Cath lab devices

Let Medical Systems help you to
customize your kit requirements!!
We will customize your kits to any specifications you
desire….with components and/or finished medical
devices to save you on inventory hassles and cost….
for General Surgery, O.R., Vein Clinics, Cardiac Cath

Lab, Angiography Department and others….
Equipment Covers
Stopcocks, Manifolds
Nerve Root Block Kit
1 Table Cover 44” x 90”
1 Banded Bag, 30” x 36”
I.V. Sets
Pressure Lines up to 1200 PSI
Waste Disposal System
Arterial Kit
Half Drapes
Vein (EVLT) Kit
1 Angio Drape 75” x 125”
1 Waste Disposal System w/ Dual Check Valve, 2000ml waste 3 Steristrip ½” x 4” 20 Gauze 4 x 4 Bag & 72” Fluid Administration Line Labels - 4 Blue (contrast), 5 Green (Hep N/S), 1 Probe Cover 6”w x 48”L w/5” cup & Gel
Varicocele Kit
Angiographic Kit
1 Syringe 10ml, L.L. (XYLOCAINE) 1 Needle Holder 1 Probe Cover 6” w x 48”L w/5” cup, Gel & 2 Clips Labels - 2 Blue (contrast), 3 Green (Hep N/S), 3 White & 1 Red 1 Manifold 3 Gang with (1) Waste Disposal System w/ high pressure automatic dual check valve, waste bag and Fluid Administration Line with infusion chamber, (2) Fluid Administration Line with vented spike, roller clamp and male luer lock, and (3) Pressure Line with male and female luer lock connectors Labels - 2 White (VERAPAMIL), 2 Red (NITRO), 1 Yellow, 1 Blue & 1 Red We take your business To Heart…
P.O. Box 48104, Mississauga, Ont L5A 4G8 Canada Please contact Stephen Romaniuk, National Sales Manager, Tel: 1-888-344 4491 Fax: 1-866-553 5508 for all your enquiries or questions - toll free at 1-866-636 2667


Microsoft word - acupuntura para síndrome do carpo finalizada.doc

CENTRO COCHRANE DO BRASIL ACUPUNTURA PARA SÍNDROME DO TÚNEL DO CARPO SÃO PAULO TÌTULO: ACUPUNTURA PARA SÍNDROME DO TÚNEL DO CARPO PERGUNTA A acupuntura é mais efetiva do que o placebo no tratamento da síndrome do túnel do carpo. Introdução: Os sinais e sintomas da compressão do nervo mediano no punho foram inicialmente denominados de neurite do mediano, neuropat


GUIDELINES Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia Use of Sedation in Dental Practice Adopted January 2010 Introduction The following guidelines are the minimum standards for the utilization of sedation in dentistry. For the purposes of this document, these Guidelines are divided into the following sections: Contents General Guidelines for all Modalities of Sedatio

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