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WVEIS 0434
Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing
discover the field of sports, entertainment, and recreation marketing. ME.O.SERM.1.2
recognize trends of sports, entertainment, and recreation as an industry in the local, state, national, and international arenas. ME.O.SERM.1.3
produce a chart of the marketing functions. ME.O.SERM.1.5
determine the elements of the marketing mix. ME.O.SERM.1.6
assess the importance of the marketing concept. ME.O.SERM.1.7
recognize the use of marketing positioning. ME.O.SERM.1.8
compare types of marketing segmentation. ME.O.SERM.2.1
recognize components of the promotional mix. ME.O.SERM.2.3
develop a logo and slogan and its relationship with a trademark. ME.O.SERM.2.4
recognize publicity and its role in creating a positive public image with SER marketing. ME.O.SERM.2.8
determine the role of selling in the sports, entertainment, and recreation industry. ME.O.SERM.2.10
point out the steps of personal selling. ME.O.SERM.3.1
analyze reasons for SER sponsorships and endorsements. ME.O.SERM.3.2
compare reasons for athletic and celebrity sponsorships and endorsements. ME.O.SERM.3.3
critique the advantages, disadvantages, and legal issues of sponsorships and endorsements. ME.O.SERM.4.1
differentiate how laws impact the sports, entertainment, and recreation industries. ME.O.SERM.4.2
examine the relevance of contracts in the SER industry. ME.O.SERM.4.3
research salary caps within the sports industry. ME.O.SERM.4.4
recognize legal implications of copyright and privacy related to the entertainment industry. ME.O.SERM.4.5
examine legal implications of licensing of trademarked products in the SER industry. ME.O.SERM.4.6
access the impact of unethical behavior within the sports and entertainment industry. ME.O.SERM.5.1
analyze the importance of security and insurance. ME.O.SERM.5.3
examine methods to prevent, reduce, control, or transfer risks. ME.O.SERM.6.1
recognize the relationship between branding and merchandising in the SER industry. ME.O.SERM.6.2
determine merchandising opportunities for a SER event. ME.O.SERM.6.3
compare food and beverage opportunities that exist within the SER industry. ME.O.SERM.7.1
research sports, entertainment, and recreation career opportunities at the mentorship, internship, entry, mid-management, and upper-management levels. ME.O.SERM.7.2
research the education and training needed for a sports, entertainment, and recreation job/career. ME.O.SERM.7.3
compare career and technical programs, colleges, and universities in West Virginia offering a post-secondary degree in the sports, entertainment, and recreation industry. ME.O.SERM.8.1
assess the purposes and goals of a local student organization. ME.O.SERM.8.2
discover the benefits and responsibilities of participation in a local student organization as an adult. ME.O.SERM.8.3
demonstrate leadership skills through participation in local student organization activities such as meetings, programs, and projects. Janet Benincosa, Technology Curriculum Specialist


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