soft drinks
white wines
beers on tap
> mineral water medium or without gas
bottle 0,75 lt. 3,80
> Müller-Thurgau Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,30
> Farny Premium-Pils Oskar Farny, lager bitter
> mineral water medium or without gas
bottle 0,33 lt. 2,40
> tasting fresh, lively and like muscatel > LandZüngle beers speciality, naturally cloudy
0,5 lt. 2,90
> table water with gas
> Kerner Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, semi-dry
0,25 lt. 4,30
> Härle’s Feine Weiße yeast weiss beer
0,5 lt. 2,90
> drink for the young
0,4 lt. 2,60
> Grauburgunder Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional,dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
> Farny Hofgutsbier draught beer or mixed with lemonade
0,5 lt. 2,90
homemade juice & syrup
> Bianco Weißwein
Gasthaus Pension zum Forst
bottled beer
A place to relax, to feel comfortable and to enjoy life
> pure or mixed with mineral water apple clear, cloudy or red apple,
0,4 lt. 2,80
apple-sour cherry, sour cherry nectar, currant nectar Weißherbst
> Alt-Dürrener-Weiße Farny Hefeweizen yeast weiss beer dark
0,5 lt. 2,90
> pepermint syrup, balm syrup or elder blossom syrup
> weiss beer, pale
0,5 lt. 2,90
on mineral water and ice > very refreshing > Spätburgunder Weißherbst Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
> yeast weiss beer, light
0,5 lt. 2,90
> strong, full-bodied, reminding of red currants > non-alcoholic – yeast weiss beer
0,5 lt. 2,90
> Muskattrollinger rosé Neckarsulmer Scheuerberg QbA, regional, delightful
0,25 lt. 4,50
> Meckatzer Weiss-Gold non-alcoholic beer
> Spitzbub – strong anise aroma with a slightly bitter flavour – anise-hyssop, yarrow,
0,3 lt. 2,80
> white-/red wine mixed
> beer mixed with apple juice
hyssop, mugwort, sunflower, marshmallow blossoms > the right tea before and after meals 0,25 lt. 2,80
> weiss beer with sourcherry nectar
> Yin & Yang – perfectly harmonizing aromas – white melissa, calendula (marigold)
0,3 lt. 2,80
anise-hyssop, yarrow, mint, hibiscus blossoms > a perfect combination our award winning spirits
> Gute Laune – powerful mint aroma > a fine tea for children and adults
0,3 lt. 2,80
Mint, calendula (marigold), St. John’s wort, cornflower > Spätburgunder Rotwein Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,40
apple schnapps variety of
> Freches Früchtle – minty-fruity aroma > balanced with soothing touch
0,3 lt. 2,80
> Hausobstler apple & pear schnapps 40 %
> Merlot Kressbronner Berghalde QbA, regional, dry
0,25 lt. 4,70
> Cox Orange or Golden Delicious 40 %
(gold) 2 cl 2,20
Gasthaus Pension zum Forst
> Feierabendtee
– blossom-like mint aroma Lemon balm, camomile, mint, lavender, 0,3 lt. 2,80
> Boskoop or Elstar or Gala 40 %
> a well-balanced tea with a slightly calming quality > Trollinger mit Lemberger Neckarsulmer Scheuerberg, QbA, semi-dry
0,25 lt. 4,20
> Weirouge in the wooden barrel matured 40 %
> cup of tea (with a tea bag)
0,3 lt. 2,40
> combination of a fruity Trollinger and a strong Lemberger > Weirouge red apple schnapps, 40 %
(gold) 2 cl 2,50
black tea, green tea, peppermint, fruit, camomile, fennel-anise-cumin > Schwäbischer Landwein Württemberg, regional, semi-dry
> Weirouge red apple liqueur, 16,5 %
(silver) 2 cl 2,20
> aromatic, tasting a bit like berries, light and sweet > Schwabentequila schnapps, served with a slice of Swabian sausage and mustard
hot drinks
> Montepulciano D’Ábruzzo Italien, DOC LeAnfore *Zonin*, Italy, dry
0,25 lt. 4,50
pear schnapps variety of
> shining ruby-red, nice bouquet of bitter almonds and wild berries > yellow pear möstl (bronze) or Williams Christ 40 %
> coffee6)
> Williams Christ in the wooden barrel matured 40 %
Opening hours
> wine of the week alternating
> Williams “Gold” Williams pear & fruit extract, 38 %
> espresso6)
from fruit, berry- & herb garden
> doubleespresso6)
> sour cherry schnapps 40 %
> cappuccino6)
> sour cherry liqueur 20 %
(silver) 2 cl 2,50
10.00 to 14.00 h & from 16.00 hMonday closed.
