October 31, 2012
5. Old Guard Stays At Tomb Of Unknowns Amid Storm.
6. High Rate Of Female Veterans Receiving Mammograms.
7. Start-Up: Women Veterans.
8. New Hope For Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injuries.
9. Group Contracted To Study DoD-VA iEHR Migration At Pacific JITC.
10. New National Cemetery Opens In Zachary.
11. OIG Sees Problems In Data Exchange Network Involving VA, Partners.
12. Meds Are Good For Treating Alcoholism.
13. Study: Vets More Likely To Seek Help For Alcohol Problems Than
14. Veterans Van To Visit City.
15. Butler VA Opens Residential Center For Vets.
16. Grand Opening Of VA Outpatient Clinic In Carbondale Nov. 8.
17. Amarillo VA To Open Patient-Centered Unit.
18. Jewish Group Spruces Up Rooms In Veteran Facility.
19. Calling All Veterans.
20. Programs Helps Veterans Adjust To Life Back Home.
21. Battle Buddies.
22. VA / VSO-MSO Hearings as October 31, 2012:
23. Today in History:
October 31, 2012
1. Daily Caller For
U.S. military veterans closely following the 2012 presidential campaign, it is seriously disappointing that veterans' issues have played so small a role in this year's race. Poor performance at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) leading . 2. While it was a little
harder than he anticipated, Travis Taylor made it across the finish line in Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon in about 6 hours and 15 minutes, wearing a (relatively) lightweight, full-body armor suit that his team designed to help with the loss-of-limb-rate for U.S. troops. 3. "I think it is some
kind of therapy" for the veterans, said Wheelchair Foundation President David Behring, who also will make the trip. "You have bad memories and experiences from when you were there. Now time has passed and you do something good for that country, where all you saw was bad and negativity. I think it does something for the soul." 4. Ex-servicewomen
and men in southeast Iowa are making a quick transition from Army green into construction neon through the help of Helmets to Hardhats, an online job search tool designed to connect veterans with career opportunities. 5. Old Guard Stays At Tomb Of Unknowns Amid Storm. "In the face of
Hurricane Sandy, the Army continued to guard the Tomb of the Unknowns on Monday but not with the familiar, choreographed 21 paces that the public typically sees." A photo of soldiers doing so during a September rainstorm when viral on social media on Monday, when Hurricane Sandy led to the closure of Arlington National Cemetery. The AP adds, "Afterward, when morning funerals were completed, the Old Guard soldiers were still on duty but had moved into an enclosure covered by a green awning known as 'the box,' about 20 feet away from the tomb, according to regiment spokesman Maj. John Miller." October 31, 2012
6. High Rate Of Female Veterans Receiving Mammograms.
"Nearly 90 percent of the women eligible to get a mammogram from the Veterans Affairs Department health system received one in 2011, a screening rate VA says is well above the private-sector rate of 71 percent, the Medicare rate of 69 percent and the Medicaid rate of 51 percent." In a news release, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said, "We're proud of our great record on breast cancer screenings and treatments." He added, "We'll continue to work to improve access and coordination of care for women veterans." The Times notes, "VA is developing a breast cancer case registry to improve care and to track and study breast care outcomes throughout its health system." 7. Start-Up: Women Veterans. "You're The Boss" blog,
consulting firm owner Gene Marks notes, "A new study finds that more than half of women veterans who own businesses say their leadership experience in the military inspired them to start their businesses." Thewas conducted by an opinion research firm called Braun Research. 8. New Hope For Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injuries. Veteran
Josh Lewis, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, says he got help for his traumatic brain injury (TBI) from the Center for BrainHealth's "cognitive therapy program for victims of brain trauma, known as the Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training, or SMART, program." According to the AOL Jobs, Lewis says he now has less problems at work. The US Department of Veterans Affairs "considers the SMART program a 'pilot program,' so it is not part of the official treatment program for veterans. Currently, veterans with TBI, or PTSD enter the workforce as physically disabled, as classified by the VA, and so no special classification is provided for non-visible injuries." A Department of Labor program, however, gives employers tips on how to help vets with TBIs or PTSD. 9. Group Contracted To Study DoD-VA iEHR Migration At Pacific JITC.
"The Military Health System (MHS) has awarded Eleu Pacific Partners a two-year, $11.2 million contract to conduct a feasibility study of the transition and migration strategies to be used by the Pacific Joint Information Technology Center (JITC), according to an announcement by Tricare Management Activity (TMA)." EHRIntelligence adds, "The Pacific JITC is the testing ground for health information technology, management, and services for both the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs (DoD, VA). Both the DoD and VA are preparing for their move to joint integrated electronic health record (iEHR), whose initial launch and full deployment are expected in 2014 and 2017, respectively." October 31, 2012
New National Cemetery Opens In Zachary.
