Lok Adalats for Speedy Justice
What is Lok Adalat? effective remedy could be given one to be decided by the Lok
to the litigants. The institution of Adalat. The court shall do it only enacted the Legal Lok Adalat in India, as the very when the parties agree to it. One Services Authorities Act in 1987 name suggests, means People’s of the parties has to make an and one of the aims of this Act Court. ‘Lok’ means ‘people’ and application to the Court to refer was to organize Lok Adalat to ‘Adalat’ means ‘court’.
What is the main objective of settlement of the case. Once the
system promotes justice on the Lok Adalat ?
The advent of Legal Services it shall proceed to dispose of has been gathered from system Authorities Act, 1987 gave a the case and try to arrive at of Panchayats which has roots statutory status to Lok Adalats a compromise or settlement in the history and culture of our pursuant to the Constitutional between the parties.
nation. The provisions of the Act mandate in Article 39-A of What should the Lok Adalat
based on indigenous concept are the Constitution of India. The do when the case is not settled
meant to supplement the court main objective is the resolution before it?
system. The Act is an attempt to of people’s disputes which Then it shall return the record decongest the Courts from heavy are pending in the courts of the case to the Court from through discussion, counseling, which the reference has been Speedy justice is citizens’ persuasion and conciliation. received for disposal as per law.
right. Cases in various courts It results in speedy and cheap What are the powers of Lok
are increasing day by day at an dispensation of justice with Adalat?
alarming rate. Huge backlogs are mutual and free consent of the getting accumulated. Therefore, parties. It is a participatory It has the power to summon it is taking long time for parties system. The main benefits are: and enforce the attendance of to get justice. Sometimes the it can provide justice without any witnesses and examine maxim “Justice delayed is justice much delay and cost to the poor; him/her on oath, to seize and denied” is found true. Then the it can bring about reconciliation production of any document, to litigants lose faith in the efficacy and peace among the parties; it accept evidence on affidavits, to of law and effectiveness of the saves their time; and it frees them requisite any public record or Who is empowered to or document from any court
Government has established organize Lok Adalats?
The Taluk Legal Services The decision (award) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, Committee, the District which is a speedy alternative Authority, the High Court and as a decree of a civil court. It is dispute resolution forum in all the Supreme Court.
When shall the court refer the to the dispute. There can be no
speedy disposal of the cases in matter to Lok Adalat?
A court shall refer the matter Lok Adalat.
the heavy pressure on judicial to the Lok Adalat when it is (The writer is an advocate in Supreme time would be reduced and satisfied that the case is a fit Court. Email: [email protected]) INDIAN CURRENTS • 06 - 12 fEbRUARy 2012 47


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