Developing Exciting, Relevant
Assignments and Sharing Good Practice
in Art, Craft and Design at Key Stage 3

This course addresses the lack of support given to developing KS3 Art, Craft and Design. It will help you • Helps teachers understand the recent changes make sense of the levels and show how they can be used • Suggests ways that can help teachers make use to improve continuity and progression at KS4. of the national Curriculum levels of attainmentfor Art,Craft and Design at KS3 It offers the opportunity to develop relevant assignments • Offers guidance and support to develop exciting, based on the Programme of Study. It will also givedelegates a chance to network, share good practice and • Provides the opportunities for teachers to moderate and standardise a range of KS3 work Who should attend?Art, Craft and Design Teachers.
Please note - Teachers are asked to bring alongsoma examples of students’ work from KS3. It isparticularly useful to have a set of work (including asketchbook) from at least one year 9 student.
• Introduction and discussion about the recent • Plan how the new POS & PLTS can be incorporated into relevant excitingassignments.
Chris Gozzard taught for more than 20 years, AQA, and was Principal Moderator for OCR. He has and was latterly Director of Learning for Art & also worked closely with QCA developing new Design and Design and Technology. He is now qualifications. Whilst teaching he & his students worked a freelance trainer and consultant working for with the BBC to produce the Bitesize Applied Art& a variety of organisations and spends much of his time Design programme, and with the Crafts Council and working in Schools and Colleges for the Learning Skills RIBA promoting the successful collaborative work of Network, providing 14-19 development and support. He is employers and students. Chris developed and also a Regional Subject Advisor for KS3 Art & Design managed a highly successful in house teacher-training helping implement the new curriculum for CfBT. He is also programme as part of a TDA pilot, and is a teacher involved in school improvement specialising in all aspects Advocate for the TDA. He has recently been a of learning in DT & Creative Arts.
consultant on the Diploma in Creative and Media and Chris was Chair of Examiners for Applied Art & Design at COURSE CODE
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