"Louisiana National Cemetery in Zachary officially opened Oct. 24 by providing its first Veteran burial at the facility. 'With the opening of this national shrine, many thousands of Louisiana Veterans and their families will continue to have a no-cost burial option available nearby, in a setting that is worthy of their service,' said" Veterans Affairs' Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Steve L. Muro. Muro added, "Providing lasting tributes to their sacrifices is one of VA's most honorable missions, and one we are proud to fulfill." OIG Sees Problems In Data Exchange Network Involving VA,
Partners. "Last week, the Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of
Inspector General released a report citing numerous management and security
problems with a network that lets VA medical centers electronically exchange
data with their research partners." The OIG recommended that VA develop "and
implement a centralized data governance model," and require "research partners
to implement controls that meet VA's information security requirements. Officials
at VA agreed to make the recommended changes."
Meds Are Good For Treating Alcoholism. (10/30, Pittman)
notes that a study published in the journal Addiction found that acamprosate and naltrexone, which are commonly used to treat alcoholism, may help people who want to stop drinking but who do not want to use inpatient programs for that purpose. Natalya Maisel from the VA Palo Alto Health Care System in Menlo Park, California, helped conduct the study. Study: Vets More Likely To Seek Help For Alcohol Problems Than
Civilians."Researchers have known for years that veterans
suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other chronic battlefield injuries
are more likely than other vets to abuse alcohol in an effort to manage their
health issues." But a new study by the Public Health Institute's Alcohol Research
Group "notes that male veterans abusing alcohol are more likely to seek help for
their problem than civilians, leading to better results in the long run." Stars And
Stripes adds, "In a statement, Dr. Katherine Karriker-Jaffe, researcher at the
Public Health Institute, said that the findings suggest 'not only that (Department
of Veterans Affairs) treatment is available to help young veterans who have a
history of heavy drinking, but that it is an effective service outreach to young
veterans that can improve their health and overall quality of life.'"
Veterans Van To Visit City. "The Mobile Vet
Center Van is coming to New Castle." The "van will be at the Lawrence County CareerLink, 102 Margaret St. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 8." Local "veteran employment representative Gary Zarilla and the Erie Vet Center are inviting area residents to tour the van and speak with the counselors about wartime service." October 31, 2012
Butler VA Opens Residential Center For Vets.
"Veterans will move into VA Butler Healthcare's new 56-bed center the week of Nov. 12, which will provide residential rehabilitation for veterans with substance abuse, homelessness and behavioral health problems." In a prepared statement, VA Butler Director John Gennaro said, "The new townhomes simulate a real apartment-style living area, just like someone would find in their local community." Gennaro added, "They further strengthen the veterans' life skills training in order to successfully reintegrate them back to their respective communities." Grand Opening Of VA Outpatient Clinic In Carbondale Nov. 8.
The Veterans Affairs hospital in Marion, Illinois, "has announced the grand opening of a new Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Carbondale on November 8 at 1 p.m." The hospital "says the new clinic features over 9,900 square feet of space dedicated to serving veterans and their healthcare needs. Based on the Patient Aligned Care Team, or PACT model, Marion VA Medical Center Director Paul Bockelman says he feels this clinic is just another example of how the VA is putting the needs of veterans first." Bockelman added, "Veterans walk in and go to their PACT pod, or area, and receive all their care there, instead of having to walk from office to office in order to get the job done." Amarillo VA To Open Patient-Centered Unit. "The Amarillo
VA Health Care System is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house Thursday at 11:00 am for the newly renovated 15-bed medical surgical inpatient unit. The 3 North unit is the prototype for the VA Southwest Health Care Network strategic initiative to re-imagine the hospital environment for Veterans Centered Care." Key features of the unit "include.lifts to ensure patient and staff safety in every area, comfortable meeting and gathering areas for visitors, pod design for nursing areas, a dedicated nutrition area for round-the-clock access to food and more." Jewish Group Spruces Up Rooms In Veteran Facility.
Calling All Veterans. "The ABA Young
Lawyers Division presents 'Project Salute: Young Lawyers Serving Veterans' from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 12 at the Reno Vet Center." During the event, "VA-certified veterans can speak with a lawyer at no charge to discuss increasing disability ratings, appealing denial of benefits, spouse benefits and more." October 31, 2012
Programs Helps Veterans Adjust To Life Back Home.
Battle Buddies.
VA / VSO-MSO Hearings as October 31, 2012:
November 15, 2012. House Veterans Affairs Committee will hold a hearing
titled, “Review of Veterans Employment Challenges and Initiatives in the 112th Congress.” 10:00am in Cannon Room 334. Today in History:
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