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Conflicts of interest: the issue goes on, and on.
By Melissa Sweet
The related issues of conflicts of interest and pharma marketing are a fertile field for investigation by researchers and journalists. You can get some sense of this from the list of recent articles below. This compilation is from Healthy Skepticism, and is provided as a free email update service to journalists (worth signing up for in my book). HSL19640 <> Kendall T The rise and fall of the atypical antipsychotics BJPsych 2011 Oct; 199: (4):266 HSL19631 <> Qureshi ZP, Sartor O, Xirasagar S, Liu Y, Bennett CL. Pharmaceutical fraud and abuse in the United States, 1996-2010. Arch Intern Med 2011 12; 171: (16):1503-6 HSL19630 <> Ravi Shankar P Understanding and responding to pharmaceutical promotion MJA 2011; 423: (7):195 HSL19621 <> Menkes DB Tackling conflicts of interest: Conflicts of interest and drug information BMJ 2011 Sep 6; HSL19639 <> Redrafted proposals still contain loopholes for disguised advertising HAI Europe 2011 Oct 11 HSL19638 <> Soos P Here’s an alternative to the pharmaceutical patents rip-off Croakey 2011 Aug 9 HSL19637 <> Brownlee S, Lenzer J Can Cancer Ever Be Ignored? The New York Times 2011 Oct 9 HSL19636 <> Taylor P Don't write off the sales rep just yet <> 2011 Oct 5 HSL19635 <> Simms P KAM: Build the skill sets <> 2011 Oct 5 HSL19634 <> phil7taylor Transform reps into KAMs <> 2011 Oct 5 HSL19633 <> Would you like a Coke and fries with your prescription? Science-Based Pharmacy 2011 Oct 3 HSL19632 <> Newman M Was trial of blockbuster anti-depressant truly independent? The Bureau of Investigative Journalism 2011 Oct 3 HSL19629 <> Fourcade M Servier Founder Charged in Deaths Granted 4 Million Euro Bail Bloomberg 2011 Sep 22 HSL19628 <> Schwitzer G Journalists weigh in on Pfizer-pfunded & other pharma-phunded journalism 'events' Health News Review Blog 2011 Sep 16 HSL19627 <> Bates A Dr. Bates’ Talkback: How to get more value from existing products <> 2011 May 23’-talkback-how-get-more-value-existing-products <> HSL19626 <> Taylor P Medical scientific liaisons: Sales reps in disguise? <> 2011 Sep 1 HSL19625 <> Moldenhauer S Three ways to modernize your sales force <> 2011 Sep 7 HSL19624 <> Ferrell C No Dog Days of Summer in Pharma Social Media Cutting Edge Information 2011 Aug 22 HSL19623 <> Burton K Company won't budge on Nurofen claims Pharmacy News 2011 Sep 9 HSL19622 <> KEI Staff Dominican Republic: December 2009 meeting between PhRMA and US Embassy to discuss CAFTA+ demands on patent protection Knowledge Ecology International 2011 Sep 10 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19572 <> Rogers T, Norton MI. The artful dodger: Answering the wrong question the right way. J Exp Psychol Appl 2011 25; HSL19571 <> Hurtt K, Eining MM, Plumlee D An Experimental Examination of Professional Skepticism Social Science Research Network 2008 May; HSL19570 <> Bunniran S, McCaffrey DJ 3rd, Bentley JP, Bouldin AS. Pharmaceutical product withdrawal: attributions of blame and its impact on trust. Res Social Adm Pharm 2009; 5: (3):262-73 <> HSL19569 <> Godlee F Who should define disease? BMJ 2011 May 11; 342: HSL19567 <> Watson R New European rules require all herbal medicines to be registered BMJ 2011 May 6; 342: HSL19564 <> Phadke A, Bhargava A Towards universal health coverage in India The Lancet 2011 May 7; 377: (9777):1569 <> HSL19563 <> Brhlikova P, Harper I, Jeffery R, Rawal N, Subedi M, M R S. Trust and the Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: South Asia in a Globalised World. Global Health 2011 29; 7: (1):10 HSL19561 <> Dussart C, Mazenot C, Grelaud G. Dealing with illegal pharmaceutical sales over the Internet; can we benefit from lessons learned from informal drug sellers in Africa? Res Social Adm Pharm 2011 