KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS (Complete)
Complete Medium for Human Amniotic Fluid and Chorionic Villi Samples
KBI-90013 (100 ml)
KBI-92013 (500 ml)
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Product Description
The in vitro cultivation of amniotic fluid cells and Procedure
chorionic villi is an essential part of every KREAvital Prenatal Medium may be used for: diagnostic cytogenetics laboratory, since the preparation of metaphase chromosome spreads is -Primary culture of amniotic fluid cells dependent upon obtaining cells in division. -Culture of passaged amniotic fluid cells KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS is specifically optimized for the primary culture of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi samples used in prenatal diagnostic testing. The medium is a specialized version of KREAvital Prenatal Medium (Complete),as it has enhanced buffering The following protocol and the volumes
capacity both in open (CO2) and closed systems; indicated are only general guidelines for use.
it has increased metaphase yeld of a highly pure amniotic cell population, yielding less epithelial In Situ Culture of Amniotic Fluid Cells
cells; it has extended stability at 2 - 8ºC The Centrifuge 20ml of amniotic fluid at 750 rpm medium is supplied frozen and contains serum, Carefully decant the amniotic fluid from the Precaution and Disclaimer
For in vitro diagnostic use. The medium is Add 2ml of KREAvital Prenatal Medium and Do not use if a visible precipitate is observed Culture 0.5ml of the cell suspension on each Use of KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS does not guarantee the successful outcome Do not use KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS beyond the expiration date indicated After 5 days, check the cultures for the Storage and Stability
After the colonies first appear (5-7 days), KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS should be kept replace the medium with fresh KREAvital frozen at -20°C. After thawing, the medium should be stored at 2 - 8°C. The medium should 10. When the cultures have colonies of sufficient be used within 14 days after thawing. Protect the Instructions for Use
Thaw KREAvital Prenatal Medium PLUS Medium at refrigerator temperatures (2 - 8°C). Mix gently Quality Control
Flask Method Culture of Amniotic Fluid Cells –
KREAvital Prenatal Medium is tested for sterility, Open and Closed Systems
pH, osmolality and endotoxin concentrations. In Use the same procedure as for the in situ culture, addition, each batch is tested for cell growth using amniotic fluid. Add 16ml of KREAvital Culture 5ml per each T25 flask. Place the undisturbed at 37°C in 5% CO2 atmosphere. flask with 5% CO2 – 95% air through 0.2µ sterile filter for 20 seconds. Tighten the caps Check all flasks for growth after 5 days. KREATECH
version 1.0 Published November 2008

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