Name of Applicant:______________________________________________ Date of Application:_______________ Admitted From:__________________ Dates:_______________________ Address:_________________________ Soc. Sec. No.:___________________ Medicare A #:___________________ Birthplace:____________________ Date of Birth:_____________________ Marital Status: Single Married Widow Widower Divorced Name of Husband or Wife:________________________________________ Previous Occupation:____________________________________________ Children: Name _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Brothers and Sisters: Name _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Name and address of my Doctor:___________________________________ Who are to be notified in case of emergency: (List two names) Name _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Are you a Veteran?______________________________________________ Name and address of Church of which you are a member: Name _____________________________________________________________ Name of Person who will handle your personal and financial affairs: Personal: _____________________ Financial: ___________________ How Account is to be Paid: Private Pay: Medicare: Medical Assistance: Date of Application: _____________________________ Policy #'s: _________________________________________ Name of Company(s): ________________________________ Addresses: ________________________________________ Phone Numbers: ____________________________________ Preferred Mortuary: ________________________________________ Cemetery Lot: _______________________ Location: _____________ Power of Attorney ( if any) held by whom: _________________________ __________________________________________________________ Please send a copy of P.O.A. and Living Will to Valley View Home. VALLEY VIEW HOME

No applicant for or recipient of medical assistance may be excluded from participation in
medical assistance or dental benefits in violation of the civil rights act of 1964, 42 USC
100, Et Seq., the age discrimination in employment act of 1967, the age discrimination
act of 1975, S.504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973, as amended, and the department
standards for equal opportunity in service delivery. Accordingly recipients may not be
excluded, denied, or refused health care services on the grounds of race, color, gender,
age, national origin, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, marital status, arrest record
or diagnosis.
This facility will conduct an internal review of appropriateness of placement for
individuals with a diagnosis of MR, DD or MI.Approval of a Level II for these
individuals will not be the only qualifier for admit. The facility may require a medical
guardianship or at a minimum, a durable POA as terms for admission.
The primary purpose and scope of the facility's programming is not designed to serve or
meet the special needs of individuals with MR / DD requiring a custodial / immediate
level of care. A determination for appropriateness of placement will be based on
functional / acuity levels and the need for specialized skilled nursing services.
(Revised 8/10/98)
The Facility agrees to furnish the Resident with the following services included in the daily rate: room, board, required nursing care, personal care, basic equipment, and supplies, housekeeping services, social services, and other services required by law, at a cost of _________/day Large Private Room, ____________/day Small Private Room. The Facility's daily rate does not include special or extra services including but not limited to the following: personal clothing, special or customized equipment and supplies, beauty and barber services, therapies by licensed therapists, drugs and medications, oxygen, laboratory fees (tests), physician, dental, podiatry, and psychiatric care. The daily charge is incurred upon the date of admission and whenever a room is reserved for or occupied by the Resident. The facility will bill long term care insurances. We request that a copy of your policy and claim forms be provided to the facility. You will receive a statement, monthly, even though you are waiting for payment from the insurance company. You are required to pay the charges billed to you every month. If the nursing home is to be the recipient of the insurance company’s payment, we will make an The Resident may require a change in care necessitating a change in charges. Such change in charges shall be made on basis of an assessment and notice, which will be given by the Facility as soon as reasonably possible. Changes in charges, due to cost of living increases will be communicated in writing to the Resident or responsible party at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such change. Private Pay Residents will be charged the daily room rate to hold a room/bed while a Resident is hospitalized. Medicaid eligible residents will have their room/bed held and paid for by Medicaid during hospitalization for as long as there is an expectation of return to the facility. Residents on Medicaid will have up to 24 days for their bed to be held during therapeutic leaves (July 1 - June 30). If therapeutic leave exceeds 24 days, they may lose the bed unless other parties may pay the daily charge to hold the room. In situations where conditions of billing for holding a bed are not met, providers must hold the bed and may not bill Medicaid for the bed hold day until all conditions of billing are met and may not bill the resident under any circumstances. 2. Medical Assistance
