MNN. Sept. 30, 2008. All is not lost. There is a good side to the economic “melt
down” of the bankers’ attempts to continue their enslavement of the people. Thanks
to the senators who refused to bail out these crooks, maybe we can save the planet.
The U.S. dollar is going south hot on the heels of the U.S. reputation.
These swindlers believe that anyone who doesn’t have independent wealth has no
claim to even the smallest crust of bread. The indigenous way is that nature provides
to all. We have a right to the food we need.
We never surrendered our territories. Every square inch of Turtle Island is
Indigenous. We are so glad the gluttony for our territories and resources may come
to an end. We Indigenous are still here to issue our warnings.
European colonial incursion into Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, began with fraud and
continued for 500 years, to the peril and detriment of the Indigenous peoples. In the
late 1500’s the British issued illegal charters to land speculators such as Humphrey
Gilbert and Walter Raleigh. They illegally sold 20 million acres of our land before
they even set foot here. The scam continued to the present.
To stay in the colonial game everybody’s been forced to borrow. When the credit
runs out the game is over for them. This is where these hacks took everybody. Now
these “no goodniks” are still trying to scare everybody into submission.
President George Bush and his “crew” of obedient politicians and media “talking
heads” thought that they could scare Congress into passing the bill to help out their
banker friends. When it didn’t pass, the politicians and the media panicked. They
ran around, pulling at their expensively coiffed hair and were lost for words. It turned
out that Bush and company were lying to everybody yet again.
The U.S. lied and sold a bill of goods to everybody worldwide. Surprise! Surprise!
The Europeans have been doing this to us and other Indigenous people for
centuries. As a result of the fraudulent mortgage bundles the U.S. sold around the
world, which the U.S. gave AAA guarantees to, local and foreign banks bought them
up. They wanted to get in on the enslavement of the people. When the housing
bubble burst, these bundles turned out to be totally worthless. They are stuck with
them. This is all due to deception, greed and lying, something they often did
themselves. Now the U.S. oligarchs are scrambling to restructure a new bail out
proposal that would attract reluctant law makers and soothe the unnerved “Prozac
ladened” financial markets.
The “giant suction cup” of wealth in the hands of a few swindlers is taking itself down. We hope indiscriminate mining, logging and oil exploration will decline. International trade is already affected. Canada ’s biggest trade export is to the U.S. They will not be able to buy from Canada like they used to. Who wants the U.S. dollar anyway? It is criminal to raise money from the public on the stock exchanges putting up stolen land and resources as the collateral. We never gave our informed permission for anyone to access our territories and resources. This scam had to fall apart sometime. Is this a catastrophe or a blessing? Can we hope that there will be no more oil and minerals taken out of our land; or water polluted and dammed; or trees clear cut and depleted; or skies, ground and rivers destroyed beyond habitation for us and everyone else; and no money to buy weapons to carry out wars and commit other human rights abuses. Fancy weaponry for the heavily armed police forces may have no bullets in them to shoot us with. Prisoners will be turned out of their cages. Let’s look at it positively. People will have to learn how to live with less. Being poor will become fashionable. Second hand clothes will become trendy. Forget about that 52-inch TV you were thinking of getting. Get a smaller one. Better yet, save your electricity and stop watching TV. Get to know your spouse, family and kids. We have time for this because we don’t have jobs. Our communities and relations with our neighbors will have to become stronger. We’ll find out that by working together we can not only survive but we can have fun. Let’s declare a general strike and everybody can go to the thrift shop for our clothing and household appliances. The multi-nationally owned malls will be empty, full of goods and no one to buy them. We could sit on the benches, look into the windows and eat our brown bag lunches. Local farming will be a must. We could have larger gardens because we’ll have time to look after them. The “survival sites” on the internet have a lot of great ideas for this. People won’t be able to get drugs or alcohol which some people used to relieve the problems created by the dog-eat-dog lifestyle. Another good side of the melt down is that since the US dollar is worth less, or maybe even “worthless”, the investors will have a harder time to corrupt politicians or undermine us and our rights. Corporate, military and political heads will have to look at another way of making an honest living. The exploitation and destruction of Turtle Island was by a certain elite who took advantage of everyone. It was a scheme that favored the most ruthless speculators. This time they failed to frighten the people. They are scrambling around to make the resuscitated bail-out look yummy and attractive. This could be financial ruin for these sharks. Let’s burn tobacco and hope for a strong wind to fan the flames to make sure they are dealt with properly. Our great law, the Kaianerekowa, does have provisions for dealing with those who commit espionage, treason and conspiracy, similar to other societies. “It’s always interesting to see people who have murdered, lied and stolen to squirm, wiggle and tell more fantastic lies to keep their heads on their shoulders, their tongues in their mouths and their “hands” attached to their bodies when they realize they are ultimately going to be confronted by the peoples they defrauded.
The U.S. and Canada are guilty of killing and oppressing us to take control of
everything we had. In exchange they gave us genocide, worthless treaties, empty
words and now their debts. We were not the contracting party. They illegally used
our land and resources to wheel and deal. We are not going to take responsibility for
their debts. They have no credit or credibility with us. Let them implode.
We need to return to respect for the land and each other. Is it too soon to start the
drums rolling so we can start dancing and singing?
Karakwine & MNN Staff
Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. Sept. 28, 2008. Who will control “Wall Street”, which some are now calling
“Wail Street”? It’s the age old battle over control of the eastern part of Onowaregeh,
Turtle Island, known as Haudenosaunee [Iroquois] territory. “Wall Street” is at the
end of Manhattan Island. It was the dividing line between the Dutch colony and the
Indians. This is where trade and commerce took place between us and our
European visitors. It became the financial capital of the world for goods, money,
buying and selling. We never surrendered our land. Every inch of soil they stand on
is ours. We hold it for the benefit of future generations. Those latte-guzzling Armani
suits don’t think about this. That $24 payment to somebody for our island is another
white man’s delusion.
The big gambling houses that buy and sell stocks in New York City are in jeopardy.
The U.S. corporation known as the “government” is extracting $750 billion of the
taxpayers’ money to pay off these thieving loan sharks. Of course, it must be
remembered that the people of U.S. and Canada have made their money through the
exploitation of Indigenous resources and destruction of our environment.
