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Assurant News
Agent Li Rate Reductions of up to
brary — Always Something New
The Agent Library is an online resource for information on Assurant Health products, processes, and technology – al in one place. Agents now have access to several interactive presentations, with voiceover, which you can access anytime.
The Online Agent Library is a great companion tool to 47%
Presentations about these new features have recently been added.
MT up to -36% - CO up to -44% - MI up to -47% - MD up to -28% - WI up to -21%
• Assurant Affordable Health Access (formerly IMployeeSM)
In addition, most of the existing presentations have been updplus
ated to include product enhancements. No topic is more than 10 minutes.
Additional docu One Decreasing Deductible
ments and resources
If you want to learn more about any Agent Library topic, related marketing materials and helpful Web sites are included in the Qualifying clients automatically receive a 10% deductible credit two times a year.
Attachment section. When in the presentation, click on Attachment in the upper-right corner.
Agent Library can help age (Effective for new busin
nts market their business
ess starting July 1, 2008)
Agents can increase their sales by sending a presentation link to prospects that can help potential clients make purchase Plus
decisions. The e-mail process is three easy steps: 1. In the Agent Library, open the product presentation.
2. Click on Send Link in the upper-right corner of the screen.
3. Click E-Cash Bonus Up to $100 Per Case
Agents can then customize the e-mail and add their Sales Link.
24/7 access
Visit the Agent Library anytime by going to and clicking on the Agent Library icon on the message board (right side of the ho Second 3 cases = $200 Cash Bonus Updated Plans Rolling O Every 3 cases thereafter = $300 Cash Bonus
ut to IM Customers
Assurant Health is continuing the process that began in January 2008 of replacing older (in force 12 months or longer) Individual Here is a list of the replacements to date: • Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania plans (January 2008 renewal dates and later).
• Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan plans (April 2008 renewal dates and later).
• Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Wisconsin plans (July 2008 renewal dates and later).
• Il inois, Nebraska, Oklahoma Introducing Patient Care.
, South Carolina, and Tennessee plans (October 2008 renewal dates and later).
Upco A specially trained Adv
ming replacements will be foor cate will help your cl
plans with renewal dates ients work through health care issues, bet-
November 1, 2008 and later in Texas. Mailings to insureds
and agents have just started and wil continue until al the older plans have been moved to newer plans.
ter understand their benefits, and save money by comparing cost and quality data for New health care services. Not only will your cli
Medications Added to Current Antidepressant ents benefit from Patient Care, you will too!
Pharmacy Rule
When fil ing a first-time prescription for Luvox CR, Effexor XR, and Pristiq, network pharmacists wil receive a message to
Available on all health plans with effective dates of July 1, 2008 and later. contact the prescribing physician to discuss the possible use of preferred antidepressant medications: citalopram, fluoxetine, or parox etine. If the physician agrees that one of the medications on the preferred list is an appropriate alternative, the pharmacist wil make the change as directed. If the physician wants the patient to take Luvox CR, Effexor XR, or Pristiq, the pharmacist wil contact Assurant Health Customer Service Third T
and the approime’
priate o s
ve a Charm
rride wil be placed in the Medco system to al ow coverage.
Small Group Sales Campaign - Earn up to $30,000 BONUS
No change for current users
Clients who have regularly used Luvox CR, Effexor XR, and Pri stiq prior to August 1, 2008 are not affected.
For full details on these exciting changes contact PIB or go to
P.O. BOX 22437 BILLINGS, MT 59104 1-800-333-0546 ~ 248-8181 ~ FAX 406-248-8444 ~ [email protected]


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Pigmanorm Cream Patient Information Please read the entire packaging instructions or user information carefully before you start using this medication. This medicine was prescribed for you personally, and must mot be used by a third person. It can be harmful to other people, even if they have the same illness as you. Pigmanorm Cream 15g Ingredients: Hydroquinone, tretinoin, hy

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