 More than 100-million people worldwide have joined the cyber-socializing revolution. Social networking Web sites have sparked intense debate about safety concerns and the decline of personal social interaction. But more and more young people are sitting alone in front of their computer screens -- to socialize.  Airline pilots and mechanics, and electrical linesmen and engineers are among the skilled workers leaving the Philippines for higher paying jobs overseas in a brain drain that raises questions about the nation's future. While the estimated eight million Filipinos working abroad make a huge contribution to the economy from the money they send home, services in the Philippines are starting to suffer. Thousands of flood-damaged books are saved, modern technology. Writers need to a mass of information by means of some orderly system. Income typically rises gradually from young adulthood through the middle years, but usually after Courage is the which moves men to perform noble deeds in times of peril. They want to two floors from a very popular department store to hold the mid-summer fair there. Salmon use special magnetic navigation to which way to travel. Advertisements can be negative. For example, a TV commercial showing naked women behind a man can be to many women and, therefore, have an adverse effect. To prevent students from parking in the parking area assigned for faculty members, the school administration Building a digital city is a grand experiment in which wireless communications make it easier to find friends, local events, and build a warm community. On-line games industry is pretty . Because it has extended its target players from young men to women, its The jury has been on a verdict in what has proven to be one of the toughest cases so far this century. Firefighters were prepared to rush out at a moment’s . His parents’ high expectation puts him under pressure to win the first prize. This company has a rigid and every worker has strictly defined duties. The crowd were eager to questions at the speaker. They were to accept the offer without knowing all the details. To avoid neck and shoulder trouble, the ideal height of the computer monitor is about 20 degrees below eye level, or 8 inches below eye level at a 20-inch distance. Long exposure to the sun may result skin cancer. Immigrants bring different perspectives to the country, local people about other countries and cultures. Kevin asked his wife if she had any bandages, he had just sliced his finger with a knife. The board of directors promised its employees a raise of salary 3% yearly. John used to be very rude, but he’s his ways. The fact that the young lady was so welcome was due, in part, her vivacious personality. Constructivism emerged as a prevailing paradigm only in the last part of . Grandpa is getting so forgetful! He couldn’t remember he set his alarm for. I like trees because they seem more resigned the way they have to live than other things do. in wild, colorful costumes, a crowd of the singer’s fans awaited her arrival in eager silence. It’s important to keep your plans small and manageable, and work well within your budget, undertake a With politics and religion, there is often more heat than light in discussion.  Just like discussions in politics and religion, heat consumes more electricity than light.  Our household is like everything else, we get more heat than light after negotiation.  Both in politics and in religion people discuss how to save more light for heat.  We often find more zeal than insight in political and religious discussions. If your personal truth is riddled with doubts and anxieties, so too will be your internal dialogue.  Your personal truth is a riddle that can be solved by your internal dialogue.  Your internal dialogue is often the reflection of the riddle you have in mind.  With doubts and anxieties, you can never turn your truth into an internal dialogue.  Both your personal truth and internal dialogue are governed by doubts and anxieties. Production output was at a standstill until the new foreman acted as a catalyst to increase productivity.  Product increased in its amount because of the appearance of a new kind.  There was a deduction of production export because a layman held the position.  The production did not increase until a new worker leader pushed forward.  The new foreman, as a former actor, was capable of promoting the production output. Google has been a runaway success at home, but its mightiest battle may be unfolding on faraway shores.  After being successful, Google takes the profit it makes at home and starts doing business overseas.  Google may be a powerful search engine to be used at home, but it is not equally effective when one uses it  Despite the success Google has achieved, it has a strong challenge to meet overseas.  Because Google takes away the profit it makes at home, many countries do not welcome it. Researchers probe the molecular intricacies of memory, hoping to create the brain’s own type of Viagra—the kind of chemical that reinvigorates an organ that is past its prime.  Researchers try to find some way to help the brain reactivate the fading function of memory.  Researchers try to retrieve substance from the complicated molecules of memory to create Viagra.  Researchers try to figure out how Viagra can help probe the molecular intricacies of memory.  As Viagra can reinvigorate a declining organ, so can the brain reactivate the function of memory. Not everyone agrees with workplace drug testing for employees in public transportation companies, electric utilities, nuclear power plants, and other industries involving public safety. Critics assert that such tests invade privacy and therefore violate one of our cherished freedoms. While the examination of one’s urine does entail inspection of something private, such a test is a reasonable exception because it helps ensure public safety and calm public fears. Individuals have a right to be protected from the harm that could be caused by an employee who abuses drugs. An airline pilot’s right to privacy should not supersede the security of hundreds of people who could be injured or killed in a drug-induced accident. Thus the individual’s privacy should be tempered by concern for the community—a concern The word “tempered” in the passage means _____. What is the author’s main purpose in the passage? A driving instructor who had been 36 an accident said his injuries left him unable to drive and therefore unable to work, so he 37 accident benefits. After a reasonable amount of time has passed, the driving instructor said that he still wasn’t 38 medical treatment, so the claims adjuster decided to place him under 39 . The investigator discovered that the driving instructor was back on the road and had driven 2,000 kilometers in just three weeks. One of his favorite 40 was the local amusement park, where he was seen slamming around in bumper cars.

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In the name of allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

Imams & Mosques Council (UK), The Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK, Utrujj Foundation, Muslim Council of Britain, The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, The City Circle, Muslim Women’s Network-UK, Fatima Network, Muslim Community Helpline (Ex-MWH) Introduction: a Guide to a Happy Marriage In the Shari‘ah, marriage ( nikah ) is a relationship of mutual love,


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