The “bail out” looks like a way to get control of Indigenous territory by grabbing our
land in lieu of unpaid housing mortgages and businesses of the unsuspecting U.S.
people. There is very little public outcry over this highway robbery except on the internet. These obscene carpetbaggers make the robber barons look like boy scouts. In this credit and borrowing “shake down” the oligarchs hope to snatch $4 trillion worth of our real estate. It’s illegal. It’s fraud. It’s a power grab. The outcome will be financial tyranny on the populace. The Indigenous owners of the territories and resources have not been consulted. We would never give our consent to setting up a “king and feudal” system. Everyone has to eventually deal with a simpler lifestyle of less consumption to save the planet. As Malcolm X said, “Show me a capitalist and I will show you a blood sucker”. He meant that capitalism needs the blood of the helpless and the earth to suck on to stay alive. If the nations of the world free themselves from capitalism, it has less victims and less to suck on. It becomes weaker. It tries to get a transfusion but the blood is just not there. It’s only a matter of time before it will completely collapse. The consequences of the colonial visitors’ actions are making themselves felt. When persons do wrong, the “pay back” might not be immediate. There has been too much greed and corruption in the past. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. It couldn’t happen to more deserving people. It is the evil of the holocaust on Turtle Island that caused the downfall of the U.S. and Canada as world powers. We are seeing how the murder, enslavement and theft are now bringing colonial America to its knees. We hope that all traces of their gluttony will be removed from this planet for good. The U.S. and Canada are going to pay for their abuse of humanity. This western European Christian world they created has come to the end of its rope. They are losing their power to covertly steal, oppress and exploit. They have no shame. They’re doing it out in the open. We all can see their dirty underwear. Their last ditch stand to continue their lost cause is pathetic. They look like scurrying vermin as they come in and out of that room on Capitol Hill in Washington. They’re trying to figure out how to make off with as much as they can. They don’t intend to destroy the wealth. They just plan to take the money and run. [The Ryder trucks are standing close by.] Colonialism is supposed to be dead, according to international law. Capitalism is in its death throes but still can do a lot of harm. Now they’re more dangerous because they’re desperate. They want to bomb somebody as soon as possible to take the peoples’ minds off the economic disaster their greed has caused. The end of the world means the end of their idea of civilization, which is made up of “have-nots” and “have-mores” as U.S. President George Bush arrogantly told his supporters at a function. The U.S. elite refuses to study, reflect and learn from its own history. It invents history. It corrupts government, politicians and the people. The people are guilty too for embracing this colonial system. Many are going down with this last ditch stand. “Spin doctors” have been hired to try and fool their own people into thinking they are going to save them. We Indigenous know about these “spin docs” who are hired by the colonial governments to pose as our friends and leaders. They work at smearing and destroying us. Their job is to make us think that integration into this doomed colonial society will solve all our problems. In fact, they’re trying to push us into the “quick sand”. The main interest of all these politicians is to stay in power and keep getting their checks for a lifetime and not to share one stinking thing with anybody. Where will they put all this stolen money when all the banks might be closed up? The Indigenous are being used by politicians. They’re called democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, Green Party and Independents. They are Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, labor and protestant liberals. They all work together to help each other over to the Indigenous trough. Our sell-out token “Indian” leaders who trail along behind are mentally dead. The struggle is all based on the land that we Indigenous people are part of. It’s who we are. The colonists who came to visit us are landless. We cannot compromise or negotiate with these landless enemies. They are trying to hold our people in check and to keep us in their grasp by creating “leaders” for us. We have no leaders. We have the truth. It’s always an in-your-face tip-off when the government endorses one of our people. [A friend of our enemy is our enemy.] They own Phil Fontaine and the other so-called stooges lock, stock and barrel! Now that the colonial economic show is over and they purport to have found a solution that will benefit the few bankers and their political hacks, the people are still going to be without food, property and homes. The women, children and elders will continue to be victimized. Canada and the U.S. are now being judged by their own beliefs and actions. In our opinion, they must atone for their crimes before there can be any turnaround. This could be the beginning of harsh consequences coming down upon their heads, followed by worse calamities. The murder of 115 million of our people, of 1 million Iraqis, the slaughter in Central and South America, the wanton killing of untold numbers of Afghanis and others is being pushed under their contemptible table. Subconsciously they know they are guilty and suppress the knowledge. The guilt over these murders to steal our possessions and that of others is deeply buried in the minds of the Canadians and U.S. people. Will their own beliefs engineer their own punishment and downfall of themselves and their whole system? They may deeply feel they have to become a poor third world society or worse to make amends for the horrors they’ve perpetrated. Or psychologically they can’t exist without thinking they are better than others. They are afraid of being treated as badly as they’ve treated others. They have to redeem themselves for what they’ve done to us and humanity. If they don’t, we’re all sunk. Otherwise, life is going to be a living hell created by them. When the mortgages, loans and taxes come due, let’s see what happens to those who sat back and didn’t try to stop it. Today we are experiencing the economic “melt down” engineered by the financial czars of the world. Next comes the “hard kill”. Karakwine & MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News Note: Current border challenges are costly. Your financial help is needed. Please send donat , or by check or money ord er to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada]
J0L 1B0. Nia:wen thank you very much.

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MNN. Sept. 25, 2008. Who would have thought that artificial economies and their
worthless paper currencies, based on theft of Indigenous resources, would come
tumbling down? Greed and oppression can’t go on forever. These foreigners have
been wheeling and dealing with goods stolen from us. Remember, they came here
with nothing! Every inch of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, they stand on is
unsurrendered Indigenous territory. We are the caretakers. We will never give it up.
These colonial money grubbers never treated us right. They killed, hurt and
weakened us and then took advantage of us. It looks like payback time. Nature is
getting even. The natural order has to be restored. The people have to face up to
what they’ve done or allowed to be done. The rape and pillaging of our mother earth
has to stop. She has to be cared for.
Yes, it looks like we Indigenous will have to hang onto our hats and ride out the
storm. We are still the trustees of everything over, on and beneath the land. We still
have our lives. We still have our families. We still have the future generations to look
out for. These rapacious thieves did not take care of mother earth as we did. They
plundered her for instant pleasure and then moved on without thinking of the future.
The colonists think they have to “conquer” nature and its caretakers, us. What are
they afraid of?
The European throngs swarmed to our territory for deceptive ends. The so-called
“conquest” of the “New World” was a European concoction. These pirates
embezzled the “ownership” our property and forced people into slavery to work for
them for next to nothing. Onowaregeh was occupied and ruined by a class of white
European men who set up an individualistic capitalist exploitation system. Even
when they charged over here for the “gold rush”, they had no concept of leaving
anything for the future generations, or even of sharing with anybody.
The few elite made products with our resources, sold it and set up banking and
monetary systems that were backed by the gun. Their highest ideals were racism,
individualism, greed, grabbing other people’s property and accumulating more wealth
than they needed. The driving feature is that the white race is superior and could
enslave and kill Indigenous people. The lower order “settlers” were infected as well.
