Schedule of finishes

Purchasing Process for ZEST DARWIN

1. Fill in attached Property Registration Form at the end of this document, and 2. Nominate your preferred unit. 3. Confirm price as noted on by RFS/Agent. 4. Fill in personal and other details and su or Agent
Submit Initial Cash Deposit at a Minimum of $1,000.00
Into Legal Trust with; Tsoukalis Lawyers Trust Account National Australia Bank Darwin Office, 71 Smith Street Darwin NT 0800 This cash deposit is refundable until contract and cooling off conditions are satisfied.

If you have already selected a Conveyancer or Solicitor, please fill in details on the form. If not you will need to
find one. To find a solicitor go to page 303atively follow some of the random
links noted below.

Unit Inclusions

1. Select Tiling and carpet choices. 2. Schedule A & B 3. C, D & E are essential for corporate letting or rental. Pricing available from agent/RFS. It is strongly recommended that you select all schedules if you elect to rent the property.
Off the Plan Sale Documents
To pre review the contract our off the Plan Sale Documents will be available on the website;
Once the Property Registration Form is returned and the refundable holding deposit is paid,
we will forward you the contract, as per the information provided in the form. Please specify on the form where
you want the contract to be sent.
Cooling off period
Cooling off period – see clause 4 in the contract.
Balance of Deposit

Balance Deposit of Cash or Bank Guarantee, less the initial deposit paid to make up to 10% total deposit is required upon  Within 2 days, which encompasses the cooling off period

Refer clause 27 of the contract.
Valuation Of Units
A selection of units have been pre-valued to save you and your financier the cost and time involved. This should
speed up the finance approval process.
Conditions on Contract

See Contract for any clauses relating to unconditional and conditional.

Settlement is scheduled for end 2011 and will complete the handover of unit and keys.

The Buyer(s) confirm that they wish to express interest through this Property Registration Form as outlined below, and request the Seller to
prepare and issue a contract in accordance with the following details. The Buyer(s) acknowledge that this Property Registration Form will
remain valid for 1 week only from the date it is signed.
This Property Registration Form is not a binding commitment and, until the contract documents are properly completed and signed by both
the Buyer(s) and the Sellers:
the Initial Deposit paid by the Buyer(s) remains totally refundable. Once the Seller is in a position to enter into a contract it will do so at the Purchase Price agreed below, irrespective of whether the market
price of the property has changed. At that time the Buyer(s) will receive the disclosure documents and the contract. The Buyer(s) must, if
they wish to purchase the Property, sign and return the executed contract and the other contract documents to the Seller within 7 days of
receiving them.
Fax: 07 5528 0234 Email: [email protected]
Purchase Intention
 Investment:
 Owner Occupier
 Both
Unit Details
Floor _______ Type _______ Unit Number _______ Price $_____________ Purchaser Details #1:
Purchaser Details #2:
Company:/ Trust __________________________ Company:/ Trust __________________________ Street Address: __________________________ Street Address: __________________________ Suburb & P/Code:__________________________ Suburb & P/Code:__________________________ Purchasers Legal Representative
Purchasers Financier
Company:/ Trust __________________________ Company:/ Trust __________________________ Street Address: __________________________ Street Address: __________________________ Suburb & P/Code:__________________________ Suburb & P/Code:__________________________ Please Specify where you want the Contract information sent to: Conveyancer/ Solicitor/ Yourself via email / Other (Please Advise) ____________________________________
Summary Details
Property Address:_______________________________________________________
Purchaser Name/s:______________________________________________________
Unit inclusions

Floor Covering
 Fully Tiled or  Tiled and carpeted as per coloured floor plan layout
Schedule of Inclusions
Unit Pricing includes schedules A, B.
Select boxes below if you are purchasing the following schedules;
 C – Electrical  D –Furniture  E – Homewares. Price: $_____________
Payment of Holding Deposit & Balance of Deposit

- A "Refundable Holding Deposit" of $1,000 is to be paid within 24 hours of providing this form to Rapid Form Systems (RFS). A property is
only deemed to be reserved once RFS receives the fully completed and signed Registration of Interest Form accompanied with payment:
-To pay by Cheque, then the cheque must be made payable to Tsoukalis Lawyers Trust Account. Alternatively if you w would prefer to
transfer the funds electronically, the bank details can be obtained by emailing Tsoukalis lawyers or .
-The balance of the deposit is due at the time of signing the contract unless prior arrangements have been made. At this stage the full
amount that has been negotiated is due and payable. If you are paying in cash, then the initial $1,000 holding deposit will contribute to the
-If you are using a Bank Guarantee or Deposit Bond, then these need to be for the full 10% of the purchase price.
-You must provide the Original Bank Guarantee or Deposit Bond to Tsoukalis Lawyers. Upon receipt of the original guarantee or bond, the
initial holding deposit of $1000.00 will be refunded to you within 7 days.

1. The interested party warrants that the signatory to this Property Reservation Form and the person nominated as the contact person for
information and negotiation is authorised to submit this Property Reservation Form.
2. On receipt of this form accompanied by the Refundable Holding Deposit, the nominated property will be reserved for a period of not more
than 7 days from this date, to enable the contracts to be signed and exchanged. Clients must be available to sign contracts before 7 days
past the reservation date. Should the contracts not be available for signing, then the property will be reserved until such time that the
contracts are made available for signing.
3. If the purchaser has not arranged to sign the contracts within the 7 day period, once they have had access to the contracts, then RFS may release the property back to the market. The purchaser will be informed of this action prior to the property being released, 4. Should the purchaser elect not to purchase the property, then the $1,000 will be refunded within 7 days of the receipt of written confirmation from the purchasers that they will not be purchasing the property. 5. We acknowledge that by signing this Property Registration Form, you are not obligated to purchase the property, nor is this form a Contract of Sale or a binding legal agreement, until both the purchaser and the vendor have signed and executed the contract of sale. 6, The Contract of Sale will be prepared from the information noted on this property registration Form – please ensure all details area accurate and each section is completed in full. Purchaser #1:
Purchaser #1:
Full Signature__________________________ Full Signature__________________________


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