27; <;_udi=B7RN1-52T1MN8-2&amp;_user=10&amp;_coverDate=05%2F06%2F2011&amp;_rdoc=1&amp;_fmt=high&amp;_orig=gateway&amp;_origin=gateway&amp;_sort=d&amp;_docanchor=&amp;view=c&amp;_acct=C000050221&amp;_versio> OTHER ITEMS HSL19580 <> Dickinson A Queenslanders put lives on line by ordering dangerous counterfeit drugs over the internet The Courier-Mail 2011 May 9 HSL19579 <> Fife-Yeomans J Beware of snake oil salesmen The Daily Telegraph 2011 May 14 HSL19578 <> Farr L Sex life, weight loss, blood pressure medicines 'avoid official testing' Adelaide Now 2011 May 18 HSL19577 <> Dayton L Fat chance of getting slim with 'fad pills' The Australian 2011 May 20 HSL19576 <> Paliwal A Policy draft backs new, expensive vaccines Down To Earth 2011 May 10 HSL19575 <> HAI Europe Civil Society Statement on Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Financing for WHO HAI Europe Staff Blog 2011 May 17 HSL19574 <> Parliament’s stand against conflicts of interest: Is it enough to ensure medicines safety? HAI 2011 May 10 <> HSL19573 <> BUKO Pharma, Health Action International, Institute of Public Health At any price? - Examination of the business behaviour of Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer and Baxter in India Pharma Brief Special 2011 May 6 1: <> HSL19568 <> Joelving F Doctors loath to pay for unbiased education: survey Reuters 2011 May 9 HSL19566 <> Edwards J How M.S. Drugs Are Promoted: 'We Have a Whole Money Laundering Thing Going On' BNet 2011 May 6 HSL19565 <> Taylor L US attacks on New Zealand drug agency draw anger PharmaTimes 2011 May 9 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19243 <> Watson R Drug companies may provide information directly to EU patients but under strict conditions BMJ 2010 Nov 30; 341: HSL19242 <> Lenzer J Independent drug review group in Canada is squeezed out BMJ 2010 Dec 6; 341: HSL19241 <> Mayor S Ethics code for professional medical writers emphasises transparency and completeness of research reporting BMJ 2010 Dec 8; 341: OTHER ITEMS HSL19260 <> Silverman E What To Do About Drug Prices? Three Suggestions… Pharmalot 2010 Dec 2 HSL19259 <> Silverman E What 20 Years Of Pharma Fraud Has Wrought Pharmalot 2011 Jan 17 HSL19258 <> Silverman E When Reps Are Told To Sell ‘Gobs Of Dope’ Pharmalot 2011 Jan 5 dope/ HSL19257 <> Silverman E Should Health Advocacy Groups Disclose Funding? Pharmalot 2011 Jan 13 HSL19256 <> Silverman E Should A Paxil Journal Article Be Retracted? Pharmalot 2011 Jan 24 HSL19255 <> Silverman E The FDA And Its Pilot Pharma Fraud Program Pharmalot 2011 Jan 26 HSL19254 <> Silverman E Senators Reintroduce Pay-To-Delay Legislation Pharmalot 2011 Jan 26 HSL19253 <> Silverman E Maryland Considers Banning Gifts To Doctors Pharmalot 2011 Jan 27 HSL19252 <> Iskowitz M New med-ed firm says no to industry funding Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Sep 14 HSL19251 <> Comer B DDMAC pokes Allergan on eye drop direct mail Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 7 HSL19250 <> Comer B Patient advocacy influential in drug development, says panel Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 8 HSL19249 <> Arnold M Online groups are hotbed of promotion Medical Marketing & Media 2010 11 15 HSL19248 <> Comer B Info-starved patients want more from docs, survey says Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 15 HSL19247 <> Iskowitz M CME providers must correct violative info, council says Medical Marketing & Media 2010 12 23 HSL19246 <> Arnold M DDMAC enforcement letters up 26% in 2010 Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 28 HSL19245 <> Bolling J Targeted marketing isn't 'unfair and deceptive' Medical Marketing & Media 2010 Dec 15 HSL19244 <> Arnold M Boniva print ad hyped efficacy, says DDMAC Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Jan 26 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19210 <> Light DW, Warburton R Demythologizing the high costs of pharmaceutical research