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How a Free Spine & Health Check changed My
Please Read This If You Want To Find Out What Is
Causing Your Headaches. Solve Irregular Menstrual
Cycles And Get Rid Of Period Pain!
Kelly Moore, Age 23, Canterbury
Psychology Student

My story really starts at university. I never had many accidents when I was younger, but I did begin to have
constant headaches during the 3rd year of my 4 year long degree (Psychology & Law). The doctor said that it
could either be due to stress, or the halogen lighting in the library where I seemed to spend every waking
minute! So, why didn’t everyone else who sat in the library under the halogen lights get headaches? And if
stress CAUSED my headaches, why didn’t everyone who got stressed, get headaches? So many questions and
few, if any, good answers!
The GP prescribed ibuprofen and sent me on my way.
Luckily for me, I have a very intelligent and insightful mum who taught us that good health could never be
manufactured: she never had my sister or I vaccinated and always told us our bodies have an ability to heal
themselves. As such, I never took the tablets prescribed. However, my headaches continued. By my final
year, the headaches were daily, severe and were becoming almost too much to bear.
Not knowing what
else I could do, I began taking the tablets given to me, along with my two cans of Redbull a day to keep me
During my final year exams, I went for a spine and health check at the Ideal Spine Centre. To prepare myself,
I had logged onto their website and began reading with interest. I was shocked to find out it was nothing like I
had imagined it would be: they helped people with their health for life, not just bad backs! I was nervous but
meeting Dr. Christian was such a revelation and he put me at ease straight away. I had never met someone so
passionate, committed and certain of what they were doing. I found the whole centre fascinating and the
principles that it held and stood for made so much sense.

I had my new patient appointment and was shocked to find out that I had 6 areas of my spine that needed
correcting (Vertebral Subluxation) and a reverse curve in my neck. What shocked me even more was the
fact that I was only 22 at the time, had never had a single accident and yet I had significant spinal
problems - SUBLUXATION.
I had my very first adjustment that day. It was only when I had been at home
for a few hours that evening and was watching my favourite television show, that I normally miss due to my
headaches, that I realised I didn’t have one! I was amazed!!
That was nearly a year ago and the improvements haven’t stopped. Even things that I didn’t think were a
problem have changed: I used to have really irregular and painful periods. During my final year of
university, I did not have one single cycle for 11 months! However, a few months after having
adjustments, my menstrual cycle became a lot more regular, and now it’s every 28 days on the dot
(I am
still trying to decide if this is good or bad!) Also, I never thought I was short of energy, but that has also

I feel life getting my spine checked that day has changed my life. Thankyou.



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