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Non-Member Stakeholder List

Congressional Representatives:

Senator Norm Coleman Congressman Mark Kennedy Congressman Jim Ramstad
Federal Representatives:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development L. Peter Bast, Daryl Hernandez, Mary Ellen Hombs, Tom Koon
State Agency Representatives:

Commissioner Peter Bell, Caren Dewar, Beth Reetz, Elizabeth Ryan Bill Donnay, Tim Lanz, Patricia Orud, Ron Solheid Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Sheila Brunelle, Commissioner Dianne Mandernach, Assistant Commissioner Carol Woolverton Sharon Autio, Mary Ann Bredesen, Janel Bush, Christine Eilertson, Don Eubanks, Emily Farah Miller, Connie Greer, George Hoffman, Jim Huber, Carolee Kelley, Mari Konesky, Vern LaPlante, Pat Leary, Troy Mangan, Wayne Raske, Pam Reinstatler, Dave Schultz, Isaac Wengerd Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing Vicki Farden, Jack Jenkins, Marcia Kolb, Han Lee, Rhonda McCall, Julie Ann Monson, Jerry Narlock, Bob Odman, Tonja Orr, Cherie Shoquist, Diane Sprague, Bruce Watson Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Pamela Mueller, Steve Musser, Paula Phillips Members of the Interagency Task Force on Homelessness Kathy Bique, Sheila Brunelle, Janel Bush, Bill Donnay, Vicki Farden, Dennis Forsberg, Carolee Kelley, Pat Leary, Pacyinz Lyfoung, Rhonda McCall, Pamela Mueller, Paula Phillips, Lou Powell, Pam Reinstatler, Beth Reetz, Dave Schultz
County Representatives:
Karen Skepper, Jerry Soma, Kate Thunstrom, Barb Wold Mark Hendrickson, Commissioner Randy Johnson, Markus Klimenko, Bob Olander, Don Sabre, Kevin Turnquist, Lisa Thornquist, Sue Zuidema Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing
City Officials:
City of St. Paul, Department of Planning and Economic Development Craig Blakely, Martha Fuller, Gary Peltier, Steve Rice Minneapolis Community Development Agency
HRA Representatives:
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials Non-Profit Organizations / Other:
Arrowhead Regional Development Commission Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women in Minnesota, Inc. Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation Lakes and Pines Community Action Council Metro Homeless Outreach Project / People Incorporated Metrowide Engagement for Supportive Housing Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans Rachel Callanan, Chip Halbach, Mary Beth Schmidt, Mary Ulland Evans National Republican Congressional Committee Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing University of Minnesota, Housing and Design Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing Michelle Gerrard, June Heineman, Rod Johnson, Greg Owen, Tom Schinber, Ellen Shelton Darlene Johnson Jim Solem Susan Soronson Frank Vennes Supportive Housing for Persons Experiencing


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