They have a similar mentality of exploitation and victimization. Anyone who came
here could grab our land and make a homestead. Today settler society is divided between the “parasites” and those who worked for them. Developers have been putting up our unceded territories as collateral on the stock exchanges to raise billions of dollars from the public. This is fraud. The U.S. economic system is based on stolen Indigenous goods, lands and resources to prop up its ailing dollar. Countries worldwide accepted the U.S. dollar as the international currency. Now they have to work together to keep this whole fake economic engine going. If they bring it down it will bring chaos to them. Their economic fantasy is that they think they can endlessly put value in the circulatory process they’ve created. They steal everything, create nothing and sell it to each other. The U.S. and Canadian production bases have been totally eroded. The reality is that you can’t consume what you don’t produce. The colonial entities have to take what they need through force, like oil from the Middle East. The dollar has to be back with armed force to steal other people’s resources. It’s all inter-connected. The corporations sell ‘air’ at inflated prices, paid for with worthless paper money based on “faith”. Wall Street is based on greed, investing money and watching markets here and there. The U.S. government looks desperate. They fear their delusional bubble will burst. The oligarchs have made an exit plan to run away with suitcases of money. When the Russian Czar’s regime went down in the early 1900s, people fled with cash that was later worthless. The Wall Street oligarchs have an army to cover their tracks. Despite the propaganda, the people are going to be alright. It can always get worse. The deprivation can go to a deep dark end. We need to resist their dire threats of medieval retrogression to torture chambers, burnings, hanging, drawing and quartering and impaling. It doesn’t have to happen. Now the U.S. government is going to take money from the taxpayers and give it to the bankers who caused the problems in the first place. When the people go to the bank to borrow money they will be told, “There’s no money. We had to give it to our banker friends.” The U.S. visible and invisible government is trying to control all the land and housing. Instead of charging them with criminal acts of treason and conspiracy, the buy-out is going to the head gangsters. The drafter of the buy-out is U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulsen, who worked for Goldman and Sachs on Wall Street for 35 years. According to the package, once he gets the money, he is not accountable. He is beyond all courts and legislation. This is a reversion to the “divine right of kings”. They want total control over society, a “coup d’etat”. The “wrecking ball” scenario is based on fear, intimidation and blackmail. The 3rd Infantry Division of the 1st Brigade Combat Team is being brought back to the U.S. from Iraq in case there’s a public “fall out”. John McCain suspended his election campaign. Next the constitution will be suspended. The election could be pulled. There will be no discussion or debate. An immediate decision on the package is being forced to serve the needs of the oligarchic ruling elite. The U.S. is the leading imperialist. Presently with outsourcing, unemployment, housing foreclosures and economic and social problems the base for consumption is getting narrow. The industrial base is shrinking. Its main production is military weapons, armaments and surveillance equipment. Scientific and technological research is aimed at creating more lethal weapons to kill innocent unarmed people. The second seller is high end luxury goods to a narrow elite market. The basic necessities of the majority is neglected more and more. The economy is being hallowed out through impoverishment and ruination of people. Other states are still tied to the U.S. monster. They are making new arrangements to separate themselves from this world crisis. The public is crying out for major change to end the colonial racist greedy system. They have to look at Indigenous culture and harmonize their society with ours to survive. They need to renew all their arrangements with us to live, think and govern themselves so that the parasites are pushed aside. Sacrifices are necessary or humanity will destroy itself. There is another world, a world of resistance. Our fate rests in our own humble hands. Indigenous people have survived. We kept our philosophy, our notions of governance, our duties to mother earth and our way of life which was terribly damaged. We have been able to resuscitate it and bring it back to a healthy life. We all have our strengths. We have an enormous evolved consciousness. People are beginning to see through this capitalist fraud. Do U.S. President George Bush, Republican candidate John McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama want to really re-arrange the economy and society on a new basis? Do they want to dig up the roots of the colonial past and harmonize relations with the Indigenous people and mother earth? Throughout, the colonists and their banker backers thought they could just ride rough shod over us while they devastated the planet. We are still here because we always resisted. Note: Current border challenges cost money. Your financial help is needed. Please send donat , or by check or money order to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen thank you very much. Go to MNN “Economics” category for more stories; New MNN Books Available now! Purchase t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePressStore ; Subscribe to MNN for breaking news ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: bhakti Ananda <[email protected]> Date: Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 3:19 AM Subject: Re: MNN "Out of Control" Cornwall Canada border guards To: Mohawk Nation News <[email protected]>
From here from Europe, we send all in strife our compassion, so this violent
madness is embrased and desolved in wisdom . So the idea white , indian , and all
variations of appearances can live with the knowing : all is one as one.
Our heart is hurting while yours are, it can not be different until peace sets in.
Bless the humans being mislead by thought patterns that are not true , in the attempt
to defend a non existing border( only made by mans mind to poses what can not be
posessed . freedom is for all who are free from minds confusions.
Know how to stay as heart in all this turbulence and lies. Know that devotion to the
one heart is the only way out of suffering while on the way.
When the way is walked no more walking , rest in the reality of now only and always
.peace. then continue the walk . as such walk beautifully aware always and
hearts and eyes will open and live alike as same heart same knowing.
Be blessed by all you are, the All Mighty Self , We are that Self as loving kindness.
No more victem or purpetrator, we are all we are.
Bhakti Ananda (speaking the deers heart, Arunachala)
CANADA BORDER GUARDS? Another assault at border - Important trial
ignored by mainstream media

MNN Sep. 17, 2008. "Harassment at the Canada-US border is an every day
occurrence", said Ia:hawi, a 44-year old mother of seven. On December 18, 2006,
she went to the Canada Customs House on Cornwall Island to deliver a notice for a
friend who had been falsely pulled over and accused of running the port. He told the
agents to "F--k off" and then left. He's lived there all his life and his id showed he
was "Indian".
The purported U.S.-Canada border cuts right through the middle of the Akwesasne
"Indian" community. There are 5 colonial jurisdictions – U.S. , Canada , New York
State , Ontario and Quebec . The situation is hell for the community members. They
have to cross several times a day and go through almost daily brutality by the
Canada Border Services Agents CBSA.
About 3 years ago Ia:hawi was 7 months pregnant. She was pulled over for a
"routine check" and held in the holding cell. She had nothing to eat, got stressed out
and started going into labor. She called for help. They told her to sit there and wait.
