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On-line Enrollment is Easy!
Instructions on using the On-line Enrollment System
Before you enrol , you will need to log in to the website, select a User Name and Password.
Log in to the Website - Log in to the Website at If this is your first time on the site you will
need to create a User Name and Password that is unique to you and confirm it. You wil be given the option to provide a question and answer to be used as a hint, should you forget your Password at a later date. This is verified by using the last four digits from your social security number, your date of birth and the plan reference number 103858. If your employer has more than one plan with CPI, you wil be asked to click on the name of the plan that you would like to access.
Review and Update Contact Information - The next screen will show you the mailing/home address we have on file
for you as wel as an e-mail address if provided. You wil be requested to correct and/or update this information, if needed. This address information wil be provided to your employer in order to change their records. However, until this address information is updated in your employer’s payrol records, the contribution files provided by your employer wil over-ride your changes temporarily.
After you finish with these preliminary screens, you wil go to the Welcome to On-Line Enrollment screen. Click on “Enroll
Now” to begin.
Here are the Easy Steps to On-line Enrollment:

Step 1. – Provide a valid e-mail address This wil allow you to receive confirmation emails as wel as other important
information on transactions you have requested. In addition, to expedite the process for receiving a voucher for hardship withdrawals, loans, and contract exchanges between vendors, it is important to have an e-mail address in our Website.
Step 2. – Use Retirement Planning Tools — You have the option to use these tools as little or as much as you wish
during the enrol ment process. Using the Retirement Savings Calculator and Mastery POINT Financial Analyzer, you can project different rates of deferral to determine a hypothetical account balance at age 65 based on your personal factors (age, marital status, tax bracket, etc.).
Step 3. – Salary Deferral Election — Select how much salary you wish to contribute by entering a dol ar amount where
indicated. This amount wil automatical y be deducted from your pay each pay period.
Step 4. – Vendor Election — Select how much you would like to invest in the available vendors by entering a dollar
election next to each vendor. Please keep in mind that you will first need to contact each vendor that you
have selected in order to have your account set-up prior to completing this step

Step 5. – Confirm Your Enrollment — On this screen, you can review your elections. If you wish to make changes, you
may select a previous screen from the menu on the left or click on “Previous Screen” until you arrive at the applicable screen. Once you are satisfied, you can select “Enroll Me” to complete the enrol ment process or “Quit”, if you decide to enrol at a later date. If you select Quit, you wil lose al of the information you have input and wil need to start over.
Once you select Enrol Me, you wil go to a confirmation screen that shows your elections. If you previously provided us
with a valid email address we wil send you a confirmation of this transaction for your records. Your email address can be
updated at anytime through the Maintenance option found on the Website. When you are done, you can logout of the
If you need assistance, you can call our Participant Service Center (877) 488-4040 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time,
Monday through Friday. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected]. For prompt
assistance, please have your six-digit plan reference number 103858, the last four digits of your social security number
and date of birth available.


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