3412 red - far red meter

Red/Far-Red Light Meter
Thank you for purchasing a Field ScoutTM Red / Far Red Me-
ter. This manual describes its features and operation.
Using the Meter
1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the meter on or off.
When first turned on, the display will show the current battery level. 2. Press the READ button to take a light reading. The meter will measure the incident light for 0.3 seconds and display the mean. 3. Press the MODE button to switch between displaying the Red / Far Red Ratio, and the Red and Far Red readings. 4. The sensor assembly can be rotated to provide accurate readings while maintaining visibility of the display screen. 5. Turn the meter off after use to conserve battery power.
Changing the Battery
The Field Scout Red / Far Red Meter uses a standard 9V bat-
tery. To change the battery:
1. Slide open the door on the back of the meter.
2. Remove the old battery from the compartment, and insert
the new battery. Be sure to orient the battery to match the image on the bottom of the compartment. 3. Place the battery cover on the case and slide it closed.
The Field Scout Red / Far Red Meter is accurate to ±5%.
Red light is measured at 660nm, 40nm FWHM (±20nm).
Far Red light is measured at 730nm, 30nm FWHM (±15nm).
For support, or to place an order, call: (800)248-8873 or (815) 436-4440 between 7:30 am and 5:00 p.m. CST Red and Far Red Light
Plants sense the amount of light in the ranges around 660 na-
nometers (red) and 730 nanometers (far red), and use the ratio
between the two to direct growth. Though plants differ in the
details of their reaction, in general a low Red / Far Red ratio
results in elongation and lower leaf area compared to a higher
The Field Scout Red / Far Red Meter measures the light in
these two ranges, and displays the values in units of µmol m-2
s-1 (the number of photons in units of micromoles, striking an
area one meter square each second).
In addition, the meter displays the Red / Far Red Ratio, elimi-
nating the need for computation.
The chart below displays the spectral response of the Field
Scout Red / Far Red Meter.
This product is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period Spectrum will, at its option, either repair or replace products that prove to be defective. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation or use, lightning, negligence, accident, or unauthorized modifications, or to incidental or conse-quential damages beyond the Spectrum product. Before returning a failed unit, you must obtain a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) from Spectrum. Spectrum is not responsible for any pack-age that is returned without a valid RMA number or for the loss of the package by any shipping company. 12360 S. Industrial Dr. E
Plainfield IL 60585
(800) 248-8873 or (815) 436-4440
Fax (815) 436-4460
E-Mail: [email protected]

Source: http://www.agrometria.it/sca/file/3412%20Red%20-%20Far%20Red%20Meter.pdf

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