Great Falls Public School Districts 1 & A
1100 4th Street South
Applicant Form 470 Identifier: 470FY2013 Technology Department Contact
Bob McGregor, Technology Supervisor
Great Falls Public School District 1 and Great Falls School District A (hereafter collectively referred to as GFPS)
seeks Request for Proposal (RFP) for Internet Services Provider (ISP services), including secondary DNS, for a
three (3) year period beginning July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2016, with an option to extend for an
additional two (2) year term at the same price (See Specification 3.a). Proposals must state all recurring and
non-recurring costs to GFPS associated with the proposed ISP service.
The objective of this RFP is to accomplish a fair, open, and competitive procurement. This RFP may be reviewed at the GFPS District Office Building located at 1100 4th Street South, Great Falls, MT. The RFP is accessible electronical y at on the Technology Department webpage. Bidding
Sealed bids must be received in the office of the District Executive Director of Business, Brian Patrick, at the
GFPS District Office Building located at 1100 4th Street South, Great Falls, MT, prior to 3:00pm on January 22,
2013. Bids wil be publicly opened at 3:30pm on January 22, 2013 at the GFPS District Office Building located at
1100 4th Street South, Great Fal s, MT, 59405.
Only written paper copies of proposals will be accepted; no proposals will be accepted by electronic means (i.e., fax, email). GFPS may cancel the procurement or reject any or all bids in accordance with MCA 18-4-303. Applications from vendors without an e-rate SPIN will be disqualified. GFPS assumes no responsibility for delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service or any other delivery service. Late proposals will not be accepted. Responding vendors may request clarifications regarding specifications outlined in this RFP. Clarifying questions will be answered directly. Any clarifying questions and associated answers will also be posted on the website at on the Technology Department webpage. Requests for clarifications can be directed to the GFPS Technology Department: GREAT FALLS PUBLIC SCHOOLS - RFP For ISP Bid Security
Successful bidders wil be required to provide a bid security for the amount of 10% of the annual contract with a
minimum of $10,000.00 for the first year of service, made payable to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Great Falls Public Schools, as a guarantee of complete compliance with the specifications contained in this RFP. Bid security will be required at the start of each contract year for that contract year. Pursuant to 18-4-312 of the M.C.A., bid security must be in the form of: 1. a sufficient bond with a licensed surety company as surety; 2. an irrevocable letter of credit in accordance with the provisions of Title 30, chapter 5, part 1; 4. a cashier’s check, certified check, bank money order, certificate of deposit, money market certificate, or bank draft that is drawn or issued by a federally chartered or state-chartered bank or savings and loan association that is insured by or for which insurance is administered by the federal deposit insurance corporation or that is drawn and issued by a credit union insured by the national credit union share Vendor E-Rate Compliance
Vendors submitting proposals under this RFP must provide a written statement that they agree to meet the
following conditions relating to the E-rate program:
Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) and FCC Registration Number
The vendor shall provide a valid E-rate SPIN number (Service Provider Identification Number), in the
Proposal submitted in response to this bid opportunity. The SPIN must be recognized by the SLD and
FCC as an eligible telecommunications provider and therefore qualified to receive discounts under the
Telecommunications Services bucket of the program. The Vendor also shall provide the company’s FCC
Registration Number.
Service Provider Annual Certification Form
The Vendor agrees to timely submit to the SLD a completed Form 473, Service Provider Annual
Certification form, which provides updated contact information to the SLD for the Vendor. The Vendor
must also agree to provide a copy of the completed Form 473 to the Owner. This form is available on
the SLD’s website at in the Forms section.
The District’s Reimbursements
The Vendor agrees to provide reimbursements to the District for discounts on eligible services received
on or after the effective date of discounts and already paid for by the District.
Cooperation with District’s Preparation of E-rate Applications
The Vendor must agree to provide information on a timely basis that the District requests in order for
the District to timely apply for E-rate applications.
GREAT FALLS PUBLIC SCHOOLS - RFP For ISP Separate Itemization of E-rate Eligible and Ineligible Products and Services
The Vendor shall separately itemize the cost of E-rate eligible and ineligible products and separate
installation costs, if any. To determine what items are eligible, visit the E-rate Eligible Services List at or call the SLD
at 888-203-8100.
