History Library Guide
The Library has a wide variety of information about history, included in books, journals and DVDs, as well as online resources. This guide introduces all these sources and gives some tips to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently. If you need any help please ask a member of Library staff. Books

Books are a good source for straightforward, detailed and reliable information.
History books are located in the Blue Zone and can be found at class number
908 onwards. You may also find useful items in other sections of the Library, e.g.
economics (330 onwards in the Green Zone) and medicine and health care (610).
Your tutor may recommend particular books to you, for example:
Edexcel GCE History~ Henry VIII: authority, nation and religion

Armstrong, A. (2008) Class number: 942.04

Edexcel AS History Unit 1~republicanism, civil war and Francoism
in Spain, 1931-75

Bunce, R (2011) Class number: 946

If you are looking for a particular book use the Library catalogue. You can search
by author and title and it will show you where to find it on the shelves – look for
the class number, e.g. 942.05. It will also tell you how many copies of the book
we have & if the book is out on loan.
Think carefully about the terms you use to search. For example, if you are
searching for information on perestroika, you’ll need to look in a book on the
Cold War. Then search for perestroika in the contents pages and index.
Some useful subject areas and their locations
Class Number
Blue Zone

Reference books

The Library has a number of reference books, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias
and handbooks, which are useful for checking facts quickly. For example:
Who’s who in the 20th Century (Class number: 907)
Collins history of the world in the 20th Century

(Class number: 909-GRE)
The illustrated encyclopedia of British history (Class number 942-HUT)
Journals and magazines

Journals and magazines are good for up to date information, such as the latest news and research. The following journals are available: Location

InfoTrac titles can be accessed online via the e-resources page of the Library
website. To access from home you will need an Athens password – please contact
a member of Library staff to get one.
If you are using the online version of this guide you can link straight to the online journal by clicking on the blue title. Newspapers
We take several national newspapers as well as the Surrey Advertiser and Surrey
Herald. Current copies of these newspapers are on the display near the centre of
the Library. Back copies can be fetched for you - please ask at the Library
Services Desk.
A number of national and international newspapers are also available online via
the newspaper database of InfoTrac (see e-resources below).
These are shelved together with books on the same subject and are listed on the
computerised catalogue. Most DVDs are available for students to borrow for a
period of 1 week; others can be viewed in the Group Viewing Room.

To help you find good quality information on the web we have put together a list
of useful sites. These are available on the (under Web links - look for the History page) Here
are a few examples:
A gateway for websites including Henry VIII, Mussolini
( An easily-searchable database of articles, images and video clips. Also forthcoming T.V. listings for the History Channel.
When you are searching the Internet remember to evaluate the information you
find. Anyone could write anything and post it on the Web, so check your source!

The Library website (includes a collection of resources (under e-library) which
the Library has paid a subscription to receive online. They include:
The British Library sound archive includes 12,000
recordings of music, spoken word and human and natural environments
Includes titles such as ’World press encyclopedia’ – a newspaper and journal database including most of the national newspapers (looks at issues such as the media, censorship and privacy) Film, sound and pictures covering the social history of the 20th and 21st Centuries. To use these resources from home you will need an Athens password – please contact a member of Library staff to get one. Support

Library staff are always on hand to help you find the information you need.
Can’t find a recommended text? New to InfoTrac? Confused about referencing? Or
just not sure how to start looking for the information you need? An enquiries
service is available throughout opening hours. Just ask. We can usually provide
help straight away.
In addition, your Link Librarian can arrange a 1-2-1 or group tutorial to help you
use specific resources and improve your research skills. Your Link Librarian is
([email protected]) who works with curriculum tutors
to ensure the Library service supports you.
Study areas and computers

The Library has a range of study zones, including group and silent study areas, a
group viewing room and a tutorial room. Individual and group PCs are available
with Internet access, Office and other software. PCs can be booked through the
Library IT Help Desk.
Got a group assignment to finish? You can book our viewing room – it has a PC and
big screen and seats up to 8 people.
Your say

We like to know what you think of the Library. If you’ve got any good ideas for
making it even better – maybe a suggestion for a new resource – let us know. Fill
out a comments slip, or just come and tell us!
Term-time opening hours
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Brooklands College Library, July 2012


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