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Held at Ellough Park Raceway, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7XD
During 2011 Beccles & District Kart Club Ltd (BDKC, the club) will organize National Clubman Permit meetings on the March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. The meetings will be held under the general regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the international sporting code of the FIA), the ABkC, the supplementary regulations and selected MSA classes. Karts entered for racing must comply with MSA and ABkC kart race yearbook 2011 rules and these supplementary regulations. MSA permit number TBA. All meetings will be held at R L Circuits Ltd, Ellough Park Raceway, Benacre Road, Ellough, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7XD. Races will be organized for all ABkC 2-stroke Kart classes. Compatible 4 stroke classes may run together with 2 stroke classes (Section U in 2010 yearbook). Both the W60, S60 Comer & WTP Cadets will run together as one Libra Cadet Class. The track measures 740 meters in length (6 corners) for gearbox races and 1060 meters in length (10 corners) for all other classes. The track surface is asphalt. The events will be open to (a) an appropriate current MSA competition license (b) racing membership of an ABkC club. The event list will be open on the day after the proceeding meeting and close 7 days prior to the meeting. The appropriate entry fee of £43.00 for members and £51.00 for non-members per meeting must be sent with the race entry form. Should a meeting be cancelled after signing on but before practice has started, the entry fees for the meeting will be carried forward to the next meeting at the discretion of the club. However, an administration fee of £20.00 will be deducted per entry. Any entry cancelled after the closing date will not be eligible for a refund or entry carried over. The club may decide to carry an entry forward in special circumstances and also reserve the right to charge £20.00 pounds administration charge for cancelled entries. 10. All entries must be sent to the Club Secretary, Sian Curtis, C/o. Ellough Park Raceway, Benacre Road, Ellough, Beccles, and Suffolk, NR34 7XD. A Stamped SAE (or e-mail address) is to accompany the entry if an acknowledgement is required. A valid e-mail address is also required with your entry. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organizers but will be subjected to a £20.00 pound administration charge. ALL CHEQUES PAYABLE TO R L CIRCUITS LTD. 11. The maximum number of entrants will be 300 including reserves. The Minimum entry will be 15. If the entry in the class is below 6 then the race for that class may be cancelled or amalgamated with another class at the discretion of the organizers. The maximum number of starters will be Gearbox formulas 20, all other classes 32. 12. The intention of the organizers will be to carry on the meeting subject to the following timetable - signing on and scrutineering from 8.00 to 09.15, drivers briefing 09.30 and thereafter practice and races. No competitor will be allowed to join the scrutineering queue after 09.20. These times are necessarily approximate and subject to the discretion and variation of the organizers. Any driver who has not signed on before the closure of signing on may be denied entry and his place made available to a reserve entrant at the discretion of the organizers. Drivers briefing will be held before practice and all drivers, and where the driver is under 18 years old, the parent or guardian must attend. 13. Competing karts must be clearly identified by numbers as per section N14.16 of the current MSA yearbook and provided by the entrant. 14. Practice will be for 3 laps or 5minutes. The club will run 3 heats (10 laps) and a final (14 laps). This may be altered at the officials and clubs discretion. Grid positions for the heats will be determined by ballot to be carried out at the complete discretion of the organisers. Grid positions for the final will be determined by the combined heat results. In the event that the finals cannot be completed the results, and championship points, will be determined on the calculated grid position for the final. Should there be a tie for final position. If there is a tie for Championship points the winner will be determined by the highest number of finishes. Non-attendance at a round does not prevent that round being dropped, but if a driver is excluded from a meeting that round cannot be classed as a dropped round. In the situation when officials are only able to run three heats because of poor conditions or lack of time, a tie on points will be resolved by the result from the first heat. 15. Two engines and one chassis may be submitted for scrutineering for use by each driver for each race meeting. Prior to the start of the first race of the meeting a driver may, with the permission of the Clerk of the Course substitute a chassis or engine provided that such engine or chassis has been scrutineered. During the meeting the Clerk of the Course may, subject to scrutineering, permit the substitution of the chassis where the original chassis has been damaged beyond repair during practising or racing. On practice day, once scrutineering has been completed, no further practice is permitted for that day. All karts must be race prepared before being taken for scrutineering. If race numbers are required to be changed by a competitor, written instruction must be given and numbers changed before next race and confirmed by a scrutineer. All karts and engines must conform to the information appearing on scrutineering cards, which must be signed by the driver (unless the driver is under 18, then the scrutineering card must be signed by the parent or guardian responsible for the driver) and by the scrutineer. Drivers must ensure the correct chassis/engine details are entered on the scrutineering card relevant to their class. The TKM sequential plate number must be entered on the scrutineering card for all TKM class drivers. 16. Other than driver and mechanic there is no access to remove kart from parc ferme post race. 17. Drivers must place their karts on the dummy grid one full race before their next event and remain with their kart until their race starts. The dummy grid will be closed after the previous race has left the grid and competitors not in position at this time will at the discretion of the dummy grid marshal be placed on the back of the grid. No driver may join the dummy grid after the last lapboard is shown for the previous race. 18. Driving karts is only allowed on the circuit. Engines may be run for short periods to enable fine-tuning in the parc ferme area, only at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer. Offenders may be excluded from the meeting and refused entry to future meetings. 