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Benefits of Non-GMO Soy Protein to Bodybuilders and Athletes, ViSalus Question: What are the advantages of non-GMO soy protein (non-
genetically modified), and why does the protein content of the Visalus Vi-
Shape Nutritional Shake have such a low protein content. Surely 12 grams
protein is only half of what is recommended? Also, what benefits does
soy protein offer over other types of protein.
To understand the answers to these questions, you first have to
understand why protein is used by athletes and bodybuilders seeking to
build muscle bulk while maintaining a low body fat index (BFI). What this
involves is being able to eat well without having to over-exercise to burn
off the carbohydrates.
Protein molecules consists of carbohydrates and amino acids bonded
together, and taking a high protein diet offer both carbs and the amino
acids needed to build more proteins. By exercising specific muscle
groups, these groups will experience a greater blood flow and energy
Proteins, Amino Acids and Carbs
Ignoring non-GMO soy protein for the moment, when your metabolism
breaks down the protein to free up the protein carbohydrates for cellular
respiration, the amino acids are also freed and will build up protein tissue
within the muscles being exercised.
Weight for weight, proteins contain considerably less carbohydrate than
regular carbohydrate foods, and so you will avoid developing fatty tissue
without excessive exercise. Hence, when on a high protein diet, you can
take more protein than carbohydrates and build up muscle tissue while
retaining a low BFI. Generally you need about 20-30 g protein in each
soy protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids So why does Visalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake have only 12 grams
protein? The reason is simple. There is protein and protein, and soy
protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids you need in the
correct balance to meet the needs of your body. Not only that, but there
is no problem with genetic modification because Vi-Shape Nutritional
Shake contains only on-GMO soy protein from beans that have not been
subject to genetic modification.
Thyroid and Estrogen Problems
As your calorie intake drops, your thyroid reacts by slowing down. This in
turn slows down your metabolic rate, and your rate of muscle
development and fat burning slows along with it. To maintain your body
weight, you must therefore eat fewer carbohydrates. This also means
eating fewer proteins.
This means that excess protein in your diet is not always desirable. Soy
protein boosts your thyroid activity
and overcomes this problem. By
taking soy protein, your thyroid picks up its activity and gets your
metabolic rate back to where it should be.
The isoflavones in the non-GMO soy protein used by
ViSalus have been removed, eliminating this potentially
serious health problem.
Another problem is that soy contains isoflavones that mimic estrogens
and give rise to systemic effects related to estrogen. These can reduce
the rate at which body fat is reduced, or even increase body fat, and can
also lead to erratic menstruation. The isoflavones in the non-GMO soy
protein used by ViSalus have been removed, eliminating this potentially
serious health problem.
Benefits of Whey Protein Hydrolysate
ViSalus also includes whey protein in Vi-Shape Shake. A whey
concentrate rapidly assuages hunger, and stops you wanting to eat
more. This enables you to build muscle without over-consumption of
carbohydrates other than that contained in the protein you consume.
ViSalus also includes a whey hydrolysate that helps to support your lean
protein mass and is absorbed to a much greater level the 80% maximum
of other forms of whey protein. This makes it expensive, but worth it for
the benefits you get and is one reason why ViSalus needs only offer 12
grams protein in their shake.
Why Non-GMO Soy Protein?
As explained above, soy protein offers benefits to both bodybuilders and those seeking to lose weight due to the unique combination of proteins it contains. Although genetic modification of foodstuffs can and does enable growers to achieve a larger volume of crops per unit area of arable land, there are no firm guarantees that it does not make changes to the proteins the plant contains. the soy proteins they use metabolize into the correct balance of amino acids While this might be fine for the general population for whom soy beans
are no more than an important foodstuff, this is not good enough for
those using soy for the specific chemical makeup of its protein. It is very
important that the soy proteins they use metabolize into the correct
balance of amino acids
, while also providing the carbohydrates needed
to provide for their energy needs, but no more. The benefits of Visalus Vi-
Shape Nutritional Shake depend predominantly upon the properties of
the correct proportion of amino acids obtained from natural soy proteins,
and genetic modifications may change these. For that reason, those
utilizing soy protein shakes to help maintain a good BFI and a lean body
mass, and also build up their muscle mass through exercise if they want
that, should make sure that they are usingnon-Goosy extracts.
ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake offers a combination of non-GMO soy
protein that has been depleted of isoflavones, concentrated whey
protein and a whey hydrolysate that is easily absorbed. This combination
is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders at only 12 gram protein per meal.


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