Compliance with E-rate Contract Signing Rules
The Vendor must acknowledge in its Proposal that the Vendor wil make every effort to have any
contract addendums that may arise from this RFP signed in accordance with the E-rate contract signing
rules. Further, the Vendor must acknowledge in its Proposal that if the contract or addendum is signed
outside of the e-rate contract signing window, the vendor will disclose to the District, before soliciting
the District’s execution of the contract, that the contract is not eligible for E-rate funding.
Non-Collusion Affidavit
The Vendor shall execute an Affidavit of Non-Collusion in the form prescribed by the District to confirm
that the Vendor is not in violation of the anti-bid rigging state law provisions of the state procurement
law, or in violation of the Federal Communication Commission’s Fifth Report and Order, as codified in 47
Guarantee to Meet Service Start Date
The Vendor must be prepared to provide service starting July 1, 2013. If Vendor does not meet this
service start date, the Vendor must guarantee to cover the loss of E-rate finding for the total discount
that would have otherwise been received from the current provider during the interim period until
Vendor is able to provide service.
The contract will be awarded based on best-value to GFPS and is constituent districts, as well as evaluation
criteria set forth in this document. Weighted factors contributing to the award are included in the following
Weighted Factor Breakdown:

Meeting Technical and Site Specifications Vendor is Well-Established within Montana Bid Judging Process
At minimum of five (5) district employees wil be used in the judging process.
Points awarded for Cost of Services will not be subjective but will be based on a fixed formula. The formula for awarding points for the factor of cost will be: Each Vendor’s Cost of Services points awarded = 60 * LPV / RV
Therefore, the lowest priced vendor will be awarded 60 points for the Cost of Services factor. All other vendors wil be awarded points based on their proximity in price to the lowest priced vendor. Example: A vendor with a bid twice as expensive as the lowest priced vendor will mathematically receive 30 points. The judges will weigh all factors other than Cost of Services on a five point scale, up to the maximum points available in each weighted factor. Example: for “Meeting Technical and Site Specifications”, judges will award either: 0, 5, 10 or the maximum 15 points. GREAT FALLS PUBLIC SCHOOLS - RFP For ISP Specifications for Internet Service Provider for Great Falls Public School
Great Falls Public Schools (GFPS) reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informalities in
proposals received. GFPS may cancel the procurement or reject any or all bids in accordance with MCA 18-4-
303. Although these specifications are intended to be complete, some questions may arise. If further
clarification is necessary, questions can be directed to Bob McGregor, Technology Supervisor, at 406-268-
6072. Consummation of this RFP process is not contingent upon GFPS being awarded E-rate funding.
1. Specifications:
a. ISP shal provide no less than 100mbps and up to 300mbps or more of duplex business class of b. ISP shall provide connectivity via one Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interface. c. ISP shall provide proof of two redundant upstream providers. d. ISP shal provide bandwidth 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. e. ISP shal have network engineering support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. f. ISP shall maintain network monitoring capability and notification to GFPS at the point of any g. ISP shall provide web-based bandwidth utilization reporting. h. ISP shall provide a contiguous range of 5 Public IP addresses. i. ISP shall grant GFPS control over DNS services as primary with authoritative control. j. ISP shall install al services and equipment included in proposal. k. ISP shall guarantee quality of service – minimum uptime 99% per month with minimum of 4 hours response and resolution to problems, with documented discounts given for outages exceeding 4 hours. GFPS to allow for brief pre-arranged outages during off-hours for vendor maintenance. 2. Additional Information Required:
a. ISP’s Service Level Agreement. b. ISP’s policy on bursting bandwidth utilization. c. ISP’s E-rate SPIN number. d. Proof that ISP’s E-rate annual SPAC has been submitted. e. ISP's written statements to comply with all Vendor E-rate Compliance as previously stipulated. f. ISP's submission of Bid Security of 10% of annual contract with minimum of $10,000.00. 3. Pricing:
a. Pricing shall be quoted on a three (3) year contract initial term, and include an option to extend for an additional two (2) year term. This shall be specified in the contract and purchase order. Maximum duration of the agreement, including all extensions, shall be five (5) years. b. Pricing shal be quoted per mbps of bandwidth purchased. c. Pricing may be “tiered” for levels of service (e.g. price per mb of bandwidth between 100-200 mbps, different price per mbps of bandwidth between 201-300 mbps, etc.). d. Pricing shall show monthly recurring costs and one time installation costs. GREAT FALLS PUBLIC SCHOOLS - RFP For ISP


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