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The value of the powerful antioxidants extracted from wine waste could
be far greater than the wine itself according to Martin Cheney from
Yarra Valley based gourmet food producer Australian Harvest Fine
Foods. Martin launched antioxidant supplements on to the Australian
market in 1984 when he owned Bio-Organics one of Australia’s largest
supplement companies. According to Martin “clinical research around the
world has shown that the range of these therapeutic substances extracted from the
skin and seed of red wine grapes are much more powerful and effective than the
vitamin based antioxidants and have the potential to be worth billions of dollars in
world wide sales”.

Australian Harvest has recently launched a range of delicious functional foods that are
fortified with BIO-GRAPE (life from the grape) grape seed and skin extract which is
extracted from the Marc of red wine grapes.
Marc (from the French word meaning ‘to press’) consists of residual skin and seeds
which are removed from wine after crushing.
BIO-GRAPE grape seed extract contains a range of very powerful antioxidants which in
human clinical trials conducted in collaboration with the CSIRO Health Sciences and
Nutrition Division in Australia has shown statistically significant improvement in flow
mediated dilation (flexibility of blood vessels). Keeping blood vessels flexible is
fundamental to preventing the on set of cardiovascular disease.
The powerful antioxidants in grape skin and seed may also protect the lining of the
arteries against the build up of plaque because of their strong antioxidant action.
A nutraceutical is a natural substance derived from plants which has been shown to
have a strong therapeutic benefit.
is a natural substance which fights the fungus that harms foods such
as grapes may help prevent cancer, according to a study published in the British Journal
of Cancer.
Professor Gerry Potter who led the study has found that the human body will convert
resveratrol into a known anti-cancer agent that can selectively target and destroy cancer
Marty Mayo, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the University
of Virginia has discovered a possible mechanism for the reported anti-cancer activity of
resveratrol. “But it could also explain how resveratrol may help to control atherosclerosis,
heart disease, arthritis and autoimmune disorders”, says the researcher.
The researchers found that resveratrol inhibited a reaction in the NF-kB molecule that
caused the cancer cells essentially to self-destruct in a process called apoptosis,( NF-kB is
the key protein that feeds cancer cells).

Scientists from Oregon State University have identified a gene SIRT1 that not only cuts
the growth of new fat cells, but also increases the metabolism or use of fat in existing fat
cells, an activity helped by resveratrol.
“When the cells are exposed to resveratrol, our studies showed a pretty dramatic
reduction in the conversion to fat cells and a lesser but still significant increases in the
mobilization of existing fat, or the rate at which the cells metabolized stored fat,” said
Mark Leid, a professor of pharmacology in the OSU College of Pharmacy.
PTEROSTILBENE another compound found in grapes has cancer-fighting properties,
reports the Agricultural Research Service, the main scientific research agency of the US
Department of Agriculture.
ARS research chemist Agnes Rimando discovered that pterostilbene possesses similar
cancer chemo preventive qualities to those found in resveratrol.
SAPONINS are a new compound that has been identified by US scientists at the
University of California Davis. Andrew Waterhouse, professor of Oenology, said it could
be just as important as resveratrol, but while resveratrol is thought to block cholesterol
oxidation by its antioxidant action, saponins are believed to work by binding to and
preventing the absorption of cholesterol.
POLYPHENOLS ( proanthocyanidins) in grape seed extract can blunt salt-sensitive
hypertension to the same extent as previous, potentially carcinogenic, treatments in post-
menopausal and hypertensive women according to a new research study, led by Ning
Peng of the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the US. Ning Peng has found that a
diet moderately high in grape seed extract can blunt salt (sodium chloride)-sensitive
hypertension to about the same extent as treatment with either plant estrogens or
17B-estradiol. Great news for middle aged women.
The information on these powerful antioxidants is only an example of clinical research
being conducted by leading scientific institutes around the world.
Australian Harvest Fine Foods use a unique combination of the seed and skin extracts in
BIO-GRAPE to ensure that the full benefits of these amazing substances are made
available for the best possible protection of health.
BIO-GRAPE is used as the base for delicious functional foods, after all Hippocratese
the father of medicine said “ Let your food be your medicine” C 2003

BIO-GRAPE TM BIO-GRAPE is a registered Trade Mark Web
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