All she could do was lay on her back on the bench with her feet on the wall to prevent
her baby from coming prematurely. Eventually they deported her to the U.S. and
ordered not to return to Canada . CBSA separated her from her family for a whole
On December 18, 2006, she went to the border office to serve the said notice. She
told Andre Rouleau, the supervisor with the beard and gray hair, and Leon, "Unless
you can produce signed valid agreements that we Kanion'ke:haka have relinquished our land to immigrants, you have no authority or jurisdiction over my friend. She said, "Unless you show respect for us on our land, there's going to be trouble". They spoke for about 30 minutes. When she walked out of the building, she saw her friend underneath the canopy. She asked him, "What's up?" He said, "Same old, same old. Get searched. Get harassed. Get racial slurs thrown at me." They talked for about 5 minutes. Ia:hawi was in a hurry. She had to pick up her children from school. Suddenly somebody came at her from behind a pillar. It was Corey Gauthier, a CBSA officer. He stood near her and started to come on to her. He did not identify himself. She asked several times, "Who are you?" He grabbed her arm and said, "You're coming back with me". She pushed him away and continued walking. He blocked her path. He stayed next to her and told her, "I'm going to search you". Ia:hawi asked, "How and for what?" That's when he said, "I'm going to remove your pants and search you myself". She told him he had no authority or jurisdiction to do anything. Then he said, "I'm taking authority and jurisdiction over you". All she was carrying was a card, a watch, some loose change and used tissue. Corey Gauthier pinned her between himself and a sports car that was parked next to a van. She was getting scared, "This man is going to rape me". She looked around and couldn't find anyone to help her. He insisted, "Come with me" and that he was going to search her. He put his hands on her. She told him, "You are in my personal space. I want nothing to do with you". He leaned towards her. Her legs were pinned against the car. He pushed her so forcefully that she flew in the air and landed on the car hood. Then he jumped on top of her. He yelled into his radio, "Everyone out here. Officer has been assaulted". Almost immediately 5 guys were on top of her. She couldn't breathe or move. They were grabbing her legs and pulling them apart. She was trying to move so that her back wouldn't break. Then she felt hands groping her vagina and breasts. "Keep your hands to yourself", she yelled. They were joined in the attempted "gang rape" by Richard " Oka Dick" Jacobs, who works as security at the border. His job is to protect the community members who are going through this dangerous border. One of them yelled at her, "Shut the fuck up and stop resisting". They put cuffs on her real tight and tried to drag her into the building. She pleaded, "I can walk, I'm not resisting". They finally let her walk. They informed her she was under arrest for assaulting an officer. Leon came out. The mob back off and stood in line. She saw Andre Rouleau, the supervisor she had just met, coming out the door. She told him, "Hey, this guy just assaulted me. Do something". He didn't even look at her. He just walked past her to talk her assailant. It looks like someone at a high level has given the CBSA the authority and protection to carry out these atrocities on us. The Mohawk man she had been talking to witnessed the whole incident. She was charged with assault of a police officer and obstruction of an officer. Not one of the officers identified themselves. We now know they were Corey Gauthier CBSA, Asha Pritchard CBSA, Steven Christopher Roy CBSA, Joseph Thompson, CBSA, David Eddie Thompson, Akwesasne Mohawk Police, Lee-Ann O'Brien Akwesasne Mohawk
Police and Richard "Oka Dick" Jacobs CBSA.
In the building Ia:hawi asked to call her husband, Rori'wi:io, to tell him of her
whereabouts and to pick up the kids from school. "What's the name of your lawyer?"
they asked. She answered, "I don't have one". They told her, "You can only call
your lawyer". She told them to call her council and gave them her husband's
number. Stephen Roy made the call. He was mad when he found he had reached
her husband. She was happy that her husband knew where she was. CBSA tries to
keep us incommunicado so they "disappear" us.
Eddy Thompson of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police was told to drive her over to the
St. Regis jail through the U.S. Under the 'Man Act' it is illegal to take a person across
a border without the necessary 'extradition orders'. This constitutes kidnapping.
They took her without an agreement between Canada , the US and the "Indians" at
St. Regis to transport us into different countries. He broke the law and took her there
Now the trial charging her with assault of her assailants is taking place in Cornwall
Ontario . Ia:hawi is defending herself. The CBSA video of the incident is heavily
edited. It does show all five CBSA officers on top of her on the car. Her next court
date is September 30th, 2008, 10:00 am in courtroom No. 7, at 29 2nd Street West,
Cornwall, Ontario. Case # 07-C26. The video of the incident will be shown at that
time before Judge Adams.
Today, her husband, Rori'wi:io, was arrested and taken to Valleyfield . He was
supposed to go before the judge for bail and release. He told them he was an
"Indian", that the Quebec Police SQ had abducted him and stolen his property. He
was dragged by his arms into a holding room for a video appearance with the judge
for bail. A third officer grabbed him by the neck threw him to the floor out of the
camera's range. He was beaten and heard screaming, "Stop! You're hurting me!"
The judge has ordered him to be detained until Monday so the bruising can fade
away and denying him a bail appearance for 4 days. They don't have the jurisdiction
or authority over "Indian" members. The court has been constantly asked to show us
the proof of their authority. Their answer, "We do not recognize "Indians" in this

Ia:hawi needs your support.
Note: These border challenges cost money. Your financial help is needed. Please
send donat , or by check or money
order to "MNN Mohawk Nation News", Box 991 , Kahnawake [ Quebec , Canada ]
J0L 1B0. Nia:wen thank you very much.
Phil Fontaine of the AFN is a partner in CBSA's Sustainable Development Strategy
2007-9, See Appendix 4 for external stakeholders; Chris Kealey, Canada Customs
Excise, Immigration Taxation Board, CBSA Media Relations 613-991-5197; President
Aboriginal Initiative CHRC 204-983-2189 1-866-772-4880 Canada Customs Port of Entry at Cornwall Island Ontario; Gaetan Cousineau,
613-575-2250 ex 2400; Mohawk Security at the border 613-932-5183, 613-575-2340;
Lance Markel, District Director CBSA 613-930-3234, 613-991-1214; Brent Lefebvre,
Investigator CBSA; Susan St. Clair, Canadian Human Rights Commission, 344
Slater, Ottawa 613-995-1151, 1-888-214-1090, 613-943-5188; CBSA National
Spokesperson 613-957-6500; Quebec Media Relations CBSA 514-350-6130; Chief
Mohawk Council Akwesasne 613-575-2250 Stockwell Day, Ottawa 613-995-4432; Melissa Leclair Communications Pub. Safety
Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News Contact:

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SIX NATIONS: Call-out for help! Arrest of two activists
- Police ‘target'
Indigenous youth - bring food and phone cards. People as witnesses needed at both
construction sites (ASAP) and at the courthouse today and tomorrow. To get to the
construction site take the 403 west towards London , Ontario , exit off Oak Park Road
. Turn left and drive over the 403. The construction site is immediately on the right
hand side. Brantford City Court is on 44 Queen Street .
MNN. Sept. 11, 2008. Two native activists were arrested Wednesday in a traffic
stop by up to a dozen Ontario Provincial Police and Brantford city police officers. The
19-year-old son of “Boots” was arrested, along with an unnamed “young offender”.
The police have disregarded the presumption of innocence by calling them
Boots has been living in a teepee in front of these fraudulent development projects.
He is trying to remind them that we own the territory. It is a project of the “First
Northwest Business Park Ontario” [John Jones 905-363-3086, ; Head Office, Century Point Corporate Center, 6860 Century Ave.,
E. Tower, Suite 1000, Mississauga Ontario L5N 2W5 905-814-6860].
Brantford is giving illegal building permits to international corporations to build on our
territory, such as: -
-“Hampton Inn Hotels” which is part of the Hilton chain [we need CEO name,
headquarters address and contact information]; Hampton HotH
-“Fen Ridge Court” [we need CEO, address and contact info]; and -Kingspan
Insulation, Dublin Road, Kings Court Co., Cavan, Ireland, registration #70776 Ph.
