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WHISKI ROOMS – Drinks List
Whites Wines
175ml 250ml 350ml

Easy drinking, light and elegant best describes these wines. Loads of lovely crisp, tangy fruit but
not over-powering and great for a relaxing drink or with delicate dishes.

1 Ancora, Pinot Grigio

£5.00 £6.50 £11.00
Italy – tasty and fruit bursting

2 Picpoul de Pinet, L'Ormarine

France – Terrific, floral and enticing

3 Pinot Grigio Reserva, Ventisquero

* recommended
Chile, Rapel Valley, Lolol Vineyards – bursting with taste, truly delicious

A selection of deliciously tongue tingly temptations await you with these wines. Tangy aromas and
citrusy fruits jump from the glass – take your pick.

4 The Gourmet Sauvignon Blanc

£4.90 £6.40 £10.00
South Australia – lean grassy and zippy fresh fruit

5 Champs du Moulin Colombard

France – great easy drinking, floral

6 Flagstone Word of Mouth Viognier

South Africa – fragrant, floral and tasty

7 Drylands Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand - ripe tropical herbal fruits

8 Paul Cluver Gewurtzraminer

* recommended
South Africa – fascinating wine, rosewater, peach blossom and lychees
Whites Wines
175ml 250ml 350ml Bottle

Richly flavoured with the attention firmly on the ripe, often tropical fruit characters, these wines
have plenty of personality.

9 Kleine Zlaze Bush Vines Chenin Blanc

£5.20 £6.70 £10.50
South Africa - soft creamy fruity hints

10 Rare Vineyards Marsanne - Viognier Pays d'Oc

France – unoaked and peachy with lively citrus fruits

11 Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Chardonnay

£5.60 £8.00 £12.50
Chile – lightly oaked for creaminess good with fish

12 Trout Valley Riesling

Richly flavoured with the attention firmly on the ripe. Often tropical fruit characters, these wines
have a big personality.

13 Louis Jardot, Macon Villages

* recommended
France, Domaine de la Grange Magnien – full complex and delicious

14 Emiliana Reserve Chardonnay

Argentina – refreshing citrus aromas

15 Ernie Els, Big Easy Chenin Blanc

South Africa – pineapple, pear and tropical fruits

175ml 250ml 350ml

Softly structured, silky with straightforward red fruit flavours. Light, easy drinking wines.
17 Bosari Cabernet Sauvignon delle Venezie

£4.20 £6.00 £ 9.50
Italy – smooth, soft fruits - easy going red

18 Pinot Noir del Veneto, Munro

£5.20 £6.70 £10.50
Italy – ripe cherry and berries, unaoaked
19 Bolla, Valpolicella Classico
Italy light with hints of spice
* great with haggis

Medium bodied, berry bursting reds that deliver ripe juicy fruit sensations.

20 Los Romeros Merlot

£4.90 £6.40 £10.00
Chile, Central Valley – spiced plums and berries

21 Marques de Morano Rioja Reserva

Spain – graceful lingering maturity
22 Trentham Estate Nebbiolo
Australia, Big Rivers – complex layers of red fruit
23 Jean Luc Colombo , Cotes du Rhone Villages
France, Les Laurons - simply a seriously good Cotes du Rhone

175ml 250ml 350ml Bottle

Naturally spicy or peppery wines with rich, ripe powerful and warming flavours.
24 The Vitner Shiraz-Viognier

£5.20 £6.20 £10.50
Australia,, Langhorne Creek – easy drinking, ripe blueberries

25 Spice Route Mourvedre

South Africa, Swartland – intense vibrant red cherry, lightly spiced
26 Flagstone Writers Block Pinotage
South Africa – multi award winner bursting with dark fruits

Big, brooding and thought provoking reds. Dark lush fruits, ripe and velvety with a richness of
flavour that really lasts.
27 Arium Reserva Albali

£5.00 £6.50 £11.00
Spain, Valdeperias – fruity and easy drinking

28 Chateau Musar, Hochar Per et Fils

Lebanon, Bekaa Valley – juicy, dark fruits

29 Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Chile, Colchagua Valley – cherries, chocolate, mint cedar
30 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Les Cornalines

France, full and powerful * great with steaks
31 Dryland, Pino Noir 2009

New Zealand, Marlborough – cherry and plums, a touch of spice

32 Ernie Els Big Easy 2011 Shiraz/Cab/Grenache/Mourvedre/Viognier

South Africa, Stellenbosch – an alluring kaleidoscope of black fruits

Rosé Wines

175ml 250ml 350ml

34 Belvino Pinot Grigio Rosato Delle Venezie

£4.90 £6.40 £10.00
Italy - fresh summer fruit.