> latte macchiato6)
red cider mild, light, 7,5 % Alk.
> sour cherry liqueur served with whipped cream cold or hot
> milk-coffee6)
0,5 lt. 2,90
> raspberry schnapps 40 %
(bronze) 2 cl 2,90
> hot chocolate with whipped cream
cider apple wine mild dry, 5,5 % Alk.
> raspberry liqueur 20 %
> DesPresso
little dessert (surprise) and a cup of espresso6) 0,5 lt. 2,80
> herb liqueur 35 % with or without ice
(silver) 2 cl 2,50
> myths herbal spirits 42 %
(bronze) 2 cl 2,50
champagne/sparkling wine/aperitif
LandZunge beef
light dishes
> champagne house aperitif
glass 3,90
> onion roastbeef roast beef from pasture beef with grilled onions,
> escalope of turkey herb-breaded, French fries & side salad
> fitness plate stripes of pork fillet on seasonal vegetables and sauce Hollandaise
> “Hugo” champagne with elder syrup, peppermint, lime and ice
glass 4,90
Swabian pasta, gravy and mixed side salad > salad plate with trimmed stripes
> champagne with elder syrup
> rumpsteak rump steak beef garnished with homemade tomato-chili-butter
> turkey breast saltimbocca grilled with fried bacon and sage,
with yoghurt-dressing, trimmed stripes of turkey fillet > champagne or mySecco pure or mixed with sour cherry nectar
glass 2,60
and a big salad plate or alternatively farmer’s potatoes & side salad
served with potato-spinach-medallion and side salad > salad plate “lake of constance” with salmon trout and pike-perch
> My Secco sparkling wine, rosé, 11,5 % vol.
bottle 14,50
> Swabian roastbeef from pasture beef
> 1/2 roasted chicken, with French fries and side salad
> big salad plate
> Layat Jahrgangssekt Kabinett, sparkling wine, dry
bottle 14,50
on homemade Swabian cheese pasta and side salad > 1/2 roasted chicken, with French fries or side salad
> medaillon of vegetables on seasonal vegetables and sauce Hollandaise
Piccolo 4,20
> pepper steak steak from pasture beef in pepper cream
> 1/2 roasted chicken, with bread
> cheese-omelette filled with herbed tomatoes, served with salad
> “Schwabenwrap” stuffed pancakes with mushrooms and vegetables,
> herb-garlic steak steak from pasture beef with house and garden pesto
> soup of the day
> potatoes boiled in their jacket with butter and herb curd
> bouillon with Swabian liver pasta
> steak “Gattnauer Art” steak from pasture beef garnished
> “lake of constance” char fillet “Müllerin”
> “vege tarian piccata” white bread in cheese-herb-egg cover, with side salad
> bouillion with stripes of herb-pancakes
with mustard & fried smoked bacon, farmer’s potatoes and side salad > “Forst”-Plate mixed grill from turkey, beef, pork and grilled sausages1),
> pike perch fillet “grandmother” garnished with bacon, onions and fresh sage,
served with boiled potatoes and mixed salad > salmon trout fillet steamed or grilled
> Henne Hilda plate 1 fried egg with fried potatoes and vegetables
> small plate of mixed salads
> Aktion LandZunge boiled beef served rustic
in herb cream sauce, served with rice and side salad > Winnie Pooh plate 1 piece of pork fillet with homemade Swabian pasta,
> goat cheese with garlic and pumpkin seed oil, leaf salad
promontory in beef broth, served with boiled potatoes and horseradish > mixed fish fillets of char, pike perch and salmon trout
> variety of cheese, coat with bread crumbs on a salad of wild growing herbs
with herb butter on almond-broccoli and boiled potatoes > Pumuckl plate porc cutlet coated with breadcrumbs, French fries, salad trimming
> crostini with house and gardenpesto
LandZunge pork
> herring fillets1) cold, with fried potatoes, onions & yoghurt-herb-dressing
> Käpt’n Blaubär plate fish sticks breaded with French fries and salad trimming
> bread with lard
> French fries with ketchup
> radish in slices with buttered bread
> escalope from pork saddle with French fries & salad
cold/warm snacks
> homemade Swabian pasta with gravy
specials of “Swabian”