If the Resident is eligible for Medical Assistance, whether at the time of admission or thereafter, the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement, shall complete and file all Medical Assistance application forms and shall notify the Facility's Business Office promptly of any delay or difficulty in such application for Medical Assistance. While an application for Medical Assistance is pending or if for any reason the Facility cannot obtain payment under the Medical Assistance program for lawful charges incurred on behalf of the Resident, the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement agree to pay all lawful charges for services rendered by the Facility. If Medical Assistance pays the Facility for any charges previously paid by the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for resident, if any, signing this Agreement, the Facility will refund those payments to the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement. If the Resident is a recipient of Medical Assistance, the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement shall pay to the Facility any insurance, social security, or other benefits Resident is entitled to as directed by the Medical If for any reason the Facility cannot obtain payment under the Medical Assistance program for lawful charges incurred on behalf of the Resident, the Resident and Spouse financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement agree to pay those lawful If the Resident is eligible for Medicaid, the Facility shall provide a list of the items and services included under the State plan and for which the Resident may not be charged. A list of these items and services, is attached and is incorporated herein by references. Medicaid Fraud control Unit: Fraud & Recoveries Unit, 2401 Colonia Dr., P. O Box Resident Charges:
Resident charges will not be imposed against the personal funds of a resident for any item or service for which payment is made under Other Expenses:
The Resident or person financially responsible for Resident, if any, signing this Agreement will pay for all emergency transportation, hospital admission expenses, and any special charges not included in the daily charge incurred for the Resident. Refunds:
The unused portion of the daily rate charges will be refunded after a TRANSFERS
The Facility reserves the right to transfer or discharge a Resident for 1. The transfer or discharge is necessary for the Resident's welfare and the Resident's needs cannot be met in the Facility. 2. The transfer or discharge is appropriate because the Resident's health has improved sufficiently so the Resident no longer needs 3. The safety of individuals in the Facility is endangered. 4. The health of individuals in the Facility would otherwise be 5. The Resident has failed, after reasonable and appropriate notice, to pay for (or to have paid under Medicare or Medicaid) a stay at the Facility. The Facility shall notify the Resident at least 30 days in advance of an involuntary transfer outside the Facility, except As immediate transfer or discharge is required by Resident's urgent medical needs, or the health and safety of individuals in the Facility 7. Residents may appeal the involuntary discharge or transfer to the Office of Fair Hearings, 2401 Colonial Drive - 3rd Floor, P. O. Box 202953, Helena, MT 59620, (406)444-2470 Resident's Right to Refuse Transfers:
An individual has the right to refuse a transfer to another room within the Facility, if the purpose of the transfer is to relocate; 1. A Resident of a SNF, from the distinct part of the Facility that is SNF, to a part of the Facility that is not a SNF. 2. If a Resident of a NF from the distinct part of the Facility that is a NF to a distinct part of the Facility that is a SNF. 3. A Resident's exercise of the right to refuse transfer, under paragraphs 1 & 2 of this section, does not affect his/her eligibility or entitlement to Medicaid benefits. ROOM CHANGES
The Facility will make every effort to assign residents to the room of their choice. However, due to constraints related to compatibility level of care, sex, and payment source, this is not always possible. For these reasons it may become necessary to move a Resident. Personal clothing must be of washable nature. The facility will not accept responsibility for removal of nonwashable garments from circulation or damage to nonwashables that are delivered to facility laundry. The facility will utilize a label press for identification of clothing. AUTHORIZATIONS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT
1. Physician Services
I authorize Dr. _____________ to be the physician in charge of treating the Resident. In an emergency, or if the attending physician does not provide service for the Resident as required by Federal and State guidelines, the Facility is authorized to call another licensed physician. The physician responsible for coordination of the Resident's care may be contacted at this address and phone number: _______________________________________________________ 2. Pharmacy Services
The pharmacy shall provide medications for each resident in accordance with the medication delivery system utilized by the facility which is designed to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficacy. The facilities system requires that medications be dispensed and packaged into a “bubble or blister card” which is size appropriate to the facilities secured medication cart. Any resident who utilizes the VA pharmacy service will be exempt from this requirement. The pharmacy chosen by the resident must have the capability to dispense and package the medications in a manner that complies with the facilities medication delivery system. Upon discontinuation of a medication, the disposition of the medication shall be in accordance with Federal and State I authorize that all prescriptions be filled by____________________________. 3. Dental Services