+353(0)42 9698000 , CE Gene M. Murtagh, Irish Stock Exc These companies have illegally laid claim to Haudenosaunee Territory . Some have represented that our unceded land is their collateral to raise funds on various stock exchanges. We have put them all on notice that the land is ours. They should be charged with fraud because of this knowingly willful violation of our rights and misrepresentations of their holdings in the public market. Unfortunately, the state authorities are complicit in the fraud. The city of Brantford issues the illegal permits. Boots’ son has a bail hearing this morning, September 11th at the Brantford Court . The other youth is up for bail tomorrow at 9:00am. Both are charged with “mischief”. Janie Jamieson gave the following report: “Today [September 10] at approximately 11:00 am my one-year old son and I were leaving the “King and Benton” site of illegal construction site in Brantford , Ontario . My sister followed with the two youth. I stopped at a sign and then proceeded through. In my rear view mirror I could see my sister following close behind. Then I saw a non-Native man with a closely shaved head pulling on her truck door with one hand while violently punching the window with a closed fist. I feared she was under attack by “skinheads” as there were several unmarked cars blocking her in. I went ahead and turned around. When I got back all vehicles were gone, including my sister. I turned right. The same men were parked there but had changed into OPP vests and belts loaded with weapons. There were approximately 8 cruisers marked “OPP” and “ Brantford City Police”. They were surrounding my sister and the two youth who were being handcuffed. I told the police that according to our law our youth are under the authority and jurisdiction of the Ongwehonwe women and that our youth had EVERY authority to uphold our traditional laws. The police were told to cease and desist their armed invasions and kidnapping of our children. These tactics constitute declarations of war. The cops said everything they were doing was "standard police practice" [in dealing with Indigenous people]. Why do they bother to wear uniforms? Are there any real “skinheads”? Or are they all cops trying to an end run around the law they swore to defend? Five officers then began searching my sister's truck for "weapons". I put tobacco in the hands of the youth and told them to hold onto it. The police tried to stop me. The youth held onto it and were placed in separate cruisers and taken to the Brantford Jail. Bawa Construction (Hampton Inn & Suites) has resumed illegal construction on our unsurrendered territory despite being warned by us to stop. At no point have any of our people stepped out of the Kaianarekowa. The developers and the police continuously ESCALATE intercultural hostility by targeting our children, women (mothers and grandmothers) and men to protect the finances of
local and international corporations.
We ongwehonwe will continue to uphold our great-great-grandchildren's right to exist.

Please Note. Legal actions have to be taken to protect our rights. We have no
funds. If you can donate anything to our cause, it will be greatly appreciated. Donate
to PayPal,, or “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991 ,
Kahnawake [ Quebec , Canada ] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen.

Splitting the Sky, a Mohawk activist, actor and author will be one of the featured
speakers at the March on Ottawa this Thursday, September,11, 2008. It is a
commemoration of the massacre of thousands of people at the Twin Towers in New
York city on September 11th, 2001. Mohawk ironworkers were some of the
construction workers on the Twin Towers and continue to be concerned about this
issue. Come hear the arguments to substantiate the allegations.

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News Contact:

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MNN. Sep. 8, 2008. Since the brutal June 14th 2008 beatings of Mohawk
grandmothers, Kahentientha and Katenies, at the Cornwall Ontario checkpoint, there
has been no public inquiry and no apology.
On Sunday, September 7, 2008, Kahentinetha asked two friends to present an
affidavit she signed laying a formal complaint with the Ontario Provincial Police to
investigate the assault by the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA. Apparently all
Ontario police are required to accept and properly process complaints submitted by
the public.
About 3:00 pm her friends arrived at the OPP station in Lancaster Ontario just over the border from Quebec . It was locked with a sign directing them to use a phone. They explained their business. Eventually “Sgt. Legault” opened the door and allowed them into a small waiting room. He said he needed to finish dealing with another matter and to “get his ducks in a row”. Eventually he returned and said he had no jurisdiction “to accept the complaint because the Canada-U.S. border was under the authority of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police”. He insisted that if the messengers waited, he could call the Akwesasne police so they could come there and he could give it to them. It sounded like they were already on their way. He demanded to know the names, addresses and birthdates of the messengers. He asked if they had a lawyer. He brought up Kahentinetha’s brother, “Frank Horn’s”, name, a lawyer who was a witness to the beating. As it wasn’t appropriate for the OPP to make decisions about a complaint they refused to accept, the messengers left. It looks like the OPP don’t want to get involved in this “hot potato”. Is this why the medics refused to check over Katenies after the brutal attack? In 2005 Teiohontateh was assaulted at the same border. The Akwesasne Mohawk refused to take her charges against the CBSA because they said, “We can’t”!!! On the Trans Canada Highway 401, as they drove over the Quebec border a Quebec Police SQ car turned onto the highway and started to follow them. They were going 100 km per hour. Everyone else was passing them. The cop hung behind them for a while. Then he drove beside them and took a good look at them. He turned his flashing lights on and then sped away. A few minutes later he sped by in the opposite direction. The following Affidavit to investigate the June 14, 2008 CBSA crimes against the Kanion’ke:haka grandmother was rejected by the Lancaster Ontario OPP: “I, Kahentinetha, born on April 16, 1940, a resident of Kahnawake [ Quebec ], phone # 450-635-9345, a person of the Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk Nation, report that a crime was committed and should be investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police OPP. Because of my physical condition as a result of the injuries inflicted on me, I was unable to lay this complaint until now. An illegal assault, arrest and detention by Canada Border Services Agents CBSA took place at the Cornwall Ontario Border control on Cornwall Island in the middle of the Akwesasne community on June 14th, 2008. I was seriously injured, suffering a heart attack. My personal possessions were taken and not returned. I was crossing the said border with two other people. At approximately 2:00 pm we arrived at the Canadian border control. The border agent took our ID and told us to wait under the canopy. They returned to take my car keys. We sat there peacefully for an hour. At approximately 3:00 pm, a platoon of about a dozen guards marched towards the car, all wearing leather gloves, flack jackets and all kinds of equipment hanging about their waists. Throughout the attack that followed, one officer, Maurice Saucier [Badge #16121] was on the cell phone directing operations. The female passenger in my car, also a grandmother, was dragged violently from the back seat of the car by a gang of hefty young men and women. They knocked her down, pinned her to the ground, and forced their knees into her head and back. They handcuffed her and smashed and rubbed her face into the pavement. She received bleeding scrapes and bruises on her face, shoulders, arms and legs. She was taken into the customs building and later to Ottawa . No charges were read to her and her request for medical help was refused. She was held incommunicado for three days. She was not even allowed to call her mother to let her know where she was and to ensure the welfare of her family. After this assault, I was ordered to get out of the car. I was afraid to get out because of what they had done to my friend. I heard Maurice Saucier tell the other agents to “Take her out”. I feared for my life if I got out of the car. I asked, “What have I done?” I was not informed of any legal charges against me. Several agents started grabbing me and yanking me out of my car. I was thrown around, assaulted, handcuffed and imprisoned. In the cell, the attack continued. My shoes were taken. Some officers tightened the handcuffs