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Beyond Viagra: Help for ED
Q: What is the medical definition of erectile
There are injections of the drug alprostadil (brand dysfunction?
names Edex and Impulse) that produce an erection a: Erectile dysfunction, commonly called ED or
impotence, is the inability to achieve and sustain an The drug is also available in a suppository that’s erection suitable for sexual intercourse. placed into the penile urethra. Penile implants also For most men, having trouble from time to time are effective for many men. isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. But if erectile If the patient has low serum testosterone, dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it can cause hormone replacement may help. An all-natural devastating stress, affect relationships, and lower supplement called Protandim is helpful in treating ED because it reduces oxidative stress on the body eventually suffer some form of ED. According to statistics, about 25 percent of men 65 years and Q: are many women affected by sexual
a: Surveys show that 43 percent of women over
Q: What are the causes of eD?
40 are unhappy with their sex life. They may a: These include decreased blood flow into the
experience a decrease in desire, pain during sex, lack penis, problems with the nervous system, or low of orgasm, and a decrease in sexual sensation as they Other physical causes can be atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, diabetes, smoking, and dysfunction, but diabetes, heart disease, side effects from certain medications. People with neurological conditions and hormone imbalances injuries of the nervous system or who have spinal are other factors. Like men, some medications, alcohol and drug abuse can contribute to the ED as well as men who have had prostate or problem. For women, we focus on changes that rectal surgery. Alcohol and drug abuse can also normally occur with aging. Hormone therapy often contribute to the problem. Psychological factors like depression and stress can lead to ED. Men with ED can find themselves in the middle of a vicious Q: What new treatments are on the horizon?
a: Our team at the Western Institute for Sexual
The more they experience impotency, the more Health is investigating the use of cardiovascular they become anxious about their performance. stents to be placed in the penile arteries to enhance This leads to more episodes of ED. That’s why I encourage them to seek help as soon as possible. We have also developed a program to deal with Less than one third of men who suffer sexual the psychological issues such as reducing anxiety. dysfunction discuss the problem with their health This psychosexual evaluation helps partners care professionals, and that’s a shame. There’s no understand each other’s needs clearly and openly. The bottom line is that most cases of sexual Q: how is eD treated?
a: We have oral medications like Viagra, Cialis, and
Levitra that all work the same way. While they don’t Lawrence Paletz M.D. is a board certified
cure ED, they increase blood flow to the penis. Western Institute for Sexual Health with We also have vacuum devices, sometimes called penis pumps, which draw blood into the penis. Page 8 / July 2013

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