Treatment of wood by brush or course spray. An aqueous solution containing 2.50%w/w Permethrin, 2.815%w/w Propiconazole and 2.815%w/w 3-lodo-2-propynyl-butyl carbamate. Classified as IRRITANT under the Chemicals (Hazard Identification and Packaging) regulations 1996. Clear straw/amber coloured liquid with a mild odour. Dilute 1 litre of concentrate with 24.0 litres of clean water. Apply 1 litre of diluted product per 3 - 4 m2. HSE 1 Hour re-entry approval Health & Safety: See Below EXCEL DUAL FASTRACK
1. IDENTTIFICATION OF SUBSTANCE OR PREPARATION Product 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical Description An aqueous blend of non-ionic surfactants, insecticides and fungicides 3. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION This product is classified as IRRITANT under the chemicals (hazard information and packaging) regulation 1996. 4. FIRST AID Eyes Flush well with water. For persistent irritation seek medical attention Wash with soap and plenty of water. For persistent irritation seek medical attention. Use moisturising cream if hands feel dry. Remove contaminated clothing DO NOT INDUCE VOMMITTING. Give small amount of water or milk to drink and seek medical attention. Show container/label or this sheet to doctor. Remove to fresh air. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist 5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES This product is not flammable. However, irritating fumes may be evolved in the event of a fire. Treat fires with dry chemical, foam or water spray. Wear protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus. 6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES (SPILLAGE) Clean up spillage with absorbent material and place in a secure container. Dispose of waste material/containers etc via an appropriate licensed waste disposal operator. Product should not enter drainage system. 7. STORAGE AND HANDLING (IN NORMAL USE) Storage Containers must be kept sealed and stored away from strong acids. Good general ventilation, natural or mechanical Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses or goggles 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION (NORMAL USE) Respiratory Wear rubber gloves and suitable protective clothing If splashing is likely wear eye protection Store in original container, in a safe place with a secure lid at ambient temperatures. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands and exposed skin after using and before eating and drinking. Always consult label before use Ingredient: 0.05mg/kg body weight (acceptable daily intake) LD50 rat (oral) 1470mg/kg, LD50 rat (dermal) >2000mg/kg LD50 rat (oral) 1517mg/kg, LD50 rat (dermal) >4000mg/kg 9. PHYSICAL / CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance Straw/amber Active content 2.815% w/w Propiconazole 10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Product is stable under normal conditions. Avoid mixing with other chemicals: strong acids/alkalis 11. TOXOLOGICAL INFORMATION Eyes May cause irritation. Prolonged contact may cause skin dryness which may result in dermatitis if left untreated May cause irritation to throat and stomach Mist may cause some irritation to respiratory tract 12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION This product must not enter water discharge system. Inform appropriate authority if large spillage enters drains 13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Dispose of empty container and waste product by authorised waste disposal contractor 14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION (REGULATIONS) UN 15. REGULATORY INFORMATION (Supply and Labelling) Risk Phrases Irritating to Skin. Toxic to aquatic organisms, toxic to bees This product contains an anticholineesterase compound. Do not use if under medical advice not to work with such compounds. Keep out of reach of children. When using do not eat or drink. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. After skin contact wash with plenty of soap and water. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection. Do not mix with strong acids or alkalis. Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting – seek medical advice immediately and show container, label or this safety sheet 16. OTHER INFORMATION Recommended uses: Dual purpose wood insecticide/fungicide concentrate The information contained in this Safety data sheet, as of the issue date, is believed to be true and correct. However, the accuracy of completeness of this information and any recommendations or suggestions are made without warranty or guarantee. Since the conditions of use are beyond the control of our company it is the responsibility of the user to determine the conditions of safe use of this product.



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