35 Chateau Musar, Jeune Rose

Lebanon, Bekaa Valley - appetising and truly tasty


36 Bolla Sparkling Rosé,

Italy - summer in a glass

37 Botter Prosecco DOC

Italy - delicately fruity and light

38 Prosecco Extra Dry, Fantinel
Italy Fresh, dry and fruity.
39 Louis Dornier et Fils Brut, NV

France - stylish, pronounced, biscuity, elegant.

40 Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, NV

France - flowery aroma, a long, biscuity flavour.

41 Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut, NV

France - full-bodied, rich and well-flavoured.

42 Christian Audigier Rose Brut, NV

Delicious - raspberry and blackberry sensations
43 Dom Perignon 2003

France - opulent vintage champagne – intensely floral
44 Krug Grand Cuvee

France - simply outstanding Champagne produced every year
45 Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut
France - truly succulent and powerful champagne from the finest fruit and vineyards
Scottish Craft Bottled Lagers, Beer and Ciders

Innis & Gunn Blonde (Edinburgh) 330ml 6.0%

A lighter beer, lightly oak aged but still matured for 37 days prior to bottling.

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Finish Oak Aged Beer (Edinburgh) 330ml 7.4%

Multi award winning beer aged in rum casks, surprisingly light in texture, soft fruits and malt fill
the palate, balanced by a lively spiciness. A mellow oak background emerges with time.
Innis & Gunn Limited Bottling - ask Staff for details (Edinburgh) 330ml
Williams Brothers Grozet 500ml 5.0%

Pale golden ale, sharp and refreshing
Williams Brothers Midnight Sun 500ml 5.6%

Blend of malted barley, oats, roast barley, chocolate
Williams Brothers Fraoch, Heather Ale 500ml 5%
Light amber ale with floral peaty aroma, malty, and a spicy herbal finish
Williams Brothers, Birds & Bees 500ml 4.3%
Bright and golden Ale, infused of fresh elderflowers and lemon zest
Williams Brothers Joker IPA 500ml 5.0%
Golden, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar

Brew Dog Punk IPA (Scotland) 330ml 5.6%

Light golden colour with light caramel on the nose.
Thistly Cross Original Cider (Scotland) 500ml 4.0%

Thistly Cross Strawberry Cider (Scotland) 500ml 4.0%

Thistly Cross Whisky Cider (Scotland) 500ml 4.0%

Thistly Cross Ginger Cider (Scotland) 500ml 4.0%

Speciality & Bottled Lagers, Beers & Ciders
Budweiser Budvar Pilsner (Czec h Rep .) 330ml 5.0%

Pale golden beer with a toasted malt aroma.
Corona (Mexico ) 330ml 4.6%
Clean finishing pale lager.
Desperados (France ) 330ml 5.9%
Tequila flavoured beer.
Erdinger Hefe Weiss (Germany) 500ml 5.3%
A light fruity wheat beer.
Peroni Nastra Azzuro (Italy) 330ml 5.2%
Crisp and lightly sparkling - refreshing and dry.
Bulmers Original Cider (England) 568ml 4.5%
Crisp clean cider with an apple finish.
Bulmers Pear Cider (England) 568ml 4.5%
Fruity, softly flavoured pear cider.
We are adding to our selection of SPECIALITY BEERS all the time - ask staff for details of
our full range

(unless otherwise stated)