on my wrists several times. This cut the circulation to my hands. Pain shot up my arms. I saw flashes of light and felt sharp pains in the middle of my chest and back. When I cried for help, the guards ignored me and tightened the handcuffs more. They yelled threats at me and kept ordering me to bend down. A man stood behind me and had his hands on my pants. I was afraid of being sexually assaulted. I received scrapes and bruises on my arms and legs. I firmly believe I would have been killed if my brother, Frank Horn, who is a lawyer, had not appeared. He and his son happened to be waiting in the lineup at the border. When he asked to see me, they took off the handcuffs and offered me a chair to sit on. When he saw me, he immediately insisted on calling an ambulance. The Akwesasne police stood by and watched in silence. The ambulance took me to Cornwall Community Hospital and later to the Ottawa Ontario Heart Institute. I remained in hospital for 5 days in the trauma unit and intensive care unit. The doctors told me I had a trauma induced heart attack. I was in excellent health before the attack by the border guards. Now my health is fragile. On June 30th 2008 I had a relapse and was hospitalized again. Some of the CBSA officers involved in the attack had the following badge numbers: 17012; 16320; 16511; 16121; and 16275. My shoes and documents that were in the trunk of my car are missing. I have never been contacted by any Ontario police or Canadian officials concerning an investigation of the illegal conduct that took place that day. To my knowledge no such investigation has ever taken place. SIGNED this _____ day of September, 2008, at ____________________ by _____________________ Kahentinetha, at P.O. Box 991 , Kahnawake of Haudenosaunee Territory [ Quebec , Canada ] J0L 1B0 450-635-9345. Address of Service: For the purposes of this proceeding only, service to be made care of Julio Peris, 625 Rene Levesque West, Suite 900, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1R2 – 515-933-4656 Fax 514-933-9587. SWORN BEFORE __________________________ Address: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News Contact: Please Note. 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By Karakwine & MNN Staff
MNN. Sept. 7, 2008. Pedophilia is a violent sexual attack on children. Pedophilia is
a covert criminal activity used globally by the elites. The clerical collar and the nun’s
robes have been the perfect cover. It has long been a product of the strategies used
by the elite to control and dominate the rest of the population. A small minority of
human beings [2 to 3%] has no compunction about destroying and killing people to
make it to the top of the European-style hierarchy. Governments, judiciary, the police
and the Catholic and other Christian churches colluded in this well thought out
system of debauchery. It did not happen randomly. Our children were snatched and
put in residential schools, debased and many were killed.
The elite foisted their depravity on us to weaken and destroy us. These vulgar,
immoral and violent acts were meant to bring down our normal healthy self-esteem
for many generations to come. We were conditioned to blur the difference between
lust and decency. As the owners of the land and resources they coveted, they
needed to weaken us, turn us into victims and kill us off. They had to remove us so
they could turn Onowaregeh/Turtle Island into a “terra nullius”, a land with no
The program for the mainstream public is different. They are being conditioned to
accept treatment as cannon fodder for the irrational connivance of the elite. An
example of conditioning is the 2007 Vanity Fair photos of adolescent actor, Miley
Cyrus, and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. This seductive photo of the girl lying across
her father’s lap, both dressed provocatively, suggests that the public is being
prepared to cross another moral line. Incest! As a 15 year old “commodity”, Miley
Cyrus is a victim too! Even flesh colored baby diapers are designed to make little
babies look naked. The internet is satisfying perverted lusts showing men having sex
with babies. Babies are sacrificial lambs worldwide.
The top players in such a sick scenario are never caught or called to account. They
have their “official” apparatus in place to protect themselves and their minions. Vile
perversions are their drug of choice. George Bush Sr., an eastern establishment
blue-blood, while he was U.S. President, was touched by a whiff of scandal involving
young boys. [ FranklinCoverup/franklin.htm]
Whenever a scandal involving children breaks out, all avenues of inquiry are shut
down. Only the low level perpetrators go to jail. The Detroux affair in Belgium is an
example. [] That monster kidnapped and
sodomized hundreds of children and murdered an unknown number. He had 7 villas
in Belgium where he tortured, drugged and produced snuff and porn films. Then he
killed the little girls and hid their bodies. His wife helped procure many of the children
for him. He said at his trial in 2004 that he had accomplices among police officers,
businessmen, doctors and high level politicians. None of the officials who
perpetrated this perversion were touched. He, his wife and two accomplices are serving long jail sentences. Dutroux is small potatoes compared to the murderous rampage carried out by the Canadian government, Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican and United churches FOR OVER A CENTURY!!! Nobody went to jail for murdering over 50,000 Indigenous children in the residential school “torture dungeons”. Not one person! This is a perversion of justice. Our children were victims of medical experiments, rape, sodomy, starvation, floggings and strangulations. Children were coerced to kill other children and then bury them. Several skeletons of newborn babies were found in school furnaces. The children were rounded up and sent to judges, police, politicians and professionals to be sexually exploited. The residential school program supplied our children in pedophile rings to men in high places who had a taste for very young brown skinned kids. In the book “Where Eagles Dare to Soar”, the author, Kevin White, said that they preferred to abuse our kids because they got a kick out of degrading our naturally healthy attitude about ourselves. Prime Minister Stephen Harper did say, “Sorry” and then swept it all under the rug. The Canadian government seems to think that the reparation money they’ve paid out is the price they have to pay to continue raping us. In the subconscious minds of the elite, paying their victims is like going to a brothel and paying for sex. Our kids are in grave danger. In Vancouver and other western cities there are still streets where men go to have sex with little native children. Vancouver is turning into Canada’s Thailand where foreign men go on “sex junkets” for little brown skinned kids. It is alleged that Boston Massachusetts is the pedophile capital of the U.S. This is where the Catholic church was exposed over priests abusing little boys for decades and being covered up and protected by the church. The church used religion as a sideline to carry out perversion, extract money from the people and to keep their flock dumbed down and forever victimized. The establishment learn early the science of subjugating helpless kids and people. Normal humanity is systematically conditioned out of them and replaced with a cold merciless mindset. The ivy league schools where the upper crust send their children trains them to look down on those they think are the “unwashed masses”. They are guaranteed top positions to run their criminal cartel. We all know how difficult it is for us “normals” to get a decent job in their hierarchy unless we are willing to become depraved. For most of us the glass ceiling is very low. We constantly hit our heads on it. It doesn’t matter how much formal education we get. The set up is deliberate. The kids who have been escaping the social chaos caused by the residential school “brothel” program have been funneled into Canadian cities for decades. It was obvious that safe houses and hospices were needed for these extremely vulnerable young people. Instead of providing protection and support, officials turned a blind eye. They paved the way for pig farmers like Picton in Vancouver to snatch and “disappear” them on a massive scale over a long period of time. The cops also refuse to investigate the disappearance of over 500 Indigenous young women. Child abductions and suffering of our children and our families appear to be a sexual
turn-on for these degenerates. They thirst to subjugate the human race. The fact
that drugs so readily come into our communities unabated points to the main culprit -
the government. They want to help create a cowering and submissive Indigenous
People. This goes against our natural order. In the long run it isn’t going to work.
