Accuracy requirement
100 mg/dL(5.6 mmol/L) and the coefficient of variation should YUWELL Blood Glucose Test Strip Instruction
The product is used for monitoring the blood glucose level. It is not used for diagnosis, screen nor for new born baby screen, metabolic disorder tests.
Expired, damaged or polluted test strips are forbidden to use. Test shall be performed by strictly following the rules; otherwise, false result might cause.
Lancing device can only be used for single person, exclusively; lancet is one time Test strip vial should be kept away from child reach.
To discard the used test strip. Please follow the local environmental affairs The testing result is for monitoring only; do not change any medication without consulting healthcare professional.
This test strip should be used with Yuwell Blood Glucose Monitoring System and to monitor glucose concentration for capillary whole blood.
Testing range: Hematocrit (Hct) range: 30%~60%. Hct lower than 30% will cause a faulty high result; while, Hct higher than 60% will cause a faulty low result.
, or it may lead to wrong test result.
RH <85%, or it may lead to wrong test result.
When blood volume is lower than 0.8ul, it may lead to wrong test result. Please Special circumstances (such as dehydration, oxygen deficit, hyperglycemia state of high permeability, low blood pressure, shock and acidosis, etc.) may lead to glucose is oxidized to gluconic acid and electrons are produced from the reaction. When receiving oxygen therapy, it may lead to lower blood glucose level.
A potential, generated by glucose meter, is provided to measure the electron flow, When the substances follow are beyond restriction, it may affect the test result: electrical current. The magnitude of current is then measured, converted and When substances like acetyl aminophenol, vitamin c, dopamine, L-dopa, correlated to the glucose concentration level of the blood sample.
uric acid, etc. of blood is higher than normal condition, it may lead to higher blood glucose level. When substances like ibuprofen and sulfamoyl in human body is higher than normal condition level. When cholesterol in blood is higher than 500 mg/dL(27.8 mmol/L) or TG is higher than 3000 mg/dL(166.7 mmol/L), it may lead to abnormal results.
on, automatically. Confirm the code shown in the meter's screen with the code shown on the vial's (or pouch's) label. Please finish the blood glucose testing in 3 Keep in the vial, away from direct sunshine.
The test strip should be stored in the original strip vial and at 4~30 Suck blood sample. When the screen shows flashing " ". Touch the blood sample at the edge of strip tip and the blood will be sucked, automatically.
The test strip has 24 months shelf-life in sealed condition. The test result will show in 8 seconds.
Discard any remaining test strips when the vial has been used for 3 month.Take one piece of test strip and recap the vial, immediately.
Tear the single pouch and use it to test.
Testing result is displayed in unit of mg/dL(mmol/L).
Test strip is for one time use only. Please use it to test as soon as possible.
Testing result range is between 20 mg/dL(1.1 mmol/L) and 600 mg/dL(33.3 mmol/L) and has been rectified to correspond to the result of biochemical Change the code chip every time when opens a new test strip vial. Confirm the code shown in the meter's screen with the code shown on the vial's If the meter shows "LO", It means that the result is lower than 20 mg/dL(1.1 mmol/L), If the meter shows "HI", It means that the result is higher than 600 Leave the code chip in the meter until the new strip test vial and code chip used.
mg/dL(33.3 mmol/L). Please test again. If it shows "LO" or "HI" again, consult your doctor's instruction for a recheck or treatment.
Diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus Place the meter, test strip, lancing device and a lancet.
Wash hands with warm soapy water and dry them well.
Critera for the Diagnosis of Diabetes mg/dL(mmol/L) Insert the test strip into the meter. The meter turns on, automatically.
Step 1: Choose a lancing depth. Generally, finger tip is the suitable position.
NOTE: Do not lancing in swelling or infected area.
Step 2: Shoot and collect a tiny blood drop.
NOTE: Do not squeeze the lanced position.
American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes, 4th Ed., ISBN 1-58040-237-2, 2005 75 mg/dL(4.2 mmol/L), the deviation between monitoring system and lab result should fall within 15 mg/dL(0.83 mmol/L) for the 75 mg/dL(4.2 mmol/L), the deviation between Insert the test strip. Take a test strip and re-cap it, immediately, to avoid monitoring system and lab result should fall within damp. Insert the test strip into the slot with the "YUYUE" side up. The meter turns

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