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A Newsletter for the Patients of Drs Williams and Oliver
Densham Practice NewsThe “New” Lawson Street Health Centre is prescription requests please see the article have all found your way around the building on the back page for details.
and find it a more pleasant atmosphere queries the practice nurses will be pleased wait for your appointment. We do try to run on time but sometimes delays are unavoid- the clinics for flu vaccines are now up and able. Patients can help us by turning up on time for appointments and being realistic as are in an “at risk” group and try to bookto how many problems a GP can solve in 10 minutes! If you are coming with a listplease ask for a 20 minute appointment inorder that problems can be fully addressed.
Vaccination against Flu
This Winter, it’ll be no fun if you get FLU.
- People living in a residential or nursing Surgery has started taking bookings for flu may be infected by flu. However by getting your flu jab you can help protect yourself The Department of Health recommendsthat the following people be vaccinated How can you get a flu jab?
each year to protect them against flu.
If you think you qualify for a flu jab, speak How was your visit to Densham Surgery ?
Staff will ask you to complete a question- are asking patients to return the question- naire to Reception in the sealed envelope provided before they leave the surgery.
All questionnaires will be analysed inde- The Consultation:
overall performance compared with national your consultation today with the doctor you make will remain anonymous and won’t beattributed to you in any way. Your opinions The Practice:
are therefore very valuable to this surgery.
You will also be given chance to rate the Call Back Service
have a call back facility on it’s telephone lines. Therefore we are unable to call back Planned Changes to the routine Childhood Immunisation Programme
The Department of Health are introducing important changes to the Childhoodimmunisation programme, these changes will be introduced in the Autumn.
Children will be called up in the usual way.
- Introduction of a new vaccine to protect against pneumococcal infection.
- A pneumococcal vaccination catch-up programme.
- Amending the MenC vaccination schedule to give two doses of vaccine in the first year of life, and a booster dose in the second year.
- The addition of a booster dose of Hib vaccine in the second year of life.
The new routine vaccination schedule will be: A to Z: O for Obesity
Overweight and obesity are becoming
One of these, Neuropeptide Y, triggers in- epidemic diseases in the UK. We calculate satiable and ongoing feeding behaviour,overweight and obesity using body mass obesity and premature death in rat models.
index (weight in kilograms divided by height Another, Orexin A, appears to stimulatein metres divided again by height in metres). A score of 18.5 to 24.9 is ideal, 25 but does not have a sustained and ongoingto 29.9 is overweight, 30 to 39.9 is obese effect. Interestingly, natural cannabis-like chemicals have been identified which alsotrigger appetite and which presumably well documented after taking cannabis.
overweight and as a result are more prone particularly diabetes, high blood pressure, “cannabinoids” to reduce appetite and the heart and stroke disease and arthritis and first one, Rimonabant, is now available in the UK. However, expert opinion is that the The good news is that weight reduction will reduce, reverse or ameliorate many of the satisfactorily controlled by long term and future healthy eating initiatives, including the revolution in school dinners following Jamie Oliver’s recent interventions, and medication will have a significant role to availability food and social eating is a major play in only a very few cases.
contributory cause. There are undoubtedly (With thanks and acknowledgement to Professor Gareth Wil iams (no relation) of studies, 50% of mice exposed to limitless Bristol University for information and appetising food will eat to excess and 50% opinion from his recent lecture and will not. It is not fully understood how this personal communications at the Anglo- German Medical Society Annual Scientific chemical messengers in the body are being Programme, September 2006). Planned Changes to the routine Childhood Immunisation Programme
Age at Vaccination
5 in 1 plus Pneumococcal (2nd )/MenC (2nd) Drs Williams and Oliver
Maria - Receptionist
The Densham Practice
I joined the practice in June 2004. My role is Lawson St Health Centre
a medical receptionist. I’m also responsible Stockton on Tees TS18 1HU
for the administration duties linked topathology results, including admin dutiesattached to those patients who are Before working in the Primary Care setting I worked in retail. I decided I needed achange in career so attended college for 1 year to gain the AMSPAR Certificate . I en- working at Densham Surgery, we are a close NOTE: Telephone number 606435 is no
Out of Hours:
0845 603 3131
0845 46 47
Emergency callers out of hours to 672351 will get a message directing them toNHS Direct (0845 46 47) or Primecare Cleveland (0845 603 3131) as the situationdemands.
You can arrange to see a Doctor / Nurse for advice and management of your:Asthma. Diabetes, Hypertension / CHS (Coronary Heart Disease), Well Person,Contraception, Travel, Antenatal, Smoking Cessation, Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease. Please contact the Surgery to make an appointment.
New Service for Repeat Prescription Requests
Patients can save time by hand posting
Please note: Our existing telephone repeat their repeat prescription requests in the Two New Red Boxes:
One sited on ground floor stairwell.
Prescriptions ready for collection
after 4 pm - 48 hours after request is

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