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The Yakima Fire Department’s Physical Ability Entrance Test uses physically
demanding Firefighter tasks in a timed event to evaluate an individual’s physical ability.
The tasks simulate real fire ground tasks that require the use of all the body’s energy
systems (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic) and major muscle groups. The test requires high
levels of muscular strength and endurance in both the upper and lower body to move,
carry and lift the equipment involved. Your blood pressure will be taken before you
run this event. Your resting blood pressure must be below 140/90. If your blood
pressure reading is above 140/90, you will be given approximately 15-30 minutes to
reduce the reading. If, after 3 readings, your blood pressure is not below 140/90,
you will not be allowed to participate. It is recommended that you refrain from
drinking beverages containing caffeine on the day you are scheduled to take the
physical ability test, as caffeine can raise your blood pressure.

The test is performed wearing the following equipment:
¾ Firefighter “Turnouts” Short coat and bib-type pants
¾ Firefighter boots
¾ Firefighter gloves
¾ Firefighter helmet (with ear protection)
¾ Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
(Participant shall not be wearing the face piece assembly) The total weight of the above equipment is approximately 50 pounds.
The above will be provided. If a participant currently has their own equipment, they may
bring it to use during the test; HOWEVER, personal equipment will be inspected and
must meet City of Yakima’s criteria.
The tasks involved in the test consist of the following:
#1 – High Rise Stair Climb Evolution
Carry 150’ of 1.5” hose (approximately 65 lbs., with nozzle) up to the 5th floor of drill
tower. At the top of the tower, the hose is deposited in a marked area.
#2 – Hoist Evolution
Using a rope, pull in a hand over hand motion a 50’ section of 2.5” hose (approximately
45 lbs.) to the top of the 5th floor of the tower. When the hose reaches the top, lift it into
the window and deposit it on the floor. Walk down the steps, not skipping steps.
#3 – Forcible Entry Evolution
Drive an I-beam (approximately 160 lbs.) five feet using a special 9-pound sledge
#4 – Hose Advance
After walking 140’, pick up and drag a charged 1.5” hose 75’. At the end, open the
nozzle to discharge water.
#5 – Victim Rescue Evolution
Lift and drag a victim (approximately 170 lbs.) a distance of 100’. Time ends when
participant and victim cross the finish line.
#6 – Acrophobia
Candidate will be required to climb 102’ aerial ladder platform to top of the training
#7 – Claustrophobia
Candidate will be required to wear blanked out (blackened) face piece and enter building
under guidance of evaluators.
Safety Rules:
¾ NO running between tasks.
¾ Must NOT skip steps coming down the tower.
¾ A Yakima Fire Department Certified Fitness Coordinator (C.F.C.) shall accompany
¾ If you have questions before the test, do not hesitate to ask a Yakima Fire Department Candidates have a maximum of seven (7) minutes to complete the test. The test is scored for ranking for the City of Yakima, which will be 10% of your overall score. The major difference between the Combat Entrance Test and the present Yakima Fire Department Annual Combat Test (for incumbent Firefighters) is that during the Annual Combat Test, SCBA face pieces are worn and the participant breathes tank air.


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