I authorize Dr. ______________ to be the dentist responsible for treating the Resident. In an emergency, or if the dentist does not provide service for the Resident as required by Federal and State guidelines, the Facility is authorized to call another dentist. 4. Vision Services
I authorize Dr. _______________ to be the eye doctor to handle my vision care. In an emergency, or if my eye doctor is not able to provide the service, I authorize the Facility to call another eye doctor. 5. Resident Funds Account
Valley View Home will handle Resident personal funds in the office. Resident account funds are protected through a Surety Bond coverage. Resident personal funds in excess of $50 will be kept in an interest Financial records will be available through quarterly statements and on request to the resident or responsible party. The SSI / Medicaid resource limit for one We will notify the resident when the amount is $200 less than the resource limit. The appropriate resource limit must be maintained for continued program eligibility. Upon death of a Resident, the nursing home will convey within 30 days the Resident's fund to the estate or responsible party. The nursing facility or a person, other than a financial institution, holding personal funds of a deceased nursing facility resident who received Medicaid benefits at any time shall, within 30 days following the resident's death, pay those funds to the Third Party Liability Unit, 2401 Colonial Dr. - 2nd Fl., P.O. Box 202953, Helena, MT 59620, (406) 444-4162. A nursing facility may satisfy a debt owed by the deceased resident to the facility from the deceased resident's personal funds that are held by the nursing facility and that would have been payable to the facility from the resident's funds. The facility shall pay the remaining funds to the department as required by this section. I do ____ do not ____ authorize the Facility to handle personal funds for the above named Resident. All financial transactions done on behalf of the Resident will be clearly documented in the business office and records shall be available in accordance with regulations. 6. Room Type
I do ____ do not ____ want a large private room if available. (Medicaid does not cover the additional charge for a large private room.) In the event of a payment source change, (i.e. private pay to Medicaid), a room change will be made only upon the request of the resident, family 7. Religion
I do ____ do not ____ wish to have my religious preference listed. ____________________ is the preferred affiliation revealed for 8. Directory
I do ____ do not ____ wish to have my name listed on the facility directory. 9. Consent for Treatment
I, __________________________, a Resident in Valley View Home, hereby authorize Dr. __________________ (or whomever he/she may designate for me in his/her absence) to administer such medical treatments or procedures as are necessary during my residence at EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH
Valley View Home does not participate in experimental research.

Directives in case of "Cardiac Arrest" I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I have carefully studied this agreement and the exhibits and understand it in detail and that I have answered correctly to the best of my knowledge and belief all questions herein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, MY SIGNATURE THIS ____ day __________, 20____ ____________________________ __________________________ I, the undersigned, a representative of Valley View Home, do hereby certify that we accept this application and that the Home will provide, to the best of its ability, with the resources available, a comfortable Christian Home for said Resident. NURSING FACILITY SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE DAILY RATE
The services and examples of services listed in this subsection are included in the rate determined by the department under ARM. 1. All general nursing services including but not limited to administration of oxygen and medications, handfeeding, incontinent care, tray service, nursing rehabilitation services, enemas, and routine pressure Services necessary to provide for residents in a manner and in an environment that promotes maintenance or enhancement of each Services required to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each medicaid recipient who Items furnished routinely to all residents without charge, such as resident gowns, water pitchers, basins, and bed pans. Items routinely provided to residents including but not limited to: Anti-bacterial/bacteriostatic solutions, including betadine, hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol, merthiolate, zepherin Hypodermic needles (disposable and non-disposable) Medication - dispensing cups and envelopes Ointments for general protective skin care Laundry services whether provided by the facility or by a hired firm, except for residents' personal clothing which is dry cleaned outside Nonemergency routine transportation as defined in subsection (13). "Patient contribution" means the total of all of a resident's income from any source available to pay the cost of care, less the resident's personal needs allowance. The patient contribution includes a resident's incurment determined in accordance with ARM 37.40.331. "Patient day" means a whole 24 hour period that a person is present and receiving nursing facility services, regardless of the payment source. Even though a person may not be present for a whole 24 hour period on the day of admission or day of death, such day will be considered a patient day. When department rules provide for the reservation of a bed for a resident who takes a temporary leave from a provider to be hospitalized or make a home visit, such whole 24 hour periods of absence will be considered patient days. "Provider" means any person, agency, corporation, partnership or other entity that, under a