Many drug and alcohol riddled communities are now cleaning up.
The public were shocked when they learned the truth about the collusion between
governments, police and the church. When will we see popes, presidents, Canadian
prime ministers, top judges, top police, senators, members of parliament, all levels of
clergy and CEOs go to jail, along with their many flunkies and henchmen?
The goal of this deluded scheme is to steal our territory and resources. To them the
land owner has to be sexually subjugated and molested. Then in the perpetrators
mind they now own the land. The idea is to degrade us so we will become
degenerates. It is a deliberate way to destroy the race. We can see what’s going on.
We are keeping an eye on our children.
MNN Mohawk Nation News
Please Note. It’s becoming critical for legal actions to be taken to protect our rights.
We have no funds. If you can donate anything to our cause, it will be greatly
, or “MNN Mohawk
Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen.
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By Ieri’wa:onni and MNN Mohawk Nation News Staff
MNN. 2 Sept. 2008. Since the dawn of time, we Indigenous people have been
conscious that we exist as part of the natural world. We belong to the land. We co-
exist with the animals and vegetation that sustained our ancestors and that continue
to sustain us today. We are born or adopted into clans. These form the foundation of
our nations. Our society is based on equality, where everybody has a voice. Our
constitution, Kaianereh:kowa [Great Law of Peace], embodies these relations. This
is the law of the portion of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, which has been put into our
Before European “visitors” floated over the ocean and stumbled onto our shores, we
formed a federation according to the Kaianerehkowa. The Rotinoshonni:onwe
Confederacy is made up of Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayuga, Seneca and
Tuscarora. Hundreds of Indigenous nations formed alliances with us and became
our friends and allies.
No non-Indigenous nation ever joined our confederacy or accepted to live according to our constitution. Though a few individual Europeans have been adopted into our society, most have proven unwilling or unable to live according to the social, political and economic philosophy of the Rotinoshonni:onwe. All Euro-Canadians know and understand that we were here, on Onowaregeh, first. The Supreme Court of Canada has acknowledged this fact as part of Canadian law. We did a lot of work to create the paradise that the Europeans found when they arrived. So far Canadians do not understand or acknowledge that we never agreed to join their colonial regime or to give up our original law or nationality. We did form nation-to-nation alliances with various European colonists. Some of our nations were allies of the British during many famous battles. However, we were NEVER British subjects. We always dealt with colonial visitors as an independent political organization. We even sent ambassadors abroad as seen in the famous paintings of the “Indian Kings” who visited the court of England’s Queen Anne in 1710. The internationally accepted legal definition of a “state” was established by the Montevideo Convention of 1933. Article 1 states that: “The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a ) a permanent population; b ) a defined territory; c ) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.” We have a permanent population, a defined territory, and an established capacity to enter into relations with other states. THE ROTINOSHONNI:ONWE CONFEDERACY IS LEGALLY A STATE. Under international law, as set out in United Nations Resolution 1541XV, and confirmed by the International Court in the Western Sahara case, relations between peoples may be organized on the basis of independence, free association or incorporation. No state may legally incorporate another without the free and informed consent of the majority of the population as expressed in a free and fair election. This standard was endorsed by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Reference re the Secession of Quebec. Quebec could not separate from Canada without the consent of a clear majority of its people in response to a clear question. Quebec had been fully incorporated into Canada because it plays a major role in Canadian institutions. It’s elected representatives agreed to join with other British colonies to form Canada. It has representatives in Parliament and on the Supreme Court. It has supplied many Canadian Prime Ministers. The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy never agreed to join Canada. It has no representation in Canada’s parliament or on Canadian courts. Between 1876 and 1951 Canadian law excluded “Indians” from the definition of a “person”. THE ROTINOSHONNI:ONWE CONFEDERACY HAS NEVER BEEN LEGALLY INCORPORATED INTO CANADA AND REMAINS INDEPENDENT. When the Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy first established diplomatic relations with European colonists, the Europeans were organized in monarchical states. The people were called “subjects”. Under British law, the relationship between the subject and the monarch was considered to be a personal bond. The subject owed the monarch obedience and in return the monarch owed the subject protection. You could become a subject either by conquest or by swearing an oath of allegiance. The Rotinoshonni:onwe were never conquered. Only a few eccentric or deluded individuals ever voluntarily swore an oath of allegiance to the British Crown. THE ROTINOSHONNI:ONWE NEVER BECAME BRITISH SUBJECTS. The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy has issued its own passports since the international passport convention was passed in 1920. The “Dominion of Canada” was formally established when Britain’s Parliament passed the British North America Act, 1867. It was founded to promote the interests of the British Empire as part of an administrative re-organization that united some of the colonies established on Onowaregeh. (British North America Act, 1867, Preamble). A “Dominion” is legally defined under British law as “a colony”. The people of the colonies that joined the Canadian confederation remained “British subjects”. The Queen of England remains the Queen of Canada. Britain continued to manage all international matters. Britain has only authorized Canada to conduct international relations on behalf of “the empire” (British North America Act, 1867, s. 132). All treaties signed with Indigenous peoples on Onowaregeh were negotiated on behalf of the British monarch. Canada did not sign any international treaty until Britain allowed it to sign the Halibut Treaty with the United States in 1923. CANADA DID NOT BEC0ME AN INDEPENDENT STATE IN 1867. Britain’s “Dominions”, which also included Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, contributed so much money and lives during World War I (1914-1918) that they wanted more control over their imperial obligations even though they did not want to leave the British Empire. The Balfour Declaration of 1926 gave them equality with Britain under the monarch. This became British law when Britain’s Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster in 1931. Canada and the other “Dominions” remained under the same British monarch and legal system. Their passports continued to be issued by the British monarch. Canadian citizenship was not established as a legal status until 1947. Britain’s parliament kept the power to change Canada’s constitution and Canadians remained British subjects. In 1982 Britain’s parliament renamed the British North America Act, 1867 as the Constitution Act, 1867. Britain gave Canada permission to amend its constitution by passing the Canada Act, 1982 and appending Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982. It took effect on January 1st, 1983. Britain formally terminated “British Subject status” without the informed consent of the Canadian people. According to the Preamble to Canada’s Constitution Act, 1867, CANADA IS STILL LEGALLY PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. The Rotinoshonni:onwe Confederacy never gave possession of any territory to any European people. The Kaianerehkowa does not allow this because the land is held in trust for the coming generations. The Rotinoshonni:onwe cannot speak for the other nations of Onowaregeh. There is no evidence that any of them ever gave their