Caesar Augustus (Scotland) 4.1%

Innis & Gunn Original (Edinburgh) 6.6%
Heineken (Netherlands) 5.0%
Deuchars IPA (Edinburgh) 3.8%
Guinness Extra Cold (Ireland) 4.1%
Caledonian 80/ (Scot land) 4.1%
William Brothers (Scotland) 4.0%

Whisky Cocktails
Why not try something a little different from the list below. . .they will whisk you away. . .
Whiski Jack

Refreshing sweet and fruity to the extreme! Isle Of Jura Malt whisky 10 Yr Old, peach schnapps
and shaken with cranberry juice.
Whiski Sour
A fresh fruity sour with a kick of citrus. Black Grouse, dot of bitters, shake with fresh lemon juice
and sugar syrup.
Royal Mile
As refreshingly beautiful as the Royal Mile. Famous Grouse whisky, pure orange juice, cherry
brandy, Amaretto and stirred with fresh lemon juice.
The Kilt
Simple perfection! The Local Glenkinchie 10 Yr Old Malt with Amaretto served over ice.
The fresh smell of the Scottish highlands…Glenmorangie 10 Yr Old Malt whisky, fresh lemon juice,
sugar syrup, stirred and charged with ginger ale.
Monkey Mojito
A refreshing sweet whisky with fresh mint notes and sugar textures. Monkey Shoulder blended
Malt whisky, lime juice, sugar syrup, dash of Angostura bitters and charged with soda water.
Rob Roy
The nearest thing to a national Scottish cocktail. Baillie Nicol Jarvie blended whisky, Martini Rosso
and Angostura bitters stirred and strained into a Martini glass.
Rusty Nail
A warm whisky drink with a honey flavour, Famous Grouse blended whisky, Drambuie, twist of
lemon, stirred and served over crushed ice.
Whiski Martini
A classic cocktail with a pure Scottish twist - Valt Scottish vodka, Botanist Scottish Gin and a dollop
of Smokehead on the rock, not for the faint-hearted!
Whiski Mule
A refreshing cocktail with fresh lime juice filled with ice, Monkey Shoulder topped up with ginger
beer and a fresh lime wedge.
Islay in the Sun
Over 20 Islay Botanicals go into the Botanist Gin and we mix it with Xante Pear Cognac, Apple
juice and lime to deliver this refreshing delight.
Grape and Glen
Glenmorangie Original muddled with cucumber, sugar and lemon topped with a dash of Pino

Oriental Sour
Lychee liqueur shaken with Yamazaki single malt whisky

Classic Cocktails
Smoky Mary

A classic Bloody Mary with a truly Scottish twist and a little spicier than you expect, Valt Scottish
Vodka, tomato juice, Ardbeg 10 year old, fresh lemon and cracked black pepper.
Sex & the City, who needs NY if you are in Edinburgh. Smirnoff vodka, triple sec, shaken with
cranberry juice and fresh lime.
French Martini
A classic - Smirnoff Black Vodka, Chambord and Pineapple Juice
Mai Tai
Fruity and scrumptious - Havana 7 year old, Triple Sec and charged with lime
and pineapple juice.
Vanilla Espresso Martini at
A Twist on a classic Martini using Vanilla Vodka and a shot of Espresso Coffee. Enjoy.
The Botanist’s Garden
A beautiful creation of crushed cucumber, Botanist gin and apple juice
Apple and Elderflower Collins
It’s an apple and elderflower twist on the classic Tom Collins – Caoran Gin,
St Germain Elderflower liqueur, apple juice, lime and charged with soda
Sparkling Cocktails
Peach Bellini

Peach liqueur and sparkling Prosecco
French 75
Sweet lemon, Blackwood’s Gin then topped with Prosecco
Champagne Classic
Hennessey Cognac, bitters, topped up with Champagne
Champagne Whisky Classic
Like a Champagne Classic cocktail, but with Glenfarclas 10 year old Single Malt for
a Scottish Twist

Kir Imperial

Raspberry Liqueur topped up with Champagne
Aperol Spritz
Aperol topped with Prosecco and lemonade flavoured with orange bitters
Lychee Bellini
A tropical version of the classic Italian cocktail. Lychee liqueur topped with Prosecco
Pimm’s Spritzer
A classy cocktail for the summer - Pimm’s topped with Prosecco and lemonade flavoured with orange bitters

Recommended Serves
Fancy something new?
Try some of our classics with a Scottish twist…
Hendric ks, Tonic and Cucumber
Hendricks Scottish Gin topped with tonic water and a slice of cucumber
Valt, Lime and Soda
Valt single malt Scottish Vodka, charged with lime and topped with soda
Monkey Shoulder and Ginger Ale
Monkey Shoulder triple malt blended whisky with ginger ale.

