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Protocol for administration of Magenesium Hydroxide to pupils/staff at
Woodbridge School by Day/Boarding and Relief Matrons
(1) Clinical condition or situationDefinition of clinical Management of indigestion, over-acidity, flatulence, heartburn and stomach discomfort as assessed by designated Matrons using clinical judgement, for pupils/staff atWoodbridge School (WS).
 Mild indigestion, over-acidity, flatulence, heartburn  Children under 3 years Current renal impairment Taking tetracycline, digoxin, dicoumarol or 8.30 – 5.00 - Contact parents/legal guardians (LG), School  Registered Nurse – Level 1 Designated WS Matron – Day School, Boarding or  Satisfactory completion of Homely Remedy Protocol  Competence assessed by Registered Nurse/ School (3) Description of TreatmentMedicines to be Name: Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia Liquid)
Legal status: Liquid
Storage: Locked medicine cabinet
Single dose
3 – 12 years: 5 – 10 ml, repeat as necessary up to 30 mls in
24 hours
12 years and above : 5 – 10ml, repeat as necessary up to
60ml in 24 hours
Route of administration: Oral – to be taken with water
Frequency: Repeat as necessary
Maximum single dose: 5 – 10ml
Maximum dose in 24 hours: 3 – 12 years = 30ml; over 12
If symptoms persist inform parentsMedical advice should be sought from School Doctor if symptoms persist or deteriorate and parents/LG informed Inform pupil/staff of medication being administered under HOMELY REMEDY PROTOCOL – MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE
Protocol for administration of Magenesium Hydroxide to pupils/staff at
Woodbridge School by Day/Boarding and Relief Matrons
homely remedy policy.
Under 16’s: Give letter to take home to parents/LG
advising of dose/date/time Magnesium Hydroxide
Over 16’s: Advise when next dose can be taken. If not
Magnesium Hydroxide will only be administered to pupils inthe presence of a written and signed consent form from parents or legal guardians permitting administration to theirchild.
Record in Matron’s Day Log/ Staff LogUpdate pupils medical record Complete & issue letter to under16’s (4) Quick checklists
Check identity and age of the pupil Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia)
Check condition appropriate to be treated withCheck consent form dated & signed by parent or legal guardian Check for medical conditions and allergies (no kidney disease)Check how much Magnesium Hydroxide has been taken in the last 24 hours clarify with parent or guardian if in any doubtCheck if the pupil is taking any other medication, and confirm that it is compatible with Magnesium HydroxideBefore dispensing check drug name, dose and expiry date Post Administration
Record details in Day Matron’s Log , Sign and date. Update pupil’s medical record
Under 16’s - Letter issued for pupil take home to parent/legal guardian advising ofdose/date/time of Magnesium Hydroxide Over 16’s – Advise when next dose can be taken and remind only 60ml can be taken inany 24 hour period. If not competent then letter to be sent home Follow-up Dose (All age groups)
May be required later if symptoms persist
Contact parent/guardian by phone, if this is unsuccessful and second dose neededcontact Senior School Matron or School Doctor Drug error: Contact School Doctor/A&E for advice.
Overdose: Remove to A&E Department urgently *Inform
Parents/LG/Headmaster & record in Day Log/ file*
Medical Officer of Schools Association (2007) British National


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