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Friday File – Kindergarten a.m.
November 9, 2012
Dear Families,
Enough for All Forever…
A big idea to ponder, but one we are thinking about here in Kindergarten. We have officially
started our vermi-composting and children will get to see that what we get from the earth
can go back to the earth and ultimately make our world a better place. We will also embark
upon our “Warm Hands, Warm Hearts” initiative in support of Winnipeg families in need. In
conjunction with Project Echo ( we will be supporting a non-profit
incentive called Sam’s Christmas. Your child may have been a part of this wonderful project
last year. Starting November 12th, we are asking each child in Kindergarten to bring in a
pair of new or very gently used mittens. We are asking that you have your child be an
integral part of choosing the mittens they donate; whether they go shopping with you or
choose a pair from home. Our goal is two-fold – we want to help others and we want the
experience of giving to be meaningful. We will be sharing our mittens during the month of
November – a sharing schedule is attached to this email, letting you know your child’s day to
show and share the mittens they are donating.

A Snapshot of our Room (over the last two weeks):
• We celebrated Halloween and had lots of food, fun and festivities. Thanks to everyone
for your help!
• We created self-portraits and spent time talking about figure drawings and sky/ground
backgrounds. They are in the process of being displayed in the classroom.
• We met our vermi-composting red wriggler worms. Some of our Grade 5/6 friends shared
basic information. We will continue to wonder and ask questions as we go along on our
• We learned some new math games – Ready, Set, Count! and Ten Frame Trains
• We have read stories and had numerous conversations about PEACE this week. The Peace
Book by Todd Parr and One by Kathryn Otoshi have been class favourites.
• We started sending home the CAN YOU GUESS? bag. This is a bag that looks at initial
consonant sounds – you and your child will have fun making clues for the others to guess!
Up and Coming:
November 14th – Parent Teacher Interview forms due.
November 14 is picture retake day.
November 19 – Report cards
November 22 (4-7:30 p.m.) and November 23 (morning) are our parent teacher interview
times. There is NO school on the Friday.
Mitten Sharing Schedule:
Wednesday, November 14 – Allegra, Andrew and Benjamin
Thursday, November 15 – Brynn, Carson and Cassidy
Friday, November 16 – Desmond, Hudson and Liam
Monday, November 19 – Natanella, Oscar and Riley
Tuesday, November 20 – Sarah and Spencer
Wednesday, November 21 – William and Xavier
Thursday, November 22 – Tannis and anyone still needing to share…
Day 1 – GYM
Day 2 – MUSIC (every second cycle)
Day 4 – COMPUTERS & Reading Buddies Day 5 – GYM Day 6 – Library Book Exchange Have a snowy weekend. ;) Tannis



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