free and informed consent to come under British dominion or to become British subjects. According to s.91(24) of the British North America Act, 1867, the British monarch gave Canada’s parliament authority to make laws regarding “Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians”. No state can give something it does not possess. Britain only possessed authority to make alliances and agreements with the people it called “Indians”. Britain did not own any land on Onowaregeh. So s.91(24) only grants Canada authority to negotiate with “Indians” concerning international relations and land use. The Rotinoshonni:onwe never ceded any land or authority to Canada. The Charter of the Hudson’s Bay Company was issued by the British monarch. It granted protection for a British trading monopoly. It could not grant land on Onowaregeh because the British monarch did not own any. When the Hudson’s Bay Company assets were transferred to Canada, Canada only gained a trading monopoly. It did not legally acquire any land on Onowaregeh because the Hudson Bay Company did not legally own any. There is no evidence that Canada has any land. Canada does not meet the requirements of the Montevideo Convention. CANADA IS NOT A “STATE” ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. TOP 3 REASONS WHY CANADA IS NOT A STATE: 1. Canada does not have a permanent population. The people it claims as citizens are transients who come and go. They are not a “nation”. “Nationality” is not defined in international law. European dictionaries define “nationality” as having a common birth and parentage. Canadians come from all over the world. They have no common origin or heritage to distinguish them from other human beings in general. Most have in common the experience of settling on our territory without legal permission from us. Canada’s exploitive and environmentally destructive habits prove that few have any commitment to future generations. 2. Canada does not have a “government” of its own. Its constitution acts of 1867 and 1982 are acts of the British Parliament. Its other constitutional documents are proclamations of the British monarch. 3. Canada does not have a territory. None of our land that it claims was legally ceded to Britain. We never agreed to become part of the British Empire or the Canadian state. So quit your bitchin’ Canada! Face the facts of life. Every square inch of land you’re standing on is ours. We are holding it in trust for our future generations. You have no authority over us or our land. You can only boss around your subjects. No us! Stop attacking us! Just about everything you’re doing is illegal! We ask you “How did you get authority over us and our land?” If you are honest, you will have to answer, “Legally, we don’t. We have some bad habits. We have to stop threatening, assaulting, abusing, jailing and killing you. We have to stop lying to you and about you. We have to learn how to follow the laws and live like civilized people.” Ieri’wa:onni and MNN Staff Please Note. It’s becoming critical for legal actions to be taken to protect our rights. We have no funds. If you can donate anything to our cause, it will be greatly appreciated. Donate to PayPal,, or “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen.
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Call to help 519-717-7043; 519-717-7099
MNN. Sept. 1, 2008. THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP. 3 people are in jail. 5 more are
surrounded by cops. They need support and supplies. Take #403 to Brantford, exit
at Oak Park Road, turn left at the T Junction; take the first right onto Fen Ridge; the
site is across from the Proctor & Gamble distribution facility.
The OPP have created chaos at Six Nations – Again! Suddenly yesterday, on
Sunday August 31, 2008, reports starting coming to MNN about harassments and
arrests. Highway 6 was blocked. People are being stopped from going to their
homes in the Six Nation communities by the Caledonians and the OPP. Everyone’s
worried because school starts tomorrow. What’s happening?
In Haida Nation and Taku River Tlingit, the Supreme Court of Canada reminded
Canadian governments they have a duty to consult and accommodate all indigenous
people who are defending legitimate property rights. This applies to the OPP
[Ontario Provincial Police]. This law is being systematically broken.
Brantford continues to give out illegal permits to foreign corporations. Mega projects
continue to be started on unsurrendered Indigenous land. These corporations
fraudulently use our land as collateral to raise money at stock exchanges around the
world from an unsuspecting public. No charges have been laid against Brantford
officials or foreign corporations for breaking the law. Instead the cops are being
siked on anyone who attempts to defend our legal rights.
Yesterday, a man was grabbed by the cops from his van and held incommunicado for
hours. His 14 and 16 year old sons were arrested. The cops ransacked another van
looking for something to charge the driver with. Eventually they charged him for
driving without a license. Two more youths were arrested. None of the parents were
allowed to speak to their children.
Today, at 7:00 am. Labor Day, the OPP raided the demonstration at the illegal
construction site of the Irish company, Kingspan. This had been shut down by Six
Nations defenders. Two more youths were arrested, according to sporadic reports.
Why has this situation degenerated so three groups are blocking Highway 6: the
OPP, the Caledonians and the Six Nations? Is this is Canada’s idea of consultation
and accommodation?
Every inch of land in Canada is unsurrendered native land. Canada doesn’t want to face this. Our property rights are extremely well documented. That’s a problem for them. The rights Canada and Ontario have been violating at Six Nations were documented before either the Canadian state or the province of Ontario were founded. Canada is a product of fraud. Is that why they don’t want to sit down and work out a reasonable plan for peaceful co-existence? So far Canada’s response has been violence. Bring out the guns and bats! Canada and the world knows this is wrong. They have no choice but to deal with us, the landowners. We are the legal trustees of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island. Each time they hit us, they remind us of our duties. We struggle even harder to uphold them. The use of force can never produce a legal result. The Supreme Court of Canada and international law agree with our law, the Kaianerehkowa/Great Law. The only legal way to solve problems is through discussions, negotiations and understandings. Canada must start listening to our legal reasoning. The violence against Indigenous peoples has got to stop. We know what’s right and wrong. The more they beat us, the more they make it clear that they are wrong. They must back off, stop arresting us, stop beating us up and stop shoving their kangeroo court documents down our throats. On Tuesday, at 9:00 a.m., some of our people will be brought into the Brantford Court. There is no proof that it has jurisdiction over our people and our land. Many Indigenous people have been asserting our law. They have refused to attorn to the court. They have declared that they stand on the law of the land, the Kaianerehkowa. Or they have demanded proof of the court’s jurisdiction. So far Canada’s colonial courts have all refused to provide proof for their authority. They know they have none. So they find some way of putting things off. They don’t know what to do when indigenous people who have been accused for political reasons demand proof of their jurisdiction or evidence of the valid termination of our law. They know full well that we never gave our informed consent to become Canadians. We are not Canadians. If you can, please come to witness the court proceedings and provide support. We need to tell Kingspan of Ireland, Hampton Hotels of the U.S. all the other shysters trying to trespass on our land to go away. MNN Staff Contact: Sonehahs 519-761-8094 Please Note. It’s becoming critical for legal actions to be taken to protect our rights. We have no funds. If you can donate anything to our cause, it will be greatly , or “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. Go to MNN “Six Nations” category for more stories; New MNN Books Available now! Purchase t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePressStore


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