Bio Societies 2011 Feb 7; HSL19206 <> Liang BA, Mackey T Direct-to-Consumer Advertising With Interactive Internet Media JAMA 2011 Feb 23; 305: (8):824 HSL19203 <> Bloss CS, Schork NJ, Topol EJ, Effect of Direct-to-Consumer Genomewide Profiling to Assess Disease Risk NEJM 2011 Feb 10; OTHER ITEMS HSL19220 <> Taylor L Drugmakers sue Czech govt over pricing, insurance moves Pharma Times 2011 Jan 12 HSL19219 <> Wilson D Study Finds Lack of Disclosure Among Advocacy Groups The New York Times 2011 Jan 13 HSL19218 <> Shaywitz D, Mammen M The next killer app The Boston Globe 2011 Jan 23 HSL19217 <> Loftus P Glaxo Pulls Some Ads, Citing Image The Wall Street Journal 2011 Jan 25 HSL19216 <> Zajac A Blowing the whistle on drug firms The LA Times 2011 Jan 24,0,5954723.story HSL19215 <> Bishop T Lawmakers consider barring gifts to physicians The Baltimore Sun 2011 Jan 26,0,2975460.story HSL19214 <> McConaghie A Value-based pricing will not harm industry, says NICE chief InPharm 2011 Feb 18 HSL19213 <> J&J to pay $73 million in legal costs over Risperdal <> 2011 Feb 18 HSL19212 <> Hobson K Nurse Practitioners Get Free Meals From Pharma, Too The Wall Street Journal Blog 2011 Feb 17 HSL19211 <> Weisman N The Importance Of Branding In Clinical Trials MediaPost Marketing: Health Blogs 2011 Feb 23 HSL19209 <> Silverman E Bills Would End DTC Tax Break & Allow Importation Pharmalot 2011 Feb 22 HSL19208 <> Silverman E Which Oncology Meds Do Sales Reps Push The Most? Pharmalot 2011 Feb 22 HSL19207 <> Silverman E Pfizer Reaches Deal To Resolve All Trovan Litigation Pharmalot 2011 Feb 22 HSL19205 <> Silverman E Senate Bill Would Restrict Authorized Generics Pharmalot 2011 Feb 18 HSL19204 <> Deceitful pharmacies? Pharmacy Daily 2011 Feb 22 <> HSL19202 <> Padma TV Foreign takeovers threaten India's generic drug supply SciDev Net 2011 Feb 18 HSL19201 <> Taylor L Current pharma model is no longer affordable, MEPs told Pharma Times 2010 Nov 23 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19189 <> Gonon F, Bezard E, Boraud T Misrepresentation of Neuroscience Data Might Give Rise to Misleading Conclusions in the Media: The Case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder PLoS One 2011 Jan 31; 6: (1):e14618 HSL19187 <> Davis C, Abraham J. Desperately seeking cancer drugs: explaining the emergence and outcomes of accelerated pharmaceutical regulation. Sociol Health Illn 2011 11; doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9566.2010.01310.x. [Epub ahead of print] HSL19186 <> Rusert BM, Royal CD. Grassroots Marketing in a Global Era: More Lessons from BiDil. J Law Med Ethics 2011; 39: (1):79-90 doi: 10.1111/j.1748- 720X.2011.00552.x. HSL19185 <> Vance MA. Disease mongering and the fear of pandemic influenza. Int J Health Serv 2011; 41: (1):95-115 HSL19184 <> McHenry L Of sophists and spin-doctors: industry-sponsored ghostwriting and the crisis of academic medicine Mens Sana Monogr 2010 Jan; 8: (1):129-45 1229;year=2010;volume=8;issue=1;spage=129;epage=145;aulast=McHenry <;year=2010;volume=8;issue=1;spage=129;epage=145;aulast=McHenry> HSL19183 <> Lexchin J Those Who Have the Gold Make the Evidence: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Biases the Outcomes of Clinical Tria ls of Medications Sci Eng Ethics 2011 Feb 15; OTHER ITEMS HSL19200 <> Mckee S Pfizer slapped with price-fixing fine in Indonesia Pharma Times 2010 Sep 29 HSL19199 <> Taylor L MEPs vote for pharma to 'inform, not advertise' Pharma Times 2010 Nov 26“inform_not_advertise”.aspx <> HSL19198 <> Taylor L Canada: BC independent drug watchdog axed Pharma Times 2010 Nov 29 HSL19197 <> Taylor L New Zealand 'challenge to Big Pharma monopoly' Pharma Times 2010 Dec 8 9Cchallenge_to_Big_Pharma_monopoly%E2%80%9D.aspx <> HSL19196 <> Taylor L China: drug price cuts averaging 19% this week Pharma Times 2010 Dec 8 HSL19195 <> Grogan K Bayer looks for innovation in drugs and