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Checklist of flora in mtr

According to Flora of Melghat (Dr.M.A.Dhore.) & Additions to the Flora of Melghat ( Profe.
Prabha Bhogaonkar.)
Tree Shrubs Herbs Grasses Climbers Total Sp.
Additions to the Flora of Melghat ( Profe. Prabha Bhogaonkar.) Total Nos.of Sp.In M.T.R.
Especially from Chikhaldara ,Dhakna and Semadoh Dhargad, Kelpani, however frequent in Rangjubeli Abundant in jforest associations lat lower elevation Dhargad ,Kelpani, Koktu, Rangubeli, Chaurakund At higher elevations like Chikhaldara and Vairat Jamli, Koktu Valley, Bori, Semadoh, Kolkaz etc. Along the banks of larger streams and rivers Belkund,Dolar,Koktu,Jarida,Chunkali,Butida,Marida Along stream and river margins and moist valleys in Better represented in Chourakund,Rangubeli, Scattered throughout, More conspicuous aroun More frequent in Dhargad, Kelpani, Belkund In Koktu, Chipi, Bori, Dhargad, Boripati, Butida, Very common ,abundant and the most dominant In Marida, Makhala, Churni, Pastalai, Chipi At Higher elevation in parts of Chikhaldara and Restricted to certain areas like Belkund and others from Chikhaldara Dhakna and Tarubandha ranges Koktu Valley Probably elsewhere, in stream beds Mostly in along roadsides and near village In beds of Dolar, Khapra and other rivers Dhaman, K- Sitagathalu Chaurakund, Harisal,Dhargad K- Sitagathalu, G-Pandi Dhargad, Bori and Koktu Among tall grasses on chilkhaldar & Vairat On slopes of peripheral hills, field borders. Among tall grasses,in fields also cultivated Stream & River banks& on wet ground Koktu valley,Semadoh,Dhakna,Tarubandha and Mostly around villages on manurial heaps Dry hill slopes and along borders of fields Mostly near habitations, On bunds fields Mostly near habitations, On bunds fields In rocky and boudry beds of major rivers Western bordering belt of Tiger reserve from Akot and Harisal ranges Addition to the Flora of Melghat By Prabha Y. Bhogaonkar & Vinod D. Devarkar
In Hedges & thickets around villages. Khapra river and streams in Rangubeli area Frequent among tall grasses on forest floor Frequent throughout in stream, river beds Chikhaldara , Kolkaz, growing in shade rest In Dhargad, Kelpani & on hill slopes In open grasslands, stream beds,shade of In cultivated fields and wastelands around Among tall grasses of forest undergrowth In drying ponds at Higher elevations like Vairat, Chikhaldara and Makhala plateaux On Chikhaldara Plateaux in marshy open habitat(probably occurring elsewhere in In stream and river beds from Rangubeli, Fairly common in river and stream beds . In stream and river beds from Rangubeli, Abundant on moist surface in open grassesland, fields stream and river In stream and river beds,on manurial heaps & Koktu valley among tall grasses of forest Among tall grasses on shady slopes in chikhaldara, Dhakna,Tarubandha Among tall grasses on chikhaldara,vairat,Makhala plateaux at In stream & river beds,fields,on open hill In stream & river beds,on moinst rocks. Vertically cut rocky faces of stream and As a weed in fields,among grasses of forest Frequent in low lying areas in fields,drying ponds,along road sides and moist shaded along pond margins,stream and river banks Occasional in Chikhaldara and Semadoh ranges among grasses in comparatively In the entire area,very common and abundant near water margins in stream and river beds,on wet rocks of certical cut faces Mostly near village sites of buffer zone Throughout common in stream and river beds,on moist open lands,in shade of walls Throughout common,on mud flats along stream and river banks,moist open At higher elevations in Chikhaldara range patches on soft mud along stream and river Throughout common among tall grasses of forest undergrowth,on bunds of fields,in Isolated plants occur in the inhabited area of Chikhaldara,Dhakna,Harisal,Chourakund In open grasslands on Chikhaldara, Vairat In heavier soils of cultivated fields,forest In drying ponds, on mud flats o srea and In drying ponds, moist shaded spots from Among tall grasses at higher elevation in jDhakna, Chikhaldara and Semadoh Among grasses on comparatively open hill Mostly on heavy soils in cultivated fields Akot, Semadoh ranges In forest Nurseries Among tall grasses in Chikhaldara range. Well naturalized on Chikhaldara Plateaux On rocky, shady, moist hill slopes in Jarida On Chikhaldara Plateaux and at Kolkaz on In limited area of Akot, Chikhaldara ranges In Stagnant water pools in Tapti and other Along the water margin of Tapi and Sipna In moist localitiesw at higher elevations Chikhaldara, Tarubandha , Dhakna, Harisal On wet rocks and soils of stream and river banks and vertical cut faces of hioll slopes. Addition to the Flora of Melghat By Prabha Y. Bhogaonkar & Vinod D. Devarkar
In 1994 at Behali In 1996 at Dharkhora In 1997 at Dhamangaon Gadhi-Chikhaldara At higher elevation along moist-slopes in Kelpani & along roadside form Harisal to Masoondi to Semadoh road in interior road On moist hill slopes along stream banks in In forest undergrowth and along stream and Present in cultivated fields from Dhargad, At Higher elevation in Chikhaldara Tarubanda More especially in Chikhaldara, Tarubandha,Dhakna and Semadoh ranges in comparatively open Especially in shallow depressions and along On forest floor among tall grasses. Collected only from Dhargad Common in Akot range ( *A very good fodder Common in Akot range ( *A very good fodder Occasional around villages in hedges and Along stream and river banks, also on hill On hill slopes among other grasses of forest Better represented at higher elevations in Chikhaldara,Tarubandha In forest undergrowth as an associate of different grasses, on bunds of On moist rocky substrata, exposed on plateaux andin stream CLIMBERS
In Chourakund,Rangubeli, Chikhaldara (Frequent along banks of Tapi Along stream banks and in ravines; rather Mostly around villages on thickts and small Addition to the Flora of Melghat By Prabha Y. Bhogaonkar & Vinod D. Devarkar
In the interior road from Chikhaldara to Kolkaz some plant were found


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