Prof. dr. ir. Leo Van Biesen, President of IMEKO Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tamas Kemeny, Secretary General of IMEKO Abstract
IMEKO is a non-governmental federation of 35 1. Member Organisations (MO-s)
national Member Organisations, individually concerned with the advancement of measurement Though the participation in IMEKO activities is technology and instrument engineering. The available to anybody without restriction, the work is Member Organisations are scientific/technical societies or committees. The membership consists knowledge base of the MO-s, in favour of the of the representatives of metrological institutions, higher education, industry and the users of instruments. The paper deals with the objectives of MO representatives constitute the General Council, the Confederation, informs on the structure and MO-s pay a modest contribution to the general financial background, on IMEKO publications and on expenses, MO-s undertake to organise IMEKO the activities of 20 Technical Committees. events and mainly MO-s delegate members to Technical Committees. The 35 MO-s are Finally the future World Congresses, different representing all the five Continents. IMEKO is scientific services, membership development, events continuously looking for new Member Organisations, to support the global understanding of our disciplines. Definition
The year 2003 marks the 45th anniversary of the birth of IMEKO. Founded in 1958, IMEKO is a non-governmental federation of 35 Member Organisations individually concerned with the advancement of measurement technology. Its fundamental objectives are the promotion of international interchange of scientific and technical information in the field of enhancement of international co-operation among scientists and engineers from research and industry. With a different approach, IMEKO is a global network, a forum where instrument makers, users, research and development experts, legal metrology scientists and university professors meet and exchange ideas. IMEKO's responsibility is to consider the challenges of measurement science and technology coming from important application areas and to form visions for the future development of human society. 2. Officers, Boards and Committees
organisation, the success depends on finding active and widely recognised chairmen and members. Numerous TC-s have already organised over 20 President - Prof. Leo Van Biesen (Belgium) international conferences, some having over 300 participants from over 30 countries and producing Immediate Past President - Prof. M. Peters proceedings of about 500 pages each. A royalty of 5 % of the registration fees helps to reduce the financial burden of MO-s to cover the overall President Elect – Dr. Huseyn Ugur (Turkey) Vice Presidents - Dr. Mauricio Frota (Croatia) and Technical Committees
TC1 - Education and Training in Measurement and
Secretary General - Dr. T. Kemény (Hungary) TC2 – Photonics
TC3 - Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque
General Council - the supreme governing body.
TC4 - Measurement of Electrical Quantities
The GC consists of one or two delegates from each Member Organisation and holds yearly Sessions. TC5 – Hardness Measurement
Secretariat - the executive body headed by the
Secretary General. It carries out the decisions of the GC in accordance with the resolutions passed at TC7 - Measurement Science
TC8 - Traceability in Metrology
Advisory Board - to formulate proposals on the
policy and strategy of IMEKO, chaired by the
TC9 - Flow Measurement
TC10 - Technical Diagnostics
Technical Board - to analyse and to support the
activity of the Technical Committees, chaired by the
TC11 - Metrological Infrastuctures
TC12 - Thermal and Temperature Measurement
Drafting Committee - responsible for the
Resolutions and Minutes of GC Sessions.
TC13 - Measurements in Biology and Medicine
Credentials and Membership Committee - to
TC14 - Measurement of Geometrical Quantities
confirm the validity of credential letters of GC delegates and to examine applications for TC15 -Experimental Mechanics
TC16 - Pressure and Vacuum Measurement
Technical Committees (TC-s)
TC17 - Measurement in Robotics
The activity of IMEKO is basically carried out TC18 - Measurement of Human Functions
through the Technical Committees which organise symposia, conferences, workshops, seminars on TC19 - Environmental Measurement
specific topics at regular intervals; publish proceedings of events, text-books, glossaries, TC20 - Measurement Techniques for the
studies, etc. to realise the objectives set out in the TC-s are traditionally numbered by the sequence they have been set up. We are striving to cover all World Congresses
important fields and follow the new trends, yet the picture is rather uneven. Some TC-s are really As reflected by the titles of the last World centers of world excellence, some others have Congresses, these global events select noble, limited activities. Being a non-governmental humanitarian scopes, to demonstrate how our field From here access is available to several main can serve the improvement of the quality of life. Primarily the TC-s are determining the main chapters, yet the difference between a TC event and An important service to the measurement and a World Congress is, that while TC events are instrumentation community is the IMEKO
concentrating on a narrow topic in full depth, the Specialists Data Base. Several hundred individuals
Congresses offer cross-fertilisation of different fields are listed by personal data, affiliation and keywords. and a possibility to the participants to achieve an overall view on the progress as a whole and a vision Prof. Aumala was so kind and linked the Finnish web site to the multilingual Dictionary of Basic and