> woodcutter-steak tastily marinated pork steak
> “Vesperbrettle”1) various kinds of Swabian sausages, smoked ham,
with fried egg on fried potatoes & green beans 2 different kinds of cheese, trimmings like potato salad, lard and bread with it > Swabian pasta squares filled with minced meat and spinach
> “Jäger”-escalope from pork grilled, fresh mushrooms,
> 3 salads1) salad of sliced sausages, salad of mature cheese , mixed salad,
> little ice-cream 2 scoops of ice-cream
served with grilled onions on them & side salad homemade “Swabian” pasta or French fries & side salad
(all in an oil-and-vinegar-dressing), bread with it > mini ice-cream 1 scoop of ice-cream
> Swabian pasta squares filled with minced meat and spinach
> “Zigeuner”-escalope from pork grilled natural, pepper & onions,
> salad of sliced sausages1) trimmed with onion rings, bread with it
> mixed ice-cream 3 scoops of ice-cream
served with fried stripes of ham1) and fresh mushrooms, side salad French fries or rice & side salad
> swiss salad of sliced sausages1) and Swiss cheese, onion rings and bread
> homemade Swabian cheese pasta
> Cordon Bleu “Swabian Art” filled with raw ham and brick cheese,
> beef salad with radish, cucumber, onions and pumpkin seed oil garnished, bread
> apple fritters with homemade fruit-sauce and ice-cream
served with grilled onions and side salad > mature cheese with onions in an oil-and-vinegar-dressing, bread
> sweet pancake with homemade fruit-sauce and ice-cream
> homemade Swabian pasta speciality
> Frankfurters1) with bread
> coupe Danmark vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sauce cold
mixed with cheese and herb onions, side salad pork fillet
> cheese plate various kinds of cheese, trimmings and bread
> savoury Swabian pasta speciality
> boiled potatoes
> banana split sundae 2 scoops of vanilla and 1 scoop of chocolate ice-cream,
mixed with cheese, together with leek & ham1), fried onion rings & side salad > ragout from pork with cream, “Swabian” pasta & side salad
> fried potatoes
banana, whipped cream and chocolate sauce > fried meat loaf 1) with onion gravy and side salad
> bread with lard
> nut enjoyable 2 scoops of ice-creme with nuts, brittle and egg-nog trimmed
> pork fillets with cream sauce, potato croquettes and mixed vegetables
> radish in slices with buttered bread
> cold coffee with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
1) Can contain preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners, flavour enhancers, sodium nitrite, cooking salt (iodine), colourants, > “Schwabenpfännle” pork fillets on homemade Swabian cheese pasta and side salad
> hot raspberries Sundae with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream,
celery, mustard, nuts 2) cooking salt (iodine) 6) with caffeine hot raspberries and trimmed with whipped cream > Blackforest sundae 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, sour cherries, sour cherry schnapps


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Chronic Daily Cannabis Smoking: Neuroadaptation, Residual Cannabinoid Excretion & Psychomotor Impairment Professor Dr. Dr. (h.c.) Marilyn A. Huestis Chief, Chemistry and Drug Metabolism Section, Intramural Research Program National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Baltimore USA, and Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, University of Maryland P

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_________________ It is with solemn respect that I address this court in Japan. I am fully aware of the longstanding ban on the use of cannabis in Japan since American General Douglas MacArthur and his colleagues rewrote the Japanese constitution in 1948. It was then that the many thousands of years of history of the Japanese use of cannabis came to a close – Taima Torishimaru Ho, the Canna

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