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"There can be." Yasmin reached out to run her fingernails lightly across his chest. "You're an ambitious It was J'hanos's turn to smile. "Yes, you could say Her fingers followed the curve of muscle, stroking just This story is printed by Kadanzer Weyr ( softly enough to leave his nerves tingling. "There are too approved by Anne McCaffrey in 1995. Kadanzer Weyr is a non-profit group -- few bronzeriders in this Weyr who truly are. G'tin is, all materials pertaining to Ms. McCaffrey's works displayed on this website may although he's too proud to admit it. Z'hon, certainly.
only be accessed for personal, non-commercial purposes. Please do notreproduce without permission. All references to worlds and characters based o n B'deras is, when it means no effort is involved. But true Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2005, all rights ambition? Few of your rivals have it. This Weyr has pretty reserved, and used by permission of the author. The Dragonriders of Pern® isregistered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, by Anne McCaffrey, used here with faces enough. B'deras, L'ars, R'mal – they all have pretty permission. Use or reproduction without a license is strictly prohibited. faces, just like you." She ran a finger across his lips. "But your charisma is something more than skin deep, isn't it? You do want your Weyr back, don't you?" J'hanos stretched languidly, feeling the strains and aches "My Weyr is dead and gone," J'hanos said. "But given that inevitably followed a mating flight. The musky scent time, this place might make an acceptable substitute." in his nostrils was female and for a few delicious, half-asleep Yasmin laughed in delight at that. Her cool fingertips moments he thought that Vhauth had won a queen. but stroked the side of his face. "That's a dueling scar, isn't it?" then memory intruded and he recalled the green form she asked, tracing the faint line down his cheek before twisting and teasing ahead of her pursuers, recalled the thrill reaching lower to touch the matching scar that crossed his of her going pliant in Vhauth's grasp, echoing her rider's eager surrender below. There was a sense of relief to "Yes," he replied. "I had some. disagreements with knowing that Vhauth could once again compete and win, the sons of the High Reaches Blood before my Search.
tempered by the realization that the last flight they had won Those are from the second duel -- Rebien proved to be better 'One step at a time,' he told himself, pushing away the "You killed them both?" There was no horror in sudden spike of familiar grief. 'Green today, gold Yasmin's voice, only a keen curiosity.
"I did," he told her, finding it strange to be revisiting Opening his eyes, the bronzerider found himself looking what was, after all, quite literally ancient history. "It's why at a young woman with long blonde hair and a frame that I stood at Southern Weyr and not at High Reaches." looked a little too skinny for her bones, lying on her side as That earned a fresh smile. "Killer instinct is even rarer she watched him wake. She smiled as she saw his regard.
in these parts than ambition. You can be ruthless, can’t you? I can see that in your eyes. That is rare. Rare enough to "Greenrider," J'hanos replied pleasantly, trying to place treasure. You have the ambition. You've got the charisma.
her face. She was a pretty girl, if no particular beauty, one You could be a Weyrleader again, especially with your giant of R'mal's wingriders if he recalled correctly -- he hadn't of a bronze. And I could help you do it." bothered to ask when Vhauth had shown an interest in the "Help me?" J'hanos relied dryly. "I rather think that leadership choices are for Ihyanith to make." "You have no idea who I am, do you?" the greenrider "There's more to Weyr leadership than a queen's whim, said, her voice a velvet purr of amusement. She propped her as well you know." The young woman's pose was still head up on one hand, her blue eyes watching his face. Her languid, but there was now something passionate in her body language was languid and relaxed – but there was eyes. "You're a Lord's son. You understand the importance something sharply observant about those eyes.
of family, and of family connections. So you'll understand "Greenrider Yasmin, Tzarith's rider," J'hanos answered, that it's not arrogance when I say that I'm more than just a finally placing her. "You're Wingleader M'ler's weyrmate." simple greenrider. I am the granddaughter of Lord Mendius, M'ler had to be old enough to be the greenrider's grandfather, and the daughter of Masterweaver Valorian. I can teach you by the look of her. although, now that he thought about it, what you'd need to know to be effective in this Pass." Her he could remember Vesoz saying that she had once been gaze was fierce now, determined. "I know who is important young G'tin's weyrmate, before moving on to M'ler after a here in this time and in this territory. I know what the feuds are, what the politics are, who are allies, who are friends, Suddenly those sharp blue eyes didn't seem quite so and who want you to think they are loyal when really, they just want to score at your expense." She moved closer to "Yes. M'ler's my weyrmate. He's a good man, and him, one hand pressed against his chest as she licked her Warith is a solid bronze. They've both served this Weyr lips and said, "I can help you be a Weyrleader worthy of the loyally since the Poisoning." She smiled, but it didn't touch her eyes. "Of course, steady and solid isn't always "Can you now?" J'hanos rolled away from her and pushed himself off the bed. He began to collect his "Most would call it a good start," J'hanos told her, a little warily. "There is much to be said for loyalty." Yasmin sat up, a frown beginning to twist her features.
"I can. Deny that you need the help. If you're a Lord's son, you know how important it is to know the intricacies of holder relationships, and craft relationships. Weyrbreds don't see the importance of such things, or care to understand how such influences can last over generations. I may be a greenrider, but I know things, and I know the value of knowledge. I should have Impressed gold; as perfect as Tzarith is, I'm wasted as a combat rider. Take a look at the goldriders of this Weyr – beyond Lybelle, there's not a brain to be found among the lot of them. You know Dunia's faults, first-hand. Cassidoria is as bland as milk, while Luka is afraid of her own shadow, and frigid as well. Zherra is about as reliable as a green firelizard, and Faydra? The brand on her face is all you need to know. Lybelle alone is worthy of being a Weyrwoman. Or of being a partner to an ambitious man like yourself. Consider my offer, bronzerider.
I can help you be Weyrleader again. As you should be." J'hanos pulled on his pants as he considered the greenrider and her words. "Mendius. Which Lordship does "Dawn Sisters," Yasmin said, her chin lifting proudly.
"My mother is Mendius's oldest daughter, and I am the J'hanos laughed, humorlessly. "Well then, you'll understand the importance of 'holder relationships over generations', when I point out that, as the son of the Lord of Tillek and the father of Tillek's Lord Jeshan, I may have slightly more in common with you than I'm entirely Yasmin's face went pale, and her blue eyes widened.
J'hanos managed a half-smile before shrugging on his shirt.
"It looks as though you might want to do a little more research next time. Your grandfather's mother would have been… what? My ten? twelve? times great-granddaughter?" He shook his head, amused by Yasmin's sudden wilt. "I'm sorry, little girl, but there are some games that I am not "We scarcely share a drop of Blood," Yasmin tried.
"Four hundred Turns is a long time --" "Not for me, it isn't." J'hanos reached for the flightcot door, opening it to leave. "I'll consider your offer, greenrider, but please -- do not be surprised if I don't take you up on it. Family connections and all, you know?" He nodded to her once, and left. Vesoz was just going to love hearing about this one.


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