General Terms in Metrology
. Based on the original
IMEKO XV Osaka, June 13-18, 1999
English, he organised the translation to many other languages. At the moment Catalan, Czech, Finnish, • Measurement to Improve the Quality of Life French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Russian versions are available from the web. Assistance with • Measurement Helps to Coordinate Nature In the next future the new IMEKO VIP services will IMEKO XVI Vienna, Sept 25-28, 2000
be made available: www.imeko.org/vip/html • Measurement Supports Science, Improves The new imeko-vip site is a special offer for people
who want to use and/or support IMEKO as a forum for the information interchange. This site is based on „Postnuke“. It also uses the MySQL database and
IMEKO XVII Dubrovnik, 2003
The difference between www.imeko.org and
imeko-vip is that users can be registered with
imeko-vip and have access to additional functions.
IMEKO XVIII Rio de Janeiro, May 2006
The site has a modular structure. The Webmaster can add new modules or configure the existing ones in order to meet the given requirements. Publications
Some special modules that can be useful for IMEKO It is a strength of IMEKO that almost 100 % of over 40 years activity is fully documented in the following publications: Downloads: mostly all downloads can be made
available via imeko-vip
ACTA IMEKO - proceedings of the World
FAQ: some common questions and answers
about IMEKO (not everybody will read the
IMEKO TC Events Series - proceedings of TC
Constitution and By-Laws) and its web site can MEASUREMENT -quarterly journal, published by
community, not that for the public (compare with
the news at www.imeko.org)
IMEKO BULLETIN - semi-annual newsletter
Reviews: information about new publications, possibly with links to the download section. Internet
Sections: this module should be used for the TCs Thanks to outstanding voluntary work almost total information is available from the net. Topics: can be used for problems („I need to solve a measurement problem!“, „I’m looking for The main entrance is the www.imeko.org home project partners!“, „Does anybody offer special Web Links: all links to other interesting web
György Striker Junior Paper Award - donation of
the Founder and first Secretary General of IMEKO and his wife, to be given to one junior university staff Registered user can change the layout of the member under 35 years of age, whose paper reflects a deep understanding knowledge of the theme of a World Congress. Some of the modules and functions are accessible
for all visitors of imeko-vip, some functions require
Quality policy
the user to be registered. The administrator can configure this. IMEKO tries continuously to improve the quality of all activities concerning organisation and conduction of its events. For this end, IMEKO has implemented a quality system, based on ISO 9001, documented E-Mail: registered user can receive e-mails
within the IMEKO Quality Manual (courtesy of the about updates or changes, it is also planned to Austrian MO). Its execution is an ongoing process, have a „request for help“ e-mail service. Mails the Manual will soon be available from the should be sent in relation to a TC chosen by the user (this function is not possible at present). The information does not necessarily come from the Webmaster, most of the contributions are IMEKO National Committees
initiated by the registered users and the As a best practice, IMEKO encourages the MO-s to establish a National IMEKO Committee, involving reviews, topics and so on. The administrative the one or two GC delegates, the TC and other overhead is minimized and the content is more IMEKO Committee members and representatives of All people who want to support IMEKO and its Societies who may wish to get enriched by IMEKO objectives are invited to register as users and to information. This is the most efficient way of bookmark www.imeko.org/vip/html. Nobody is
forced to register; the registration is optional and can be removed at any time. A user, who wants to register, must enter a valid e-mail address, because International contacts
the password for the user is generated by the system and will be sent to this address. IMEKO is one of the five Sister Federations within FIACC (Five International Associations Co- One great feature is the web interface: the ordinating Committee, further consisting of IFAC - administration is carried out via Internet and browser International Federation of Automatic Control -, IFIP software from any place in the world only by logging - International Federation for Information Processing -, IFORS - International Federation of Operational Research Societies -, and IMACS - International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Traditionally the following awards are festively handed over at the closing ceremony of World IMEKO also maintains friendly working contacts with OIML, BIPM, the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. The way of co- Distinguished Service Award - to be bestowed
operation is organising joint events, co-sponsoring upon persons for outstanding services to IMEKO, events and inviting keynote speakers to each other.
active for many years as well-known specialists in

Source: http://wwwtw.vub.ac.be/elec/Papers%20on%20web/Papers/LeoVanBiesen/W103_IMEKO__AIMS__OBJECTIVE.pdf

Pii: s0022-3999(02)00309-4

Journal of Psychosomatic Research 53 (2002) 873 – 876Central pathways to morbidity and mortalityJanice K. Kiecolt-Glasera,*, Ronald GlaserbaDepartment of Psychiatry, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1670 Upham Drive, Columbus, OH 43210, USAbDepartment of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, OH 43210,


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