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G.S. (Main) Exam:2013
Timing : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 250
25 August, 2013 (Sunday)
Mukherjee Nagar : 08:30 - 12:30 p.m.
Each question is printed both in Hindi and in English.
Answers must be written in the medium specified in the
25 August, 2013 (Sunday)
Admission Certificate issued to you; which must be stated Karol Bagh : 2:30 - 6:30 p.m.
clearly on the cover of the answer-book in the spaceprovided for the purpose. No marks will be given for theanswers written in a medium other than that specified in the 20 Days G.S. (Main) Current Updation
Admission Certificate. Candidates should attempt all Programme (Including Art & Culture & Interna-
questions strictly in accordance with the instructions given tional Relations) will begin from
under each question.
The number of marks carried by each question is indicated
10th October' 2013.
at the end of the question.
IMPORTANT : Whenever a question is being attempted, all

its parts/ sub-parts must be attempted contigously. This means
that before moving on to the next question to be attempted,

Alok S. Jha & Amit Sinha
candidates must finish attempting all parts/sub-parts of the
previous question attempted. This is to be strictly followed.

Limited Seats
Registration Open
Pages left blank in the answer-book are to be clearly struck
in ink. Any answers that follow pages left blank may not be
given credit.

Karol Bagh: 10:00-12:00am
è;ku nsa % vuqns'kksa dk fgUnh :ikraj bl iz'u&i=k osQ fiNys i`"B ij Nik gSA
Muk. Nagar: 3:00-5:00pm
KAROL BAGH: 16-A/2,First Floor, Ajmal Khan Road, W.E.A., New Delhi-05,
MUKHERJEE NAGAR: 102, Ist Floor, Manushree Building, Comm. Comp.
*First Cum-First-Serve
Fees - Rs. 6500/-
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Amit Sinha (9911156808)
1156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Phone No. : 011-27654518, 011-27653494, 011-
Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
25744391, 9990955778
www.synergy.edu.in email:[email protected]
Answer the following in not more than 200 words each.
fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha rhu dk mÙkj vf/dre 50 'kCnksa esa nsa%
“The most important problem concerning food management in India is to overcome chronic or long term food insecurityby ensuring adequate nutrition to the whole population on a “Lack of development leads to discontent and gives rise to fuEufyf[kr dkSu@D;k gS\ vkSj gky gh esa lekpkjksa esa D;ksa jgs gSa\ extremist tendencies.” In this context, delineate measures taken by the Government of India to address developmentchallenges in extremist affected areas.
Answer any four of the following in not more than 150 words
‘Nations need to protect their respective cyber boundaries, even though cyberspace is borderless.’ Discuss in the context of the National Cyber Security Policy, 2013.
Is there a need to declare some of the offences as Federal 10- fuEufyf[kr O;fDrRo ij ,d okD; esa fy[ksa% The nexus between narcotics, organised crime and terrorism has come to haunt India as well. In this context, suggestmeasures to deal with it.
Natural calamity followed by the pursuit of political capital has thrown up serious governance related issues. Discuss.
Do you think that benefits of Land Reforms have still not been realised at the ground level? Analyse this statement in the context of the proposed LARR Bill.
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Write any three of the following in not more than 50 words each.
fuEufyf[kr iz'uksa dk mÙkj vf/dre 200 'kCnksa esa nsa% ^^lEiw.kZ tula[;k dks iks"k.krk ls ifjiw.kZ Hkkstu lrr~ vk/kj ij miyC/ djkuk [kk| vlqj{kk dks nwj djus gsrq [kk| izcaèku ds lanHkZ esa Hkkjr dh izeq[k leL;k gSA ^^ppkZ djsaA ¶fodkl dk vHkko vfroknh eukso`fÙk;ksa dks c<+kok nsus dk dk;Z djrk gSA¸ bl dFku ds lUnHkZ esa vfrokn izHkkfor {ks=kksa Who/what are the following and why have they been in news re- esa ljdkj }kjk fodkl dh pqukSfr;ksa dks nwj djus ds fy, Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha pkj dk mÙkj vf/dre 150 'kCnksa esa nsa%
