CMAC200manualEN.qxd 18.9.2002 13:05 Page 1 making the recording in relatively quiet environment, If experienced, you can optimally set it even for the sensitivity of the input amplifier is too high, it can- several devices. Test the optimal level for the dif- not be set and in case of controlling portable device ferent types of environment and sound (speech, such as camcorder, the unwanted noise, caused by the music of different volume) with connected head- movement of the fingers while controlling the device, phone for the use of CMAC200. After gaining can be recorded. This can be removed, to a certain some experience, you won't even have to use the extent, by using the directional microphone; however, headphones for the less demanding recordings. Just the manual regulation of the level would certainly be a remember the REC LEVEL settings for different cases. For more exacting recordings where the vol- ume of the sounds changes significantly but slowly connect the headphones and you can fluently regu- Connect the cable from the external microphone or late it. Automatic regulation of the recording level another source of signal to the input connector of the is not fully disabled and with advantage it retains CMAC200. It is also possible to use the microphones ability to suppress the signals of the highest levels.
which require to be powered by the cable from the These sounds, usually lasting shortly (e.g. drum device, because the current goes through the strokes, shots etc.), will be decreased by the auto- CMAC200. Connect the CMAC200's output cable into matic regulation to the size, which won't cause over the microphone input on the device. CMAC200 can be exciting of the circuit of the signal path or the used the same way for the audio inputs of the tape medium itself. By REC LEVELLEVEL potentiome- recorders, MiniDisc recorders, VCRs, which have only ter settings we actually set the lower limit when the the automatic regulation of the recording level.
automatic regulation of the recording level for the CMAC200 is powered by 3V lithium battery, which connected AV device starts working. Further is accessible after opening the cover of the box. If the improvement of quality of the recording is achiev- device is used in standard way and is being switched able by using the directional microphone.
off while not in use, its lifetime is about one year. The control LED indicates proximate state of the batteries device by enclosed self-adhesive Velcro strip so it doesn't obstruct the device's controls.
Connect the headphones, to check the level setting, For camcorders, MiniDisc recorders etc. with into the camcorder's or other device's headphone out- only the automatic regulation of the audio protected as a useful model # UV 10748 at put. While the CMAC200 is turned off, the AV device the patent office, Prague filed on 22.1.2001 can be used the regular way with just the automatic Necessary for musical programs recording regulation of the recording level. After turning the CMAC200 on, the automatic regulation is disabled to such level, which is set by the potentiometer REC Disables the automatic regulation of the audio LEVEL on CMAC200. Set this potentiometer to the recording level without interfering with the lowest level (maximum suppression of the automation - the position most on the left - counterclockwise).
THRESHOLD CUT. potentiometer should be set to Enables fluent adjustments of the audio level approx. middle of its path. Should unwanted sound Significantly reduces the noise, undesirable appear in the reproduction, screeching, or intermodula- tion whistles set it more to the right (clockwise), possi- bly try different position. Verify this for the whole path Read these Instructions for Use before using your device! of the REC LEVEL potentiometer. Optimal THRESHOLD, setting, which you will make with the small screwdriv- er, doesn't have to be changed for the specific device.
CMAC200manualEN.qxd 18.9.2002 13:05 Page 2 Principle of operation, advantages and disadvan- enables you to manually, fluently set the recording tages of automatic regulation of AV devices. level from the connected external microphone - more The automatic regulation of the recording level of audio channel is built in the AV devices to provide the significantly suppresses noise and undesirable sounds easiest operation. When the signal level is increased the automatics decreases the amplification of input circuit removes dynamic leaps, created by automatic regulation and the signal level is decreased to intensity, which is of the audio recording level and its reaction to volume suitable for other processing by device's circuits. device is intended for manual regulation of The automatic control of the recording level has also at the automatic regulation maintains only the impor- audio input for Audio/Video devices' micro- an array of disadvantages, which don't compensate the tant feature of the highest sound level reduction easy operation, and that is even at the most perfect the easiest possible connection - just plug in the quality automatic regulation with the most optimal dynamic gold plated stereo connectors JACK 3,5 between the and timing characteristics. The automatic regulation of described device is to disable the automatic external microphone and camcorder or any other the recording level primarily decreases the dynamics of regulation of the audio recording level at AV the recording, which means that it balances the level of devices with microphone input without inter- own power supply with 3V lithium battery, attaching to the acoustic signal and by that the weaker tones are at fering with the device and by the ancillary the audio recording reproduction replayed with almost patented principle, SMT technology, small dimensions same volume as the originally higher-level tones. The adjust the signal level, which is induced to reproduction of such audio recording sounds very the AV device input, according to the specif- unnatural. That is related to another inapt quality, the ic situation needs. Among the AV devices, so called "breathing" or "swinging" of the audio record- ing. By that we mean swing of the level in the time of (goes through to power the el. microphone) automatics reaction and the change of amplification of devices for recording the audio or the audio the input amplifier, which makes the reproduction dis- and video such as tape recorders, MiniDisc turbing. The next unwanted demonstration of the auto- matic regulation of the recording level is that, while (microphone input for dubbing only) and so on. These devices, even the ones at the high- er price levels, are usually equipped only with automatic regulation of the audio input does not always meet the requirements and does not satisfy demanding users, especially


Degradation of organic pollutants by bacteria and its potential application in bioremediation W. W. Zhang*, Z. L. Niu*, K. Yin*, P. Liu*, L. X. Chen* * Key Laboratory of Coastal Zone Environmental Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Coastal Zone Environmental Processes; Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Science

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