose as
soon as you remember, and then go
back to taking your tablets or
capsules as you would normally.
Do not take a double dose to make
up for the dose you missed.
Before starting any new medicine,
If you are not sure what to do, ask
tell your doctor or pharmacist that
If your skin does appear to be
your doctor or pharmacist.
you are taking Akamin.
burning, stop taking Akamin and
tell your doctor.

Tell all the doctors, dentists and
pharmacists who are treating you

Be careful driving or operating
that you are taking Akamin.
machinery until you know how
While you are taking
Akamin affects you.
If you are taking Akamin for a
long time, visit your doctor
regularly so that they can check on
your progress.
Things you must do
operate machinery or do anythingelse that could be dangerous.
If you develop a persistent
headache with one or more of the
following symptoms - nausea,

Things you must not do
vomiting, blurred vision or
dizziness; see your doctor

Do not stop taking Akamin or
Side effects
change the dose, without checking
with your doctor.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
soon as possible if you do not feel
well while you are taking Akamin.
If you are taking Akamin for an
serious, most of the time they are not.
infection and your symptoms do
not improve within a few days, or
Do not let yourself run out of
if they become worse, tell your
Akamin over the weekend or on
Do not be alarmed by this list of
possible side effects.

If you become pregnant while you
Do not use Akamin to treat any
are taking Akamin, tell your
other conditions unless your doctor
doctor immediately.
tells you to.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
If you get severe diarrhoea, tell
Do not give Akamin to anyone else,
answer any questions you may
your doctor or pharmacist
even if they have the same
immediately. Do this even if it
condition as you.
Tell your doctor if you notice any
occurs several weeks after you
of the following and they worry
have stopped taking Akamin.
medical care. Do not take anydiarrhoea medicines without feeling sick (nausea), vomiting,diarrhoea Do not leave Akamin in the car or
on window sills.
If any of the following happen, stop
taking Akamin and tell your
If your doctor tells you to stop
doctor immediately, or go to
taking Akamin, or your tablets or
Accident and Emergency at the
capsules have passed their expiry
nearest hospital:
date, ask your pharmacist what to
do with any that are left over.
Product description
See your doctor immediately or go
to Accident and Emergency at the

What it looks like
nearest hospital if you notice any
of the following:
After finishing Akamin
Tell your doctor immediately if
you notice any of the following,
even if they occur several weeks
after stopping treatment with
signs of frequent infections suchas fever, chills, sore throat or Ingredients
After taking Akamin
Akamin 50 tablets
Keep Akamin where children
cannot reach it.
Keep your tablets or capsules in a
cool dry place where the
temperature stays below 25
degrees C.
Do not store Akamin or any other
medicine in the bathroom or near a
Akamin 100 capsules
Each Akamin 100 capsule contains100 mg of minocycline.
Akamin tablets and capsules aregluten free.
Alphapharm Pty Limited

Source: http://www.discountpharmacy.com.au/cmi/808113.pdf


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