19. Junior pushers will not be allowed on the circuit, however if there are insufficient incident marshals, designated parent incident marshals may be used at the discretion of the Chief Marshal. All incident marshals will have signed on, attended a briefing and are wearing a high visibility yellow vest supplied by the club. They shall position themselves as instructed with the directions of the race officials and shall use their best endeavors at all times to assist all stationary karts to rejoin the track safely and quickly or assisting them to a safe area if they cannot continue in the race. No incident marshal shall carry timing equipment of any kind and must not carry any signal or communication of any kind to a competitor. 20. In the event that the race is stopped by the use of a red flag, at the discretion of the clerk of the course no competitor involved in the incident, which gives rise to the showing of the red flag, shall race thereafter until he has been cleared by the medical staff and his kart re-scrutinized. 21. All protests must be logged in accordance with the MSA current regulations. 22. Provisional results are published as soon as possible after each heat/final in race control. 23. Awards will be presented down to a minimum 1/5 entry in the class. So please make sure you get your entries in on time so the correct 24. Pit bays are reserved for the use only of the person who has paid for its use. The bay is non transferable. If the person who has paid for the bay does not enter the meeting, the club has the right to rent the bay out to another party. Only the vehicles of pit bay holders and official vehicles may enter the pit area. Any vehicles or equipment which in the opinion of the organizers is parked in contravention of the proper use of the pits, paddock and access there to, shall be moved on request and the entrant responsible for the vehicle or equipment shall be ineligible to race until the organizers directions have been complied with. 25. All entrants are responsible for the members of their supporting team, relatives, friends and animals, for the proper positioning of the vehicles and equipment and for their proper use of all club facilities. Drivers will be excluded from the meeting if any members of their team are found damaging crops, earth bund walls or any part of the track surroundings, breaching these rules or in anyway not conducting themselves to a standard reasonably expected by the club. The club may refuse for life the future entry of any offender. 26. All media personnel wishing to take photos from the circuit will have express permission from the Club. They will have had a briefing from the Chief Marshal, signed on and will wear a high visibility vest at all times when on the circuit. 27. Motorized bikes, push bikes, skateboards etc. may not be used from 08.30 until 18.30 on practice or race days. 28. Karts must not be lifted over the safety fence surrounding the track. 29. Tyres. 1 (one) set of dry weather tyres (4) be will nominated and marked during Scrutineering. These tyres be the only tyres allowed for both practice and race use. Any competitor who wishes to change a tyre due to a puncture or damage must inform a Scrutineer who will mark the new tyre. (Regulation does not apply to wet tyres) 30. All tyres should be at ambient temperature by the time the kart is placed on the dummy grid one race before (See paragraph 17). Any drivers found to be using tyre softening products will receive a life time ban from the club and circuit. 31. The BDKC 2011 Club Championships will be run over eleven rounds, nine rounds count towards the championships. If one round has to be cancelled then the championship will be based on eight rounds out of ten. Double points will be awarded on the final round of the Club Championship. 32. In the situation when officials are only able to run 2 heats because of poor conditions or lack of time, a tie on points will be resolved by awarding higher position to the competitor with the highest finish in the last heat. 33. Championship Awards will be presented at the Annual Presentation Evening in January of each year. Drivers will only receive their 34. Animals are to be secured by a lead in a vehicle or suitable area not allowing them to roam in the pits or racetrack area. It is the 35. Driving standards observer(s), the starter, official timer and chief marshal will be judges of fact and will judge the facts in respect of driving standards and race incidents. A minimum penalty of five places deducted will be mandatory for a driver that is the subject of a
driving standards report.

36. Race numbers. Scrutineers will issue a verbal/written instruction to competitors that need to change their race numbers which must be carried out before competing in their next race or final. Failure to comply will have the effect of the competitor not being lap scored until they have complied with the request. Once a competitor has been given a written instruction they must return to scrutineering to have their change(s) approved. 37. In the event of a red flag or major incident, the BDKC major incident plan will come into operation as per the displayed copy that is posted Competitors and traders attending the meeting are asked to bear in mind the following when setting out their pit space: There is enough distance from awning to awning to limit fire spread. Where pit spaces are laid out with vehicles in tandem a similar arrangement with vehicles and canopies is maintained. For the purpose of these recommendations the caravan shall be treated as a canopy. The intention of these recommendations is the maintenance of a space of approximately 3 meters between canopies where it is considered there is a risk of a fire hazard. It is mandatory that competitors carry a fire extinguisher to the minimum of BSEN 3 standard with a size rating of 55B and recommended for traders for their own safety and the safety of others. 39. Smoking is not allowed in the vicinity of fuel or on the dummy grid/track. 40. Camping overnight is with prior agreement of the Circuit owner/Land owner. Camping in the laser park car park will be charged at £10.00 41. Any persons, members of their supporting team, relatives or friends caught throwing objects from the mud walls or climbing on non designated banks will be disqualified from the meeting, or the driver responsible for that person will be disqualified. 42. No tyres or rubbish are to be left at the circuit or surrounding area. Any person failing to comply with this may result in being excluded 43. The following named will officiate over the meeting subject to any change on the day by the club and agreed with the MSA Steward: - Club Stewards; Trevor Gowing, Steven English, Richard Lock and Sian Curtis. Clerk of the Course; Duncan Taylor or Sue Bury. Secretary of the Meeting; Sian Curtis. Chief Scrutineer; Nigel Freeman Eligibility Scrutineer: Paul Klassen. Chief Timekeeper; Ian Rogers or Sarah Freeman. 44. CCTV footage (When available) will be used by the official’s for evidence in protests. The footage will be used at the official’s discretion.


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