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Dr. Atas called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Minutes were approved with a change under advisory board to indicate that BLD med kit will be brought ON MOTION MADE AND DULY SECONDED THE MINUTES OF THE JANUARY 15, 2013 MEETING,

Continuing Business
Hospitals are not consistently receiving run sheets or they are receiving multiple copies. The policy is that EMS submits run sheet before leaving site.  In a teleconference meeting 2 weeks ago with Safety Pad, it was discussed that hospitals will receive  Notify Anthony Wade, Detroit EMS, at 313-220-4227 or [email protected] if no run sheet is received. There was suggestion to inventory data in Carepoints.  Working on a way to merge EMS run sheets into medical record.  Need a way to link John Doe to a specific visit – at DMC there is a FIN # specific to patient / visit; St.  In response to suggestion to add nebulizer and aspirin to medication bag on BLS units, John Hammer reports that pharmacy committee does not support BLS bags. Responses from pharmacy Increased cost with time it takes for techs to fill and pharmacists to check bags  Current EMS closet has no room for additional bags, additional space needed  There was a recommendation to look at the cost of assembling bags: meds, techs, pharmacists  John Hammer will find out what other medical control authorities charge for medication boxes/bags.  Information will be further discussed in advisory board meeting.  Detroit EMS has not ordered CPAP equipment due to cost of purchasing 19 regulators for D tanks @ $35-50 each. Conversation regarding DEMCA supporting this cost was tabled pending further  Botsford and Oakwood have not ordered CPAP replacement equipment.  The Advisory Committee reviewed State Protocols. There are a couple of additional protocols, which are posted under Pending Protocols at Otherwise, there are few changes. Kim Piesik will create a table showing differences in protocols among different medical control  Protocols will go to State for approval. DETROIT EAST MEDICAL CONTROL AUTHORITY – BOARD MEETING Minutes – March 19, 2013
A meeting will be scheduled in April to continue discussion about this project. Nothing new to report; the regional process is on hold. Vendors from various electronic medical records are already set up with interfaces to the CARES database. Interfaces should be ready to test in next 30 days. Training in process for research assts next Monday. Each agency will need a member on the QA/QI Committee. A new QA/QI process is being developed and will be discussed at the next PSRO meeting. If agencies are not compliant with process, they will not be Lauren Lucier, a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, has volunteered as a pediatric ED nursing representative for the State Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Her contact information has been New monitors will be in place mid-April. Hospitals will no longer be able to receive ECGs unless LifeNet is connected with Carepoint Monitors. Basic, standard, and premium packages are being negotiated for anyone within DEMCA. New Business
February and March implementation fund budgets were reviewed. ON MOTION MADE AND DULY SECONDED THE IMPLEMENTATION FUNDS WERE APPROVED,

Protocol changes that require paramedics but not EMTs to be DEMCA certified were discussed and ON MOTION MADE AND DULY SECONDED THE PROTOCOL WAS APPROVED, CARRIED.
An announcement was received that American Ambulance is no longer in business. Final project closure documents are in packet. Dr. Atas requested nominations for Lifesaver of the Year to be awarded in May. Committee Reports
The PSRO is reviewing the QA QI Process. The Advisory Board will look at cost of pharmacy bags/boxes. DETROIT EAST MEDICAL CONTROL AUTHORITY – BOARD MEETING Minutes – March 19, 2013
See BLS bag above for discussion points. Dr. Sisley reported that is preparing for ACS verification. The Region 2 South Trauma Coordinator position has been posted with the hope that it will be filled by May 1; this is a state position stationed at the Region 2 South office. The City Readiness Initiative (CRI) Exercise will take place on 6/19/2013. The public health department puts up a dispensing pad and at least 2 hospitals from the region participate in a mass dispensing drill. Dr. Atas and Robin Shivley are part of a 10-person invited subject matter expert panel developed by the Centers for Disease Control and to develop standards of crisis care for EMS. New protocols go into effect 8/1/13. Also the single drug box change moving the atomizer from the box to the Apack. Zofran is out of the boxes; Valium stays in. Discussion regarding the Pulmonary Edema / CHF Protocol: State was planning to pull Lasix out of drug boxes but med control wants to keep it; language for addendum to keep Lasix post-radio. Other Business
Many educational opportunities; please distribute to medics:  Monthly EMS Continuing Education, one Thursday/month, 8-11 AM, Beaumont Grosse Pointe  American Trauma Society Second Trauma Course, Aug 24, 2013, 9 AM to 12 Noon, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, Multipurpose Room A.  Geriatric Emergencies for EMS, Nov 16, 2013, 7:00 am -7:00 pm, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital,  Trauma Services Professional Education Calendar, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital – attached.  2nd Annual Michigan Pediatric Trauma Conference, June 6, 2013 8 am – 4 pm, Sterling Inn, Sterling Dr. Dunne describes 2 hospitals who had issues with the medical examiner. Meeting scheduled with examiner on 3/29; please send list of concerns to Markyta. Beaumont Grosse Pointe was surveyed for Level 3 verification; no deficiencies reported. Tuesday, May 21, 2012 – 9:00 A.M. – DRH 3R – Emergency Administration. Dr. Atas adjourned the meeting at 9:50 A.M. _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________


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