written agreement with the department, furnishes nursing facility services to medicaid recipients. "Rate year" means a 12 month period beginning July 1. For example, rate year 1993 means a period corresponding to state fiscal year 1992. "Resident" means a person admitted to a nursing facility who has been present in the facility for at least one 24 hour period. "Total allowable remodeling costs" means those remodeling costs which are supported by adequate documentation. The costs include, but are not limited to, all costs of construction. These cost do not include costs of moveable equipment, supplies, furniture, appliances or other similar Personal hygiene items and services, including but not limited Bathing items and services, including but not limited to towels, Hair care and hygiene items, including but not limited to Miscellaneous items and services, including but not limited to cotton balls and swabs, deodorant, hospital gowns, sanitary napkins and related supplies, and tissues Skin care and hygiene items, including but not limited to bath soap, moisturizing lotion, and disinfecting soaps or specialized cleansing agents when indicated to treat special skin problems Tooth and denture care items and services, including but not limited to toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, denture cleaner and Supplies necessary to maintain infection control, including those required for isolation-type services Over-the-counter drugs (or their equivalents), including but not limited Acetaminophen (regular and extra-strength) Suppositories for evacuation (dulcolax and glycerine) Syringes (disposable or non-disposable hypodermic, insulin, Items used by individual residents which are reusable and expected to be available, including but not limited to: Bedside equipment, including bedpans, urinals, emesis basins, Blood pressure equipment, including stethoscope Room (private or double occupancy as provided in CHARGEABLE ITEMS FOR THOSE ON MEDICAL ASSISTANCE
The department will not pay a provider for any of the following items or services provided by a nursing facility to a resident. The provider may charge these items or services to the nursing facility resident: Social events and entertainment outside the scope of the Cosmetic and grooming items and services in excess of those for which payment is made by medicare or medicaid Personal comfort items, including tobacco products and accessories, notions, novelties, and confections Television, radio and private telephone rental Less-than-effective drugs (exclusive of stock items) Specially prepared or alternative food requested instead of food The difference between the cost of items usually reimbursed under the per diem rate and the cost of specific items or brands requested by the resident which are different from that which the facility routinely stocks or provides (e.g., special lotion, powder, Services provided in private rooms will be reimbursed by the department at the same rate as services provided in a double occupancy room. A provider must provide a medically necessary private room at no additional charge and may not bill the recipient any additional charge for the medically necessary private room. A provider may bill a resident for the extra cost of a private room if the private room is not medically necessary and is requested by the resident. The provider must clearly inform the resident that additional payment is strictly voluntary. Medicaid will also pay for items under separate billable items. They are as follows: (a) irrigation set for irrigation of ostomy; ureterostomy supplies not otherwise listed; disposable colostomy applicances and accessories; implantable vascular access portal/catheter (venous arterial or peritoneal); indwelling catheter, foley type, two-way, teflon; indwelling catheter, foley type, two-way, latex; indwelling catheter, foley type, two-way, latex with teflon coating; indwelling catheter, foley type, two-way, all silicone; indwelling catheter, foley type, two-way, silicone with elastomer coating; indwelling catheter, foley type, three-way, latex or teflon for continuous urinary collection and retention system, drainage bag with tube; urinary collection and retention sytem, leg bag with tube; catheter insertion tray, without tube and drainage bag; (am) 3 - way irrigation set for catheter; (an) oxygen contents, gaseous, per cubic feet; oxygen contents, gaseous, per 100 cubic feet; oxygen contents, liquid, per 100 pounds; disposable humidifier(s) for respiratory therapies; MADA plasatic nebulizer with mask and tube; oxygen cart for protable tank (portable); enteral feeding supply kit; syringe (monthly); enteral feeding supply kit; pump fed (monthly); enteral feeding supply kit; gravity fed (monthly); nasal gastric tubing with thin wire or cotton (e.g., travasorb, entriflex, dobb huff, enteral supply kit for prepackaged delviery system (monthly); nasogastric tubing with or without stylet; (e.g., travasorb); parenteral nutrition supply kit for one month - premix; parenteral nutrition supply kit for one month - homemix; parenteral nutrition administratio kit for one month; enteral supplies not elsewhere classified; parenteral supplies not elsewhere classified; (cw) nutrient solutions for parenteral and enteral nutrition therapy when such solutions are the only source of nutrition for residents who, because of chronic illness or trauma, cannot be sustained through oral feeding. Payment for these solutions will be allowed only where the department determines they are medically necessary and appropriate, and authorizes payment before the items are provided to the resident; routine nursing supplies used in extraordinary amounts and prior Carnation Instant Breakfast as a dietary supplement.


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