;|fi lkbcj nqfu;k lhekghu gS rFkkfi jk"Vªksa dks vius lkbcj lhekvksa dks lqjf{kr djus dh vko';drk gSA jk"Vªh; lkbcj lqj{kk uhfr&2013 ds lanHkZ eas bl dFku ij ppkZ djsaA D;k dqN vijk/ksa dks la?kh; vijk/ ?kksf"kr djus dh vko';drk 10. Write a sentance each on the following personalities.
ukjdksfVDl] laxfBr vijk/ rFkk vkradokn dk vkilh xBtksM+ Hkkjr ds fy, ,d [krjs dh ?kaVh gSA ml lanHkZ eas blls fuiVus izkd`frd vkink ds i'pkr jktuhfrd ykHk izkfIr dh gksM+ us lq'kklu ls lacaf/r dbZ xaHkhj eqíksa dks tUe fn;k gSA ppkZ djsaA D;k vki le>rs gS fd Hkwfe lq/kj vHkh Hkh vk|kj Lrj rd igq¡p ugha ik;k gSA bl dFku dk fo'ys"k.k izLrqr Hkwfe vf/ Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Answer any eight of the following in not more than 50 words
i;kZoj.kh; izHkko ewY;kadu ds dM+s ekud rFkk izHkko ewY;kadu laca/h O;oLFkk ds vHkko us Hkkjr dh lao`f¼ laca/h vko';drkvksa dks iwjk djus esa ck/k mRiUu djus dk dk;Z fd;k gSA bl lanHkZ esa fu;kek vkSj jk"Vªh; gfjr izkf/dj.k fdl izdkj ls ennxkj oÙkZeku vkfFkZd fxjkoV ds nkSj es gky gh esa izLrqr [kk| lqj{kk fcy esa [kwfc;ksa ds vis{kk [kkfe;k¡ vf/d mifLFkr gSA Advancement in fifth generation fighter aircrafts over fourth [kk| izlaLdj m|ksx ds fodkl gsrq Hkkjr ljdkj us D;k eq[; How OLED is better than conventional LCD and Plasma ^^udn iQly mRiknu fdlkuksa ij iM+us okys nq"izHkkoksa ds ckotwn orZeku le; dh ekax gSA** Hkkjr esa udn iQlyksRiknu ds forj.k Drone Technology- Advantages and Disadvantages izfr:i ds lanHkZ esa bl dFku dk vkykspukRed ijh{k.k djsaA fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha rhu dk mÙkj vf/dre 50 'kCnksa esa nsa%
Answer any two of the following in not more than 150 words
oÙkZeku esa c<+rs yksd ½.k dks de djus ds fy, lq>ko nsa What is SDG? How far it will go in addressing the challenges Hkw&L[kyuksa ls fuiVus gsrq lajpukRed mik; In what ways the Chennai Declaration has pushed for
vkink ds le; oSdfYid lapkj ra=k ds dk;Z:i creation of a new National Antibiotic Policy? fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha N% dk mÙkj vf/dre 50 'kCnksa esa nsa%
What is X-Ray Diffraction? Discuss its application in different Answer any four of the following in not more than 150 words
What do you mean by the term ‘Inclusive Growth’? What strategies can Government of India pursue to achieve theobjective of Inclusive Growth? Explain briefly the hurdles for the Government in achieving the target of Inclusive Growth.
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
The strict norms of EIA combined with lack of capacity for fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha vkB dk mÙkj vf/dre 50 'kCnksa esa nsa& appraisal has proved to be an obstacle in meeting the growth needs of India. How far NEAMA and NGT can addressthis concern? Does the recently proposed Food Security Bill have more drawbacks than advantages in the current period of economic slowdown? Critically examine.
What major steps have been taken by the government of India to improve the food processing industries? prqFkZ ih<+h ds foekuksa ds mQij ikapoh ih<+kh ds foekuksa dh “Cash crops production is the need of the hour even though it has had adverse impact on the farmers at times.” Critically examine in the context of distribution pattern of production Write any three of the following in not more than 50 words each.
fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha nks dk mÙkj vf/dre 150 'kCnksa esa nsa%
Suggest measures to lower down the recently increased ,lMhth D;k gS\ i;kZoj.kh; Ékl dh pqukSfr;ksa ls fuiVus esa Structural measures to deal with landslides.
Modes of alternative communication system during disasters.
psUubZ ?kks"k.kki=k fdl izdkj u;h jk"Vªh; ,afVck;ksfVd uhfr ds Write any six of the following in not more than 50 words each.
,Dl&js fMÚsD'ku D;k gS\ fofHkUu {ks=kksa esa blds vuqiz;ksx dh ppkZ djsaA fuEufyf[kr esa ls fdUgha pkj dk mÙkj vf/dre 150 'kCnksa esa nsa%
^lekos'kh fodkl* bl i| ls vki D;k le>rs gSa\ Hkkjr
ljdkj }kjk lekos'kh fodkl ds y{; izkfIr gsrq D;k j.kuhfr;k¡ viukbZ tk ldrh gaS\ lekos'kh fodkl ds y{; izkfIr ds ekxZ esa ljdkj ds le{k mRiUu ck/kvksa dk laf{kIr o.kZu djsaA Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)
Amit Sinha (9911156808) Alok S. Jha (9868775945)

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