Pimms Original

Classic Pimm’s topped with lemonade, mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry

All the taste and all of the style but none of the alcohol!

Apple Mojito

Apple Juice, Lemon juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint and charged with soda
Cranberry juice, pineapple juice and orange juice, shaken with grenadine
Ginger Bella
Lemon juice, pineapple juice, ginger ale and a dash of grenadine
Non Alcoholic Drinks

Apple, Orange, Mango, Cranberry or Pineapple Juice
£2.20 sml / £3.80 lrg

Firefly 330ml

A range of delicious healthy drinks with only natural energising ingredients (and no added sugar). Wake up (Red)
Red grapes, peach & green tea.
Sharpe n up (Green n)
Grapefruit & passion fruit.
De-to x (Orange)
Zesty lemons, limes & ginger.
Recharge (Silver)
Pomegranate, rosehips & echinacea.

J20 275ml
Apple & Mango, Orange & Passion Fruit
Appletiser 275ml
Lightly sparkling 100% apple juice.
Strathmore Still/Sparkling Water 330ml

(Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Tonic Water, Soda Water).
Strathmore Still & Sparkling Water (1 Litre Bottle)

Hot Drinks
We use the best Illy coffee, taste the difference. . .

A shot of espresso with hot water to lengthen it.
Cappucci no
An intense shot of espresso, steamed milk and topped with foam.
Café Latte
A coffee classic - steamed milk with a shot of espresso, lightly topped with foam.
A shot of pure Illy coffee in its most intense form.
Double Espresso
Two espresso in the same cup for a double whammy!
A shot of espresso, lightly topped with foam. Mochaccino
Hot chocolate, espresso and steamed milk combined.
Hot Chocolate
Yummy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream - who can resist…
Nothing beats a refreshing cup of tea, we are a nation of tea drinkers after all…
Herbal Teas
Earl grey, green tea, camomile, peppermint tea, fruit infusions
Cakes from…
Take the weight off your feet with a
white/black coffee or tea and one of our delicious cakes,

Alcoholic Hot Drinks
Whiski Hot Toddy

Famous Grouse, hot water with honey, lemon and cloves to banish those sniffs and colds.
They say it works, try it and see…
Scottish/Irish Coffee
A shot of Famous Grouse/Jamesons in straight black coffee topped with whipped cream.
Liqueur Coffees
from £5.50
Add any liqueur of your choice to your straight black coffee, topped with whipped cream.
Baileys Latte
A classic latte with a shot of Baileys – just perfect!
Liqueur Hot Chocolate
Add either Baileys or Tia Maria to your Hot Chocolate - irresistible…
Bar Snacks
Available anytime
Feeling peckish ?

Pistachio Nuts

Salted Cashew Nuts
Wasabi Peas
Salted Peanuts

Bowl of Olives

Artisan Bread

With butter
With olive oil and balsamic
WHISKY TASTING Tours or “Whisky Flights”
We will provide you with a selection of whiskies and tasting notes to accompany them so that you can appreciate the different characteristics. See our current range at the bar or ask one of the staff … Have you had a look in our whisky shop?
Walk through the bar and pay us a visit… ~500 whiskies, Scottish spirits and beers, Scottish artisan food, cheeses, sweets and gifts. Online whisky shop - worldwide delivery
Have you tried the original WHISKI Bar ? See where it all started mid way down the Royal Mile: See our website
4, 6 & 7 North Bank Street
Edinburgh EH1 2LP
Tel: 0131 225 7224


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