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Chunky bacon & sweet potato hash with one poached egg

Poached eggs (2) on chia seed and pumpkin toast*

Chorizo, Avocado, Asparagus

Chia seed and pumpkin toast (3 slices) with honey, jam or butter

Frittata Muffins (check with staff for flavours)

Seasonal fruit salad with vanilla yoghurt and nut granola

Pot-a-love: Coconut mousse, nut granola and berry compote

Banana and pumpkin bread* served with ricotta and honey
Plus a selection of sweets available at the counter * Our grain & gluten free breads are made on premises. Their core ingredients are pumpkin, chia seeds, coconut flour, eggs plus our secret flavours  ** We use only free-range eggs Available all day
Picante chicken with roasted capsicum served with either sweet potato mash or cauliflower ‘rice’
Apricot chicken served with steamed seasonal vegetables Poached chicken breast with café de Paris sauce served with Fennel and apple cider braised pork served with either sautéed cabbage or sweet potato mash
Spanish paprika beef mince served with either sautéed cabbage or
Slow cooked cinnamon lamb with either sweet potato mash or
Asian chicken meatballs served on a warm cabbage slaw Braised beef and bacon in a red wine reduction Braised broccoli with Romesco sauce on a sweet potato mash (vegetarian/ vegan) SALADS & SIDES
Salad: Poached chicken, pumpkin, feta cheese and pine nuts on rocket and spinach with a zesty lemon honey dressing (contains dairy) Salad: Roasted pumpkin, beetroot, walnut on rocket and spinach with French Vegetable cauliflower ‘rice’ (400g, suitable for vegans) $5.80 Pumpkin and coconut stew (500g, suitable for vegans) $11.00 We also have a selection of specials and snacks and sweets

Protein shake

Vanilla or Chocolate protein (whey protein) + your choice of milk +
Pea protein also available
Available milk: Regular, Skim, Lactose free, Almond or Coconut
* Flavour: Fresh frozen fruit – banana or mixed berries, add a coffee shot for

Coconut milk Frappé
Banana, mixed berries, cocoa, coffee or mocha
Green smoothie

(blended not juiced - get all the nutrients!) $6.00
Leafy greens, cucumber, mint, apple, ginger, coconut milk
Protein, avocado, extra fruit - $1 each Coffee shot, chia seeds, almonds, cocoa 50c each. Honey - free

– we use locally roasted beans from The Little Marionette
Regular $3.00
Lactose free or Almond milk 50 cents Decaf
Loose leaf teas

English breakfast, Earl grey, Chai Herbal tea blends from the Byron Bay tea company: Energy - green tea, ginseng, gotu kola & mixed berries Immunity - eucalyptus, echinacea, lemon myrtle, licorice & ginger Calming - chamomile, limeflower, vanilla bean & cinnamon Digest - peppermint, lemon balm & fennel Detox - chicory and dandelion root, licorice, ginger & cinnamon - High protein meals designed to help your achieve your health goals - No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives We opened in December 2012 with a vision of reconnecting people and communities to real food. Understanding the demands of everyday life we provide delicious, uncomplicated, convenient food for busy people. At  RealFood  Connection  we  prepare  and  cook  all  our  food  on  premises  and  use  only  the  freshest   of  ingredients.  Following  a  Paleo/  Primal  approach  our  main  meals  are  healthy  generous   portions  designed  for  one  person.  Each  main  meal  contains  approximately  200g  of  protein*   and  the  rest  is  made  up  of  deliciously  cooked  vegetables.  Our  food  is  slow  cooked  to  retain   flavour  and  we  don’t  freeze  our  meals  (but  you  can!).  Just  heat,  eat  and  enjoy!  
-­‐ We  use  only  grass-­fed  beef  and  lamb  -­‐ All  our  sides  are  suitable  for  vegans  (sautéed  cabbage,  cauliflower  ‘rice’,  sweet  potato   Café: Shop 1, 2 Sterling Circuit (Upper), Camperdown NSW 2050
Opening hours
We  also  deliver  Monday-­  Friday  during  business  hours.  Order  online   Like us on Facebook:


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CRITERI DI ESCLUSIONE TEMPORANEA ALLA DONAZIONE Agopuntura, se non eseguita in ambienti certificati (chiedere certificazione) Allergia a farmaci specialmente penicillina (dopo ultima esposizione) Antifebbre gialla ( batteri o virus vivi attenuati ) Antimorbillo , antiparotite , antirosolia Antispastici ( previa valutazione dello stato di salute ) Antitetanica ( vaccino e immunoglobuline )

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Nankai University CURRICULUM VITAE Guan-Ping Yu Personal Information The State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, P. R. China Mobile Phone: +86-13820101820 Fax: Education Postdoctor Plant Protection, The State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin, P. R. China. PS. Directed by p

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