marketing Pharma Times 2010 Dec 13 HSL19194 <> Grogan K Pharma industry tops government fraud table in USA Pharma Times 2010 Dec 20 HSL19193 <> Grogan K GSK sets aside £2.2 billion for Avandia and marketing probes Pharma Times 2011 Feb 18 A32_2_billion_for_Avandia_and_marketing_probes.aspx <> HSL19192 <> Taylor L 30% cut in Hungary's drug spending next month? Pharma Times 2011 Jan 19 HSL19191 <> Jewett C Top antipsychotic prescribers also drug promoters California Watch 2011 Dec 6 HSL19190 <> Grant RP Never knowingly understated The Scientist: Naturally Selected 2011 Feb 21 HSL19188 <> Pfizer fined over Lipitor ads Pharmacy Daily 2011 Jan 24 <> HSL19182 <> Linder-Ganz R Gehrig's patients demand Teva reveal Copaxone test results <> 2010 Sep 12 HSL19181 <> McQuillen W Forest Unit Pleads Guilty to Marketing Thyroid Drug, Will Pay $313 Million Bloomberg Businessweek 2010 Sep 15 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19080 <> Sweet M Australian medical journal says no to drug industry advertising BMJ 2011 Feb 8; 342: HSL19079 <> Schneeweiss S, Avorn J Postmarketing studies of drug safety BMJ 2011 Feb 8; 342: HSL19068 <> Lacasse JR, Leo J Knowledge of ghostwriting and financial conflicts-of-interest reduces the perceived credibility of biomedical research BMC Research Notes 2011 Jan 31; 4:27 HSL19067 <> Saunders C Medical schools act on pharma influence MJA InSight 2011; 194: (3):121-125 HSL19066 <> Mason PR, Tattersall MHN Conflicts of interest: a review of institutional policy in Australian medical schools Med J Aust 2011; 194: (3):121-125 HSL19064 <> Iheanacho I Drug Tales and Other Stories: Definitely not acceptable: drug company sues journal over review BMJ 2011 Feb 1; 342: OTHER ITEMS HSL19078 <> Mozes A 'Black Box' Drug Warning Labels Applied Inconsistently: Study Bloomberg Businessweek 2011 Feb 4 HSL19077 <> Ethics and quality of drug testing in low income countries subject to additional pressure through outsourcing Center for Research on Multinational Corporation 2011 Feb 9 HSL19076 <> Iskowitz M DDMAC's Abrams gives update on policy making Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Feb 8 HSL19075 <> Taylor L Senators seek action on 'unprecedented' drug shortages PharmaTimes 2011 Feb 9“unprecedented”_drug_shortages.aspx <> HSL19074 <> Mundy A FDA Says Drug Firms Didn't Finish Follow-Ups The Wall Street Journal 2011 Feb 9 HSL19073 <> Andrews CL FDA Guidance Sheds Little Light On Criminal Liability From Park Doctrine Plea Forbes Blog: On The Docket 2011 Feb 8 HSL19072 <> Walsh A FDA Finally Releases 'Non-binding' Park Doctrine Criteria FDA Law Blog 2011 Feb 6 HSL19071 <> Silverman E The FDA Criteria For Going After Pharma Executives Pharmalot 2011 Feb 8 HSL19070 <> Iafolla C Content Curation: A Path to Pharma Social Media Success? MediaPost Marketing: Health Blogs 2011 Feb 9 HSL19069 <> Dickinson JG Life sciences waiting on social media rules Medical Marketing & Media 2011 Jan 14 HSL19065 <> Rose D Medical journal bans drug company ads The Sydney Morning Herald 2011 Feb 3 HSL19063 <> Corporate sponsorship linked to EU patient and consumer groups' policy perspectives HAI Europe 2011 Feb 1 HSL19062 <> Eye on the Ball: Medicines Regulation – not IP enforcement – can best deliver quality medicines Oxfam International 2011 Feb 2 HSL19061 <> Corporate sponsorship linked to EU patient and consumer groups’ policy perspectives HAI Europe 2011 Jan 31 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN ACADEMIC JOURNALS HSL19060 <> Jelinek GA, Brown AF. A stand against drug company advertising. Emerg Med Australas 2011; 23: (1):4-6 doi: 10.1111/j.1742-6723.2010.01393.x. No abstract available. 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PharmTech 2011 Jan 7 HSL19007 <> Greenberg G Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness Wired 2010 Dec 27


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