6mhz, 750ma mini, adj, stp-dwn dc-dc cnvrtr w/auto bypass for rf pwr amps (rev. b)

LM3242 PRODUCT BRIEF 6MHz, 750mA Miniature, Adjustable, Step-Down DC-DC
Converter with Auto Bypass for RF Power Amplifiers
6MHz, 750mA Miniature, Adjustable, Step-Down DC-DC
Converter with Auto Bypass for RF Power Amplifiers
General Description

The LM3242 is a DC-DC converter optimized for powering RF power amplifiers (PAs) from a single Lithium-Ion cell; howev- ■ Operates from a Single Li-Ion Cell (2.7V to 5.5V) er, it may be used in many other applications. It steps down ■ Adjustable Output Voltage (0.4V to 3.6V) an input voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V to an adjustable outputvoltage from 0.4V to 3.6V. Output voltage is set using a VCON ■ 750 mA Maximum Load Capability (up to 1A in Bypass) analog input for controlling power levels and efficiency of the ■ High Efficiency (95% typ. at 3.9V , 3.3V The LM3242 offers five modes of operation. In PWM mode the device operates at a fixed frequency of 6MHz (typ.) at medium-to-heavy load range and minimizes RF interference.
At light load, the device enters into ECO mode automaticallyand operates with reduced switching frequency. In ECO mode, the quiescent current is reduced and extends the bat- ■ Small Chip Inductor in 0805 (2012) case size tery life. Shutdown mode turns the device off and reducesbattery consumption to 0.1 µA (typ.). In low-battery condition, Applications
Bypass mode reduces the voltage dropout to less than 50 mV(typ.). The part also features a Sleep mode.
■ Battery-Powered 3G/4G RF Power Amplifiers The LM3242 is available in a 9-bump lead-free micro SMD package. A high switching frequency (6MHz) allows use of only three tiny surface-mount components: one inductor and Notice: This document is not a datasheet. For more in-
formation regarding this product or to order samples
please contact your local National Semiconductor/Texas
Instruments sales office or visit http://focus.ti.com/gen-

Typical Application
Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted
9-Bump Thin Micro SMD, Large Bump (0.4 mm pitch)
NS Package Number TMD09
X1 = 1.35 mm ±0.030 mm
X2 = 1.488 mm ±0.030 mm
X3 = 0.6 mm ±0.075 mm
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