Xcel Magna Plate A - Universal Lithium EP
Multi-purpose Grease – HD Wheel Bearing Grease
(12/09/11 edition)
Xcel Magna Plate A is the best grease Xcel has to offer. It is a multi-purpose lithium complex grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide ("MOLY") for increased load carrying properties and enhanced friction reducing characteristics. It is specifically formulated with high-performance chemistry engineered to enhance load carrying capacity, oxidation resistance, rust and corrosion protection properties. Fortified with extreme pressure additives, Xcel Magna Plate A grease will withstand even the highest of loads. Special additives promote both adhesion and cohesion, to prevent "pound-out" and "throw-out", reduce water washout, and minimize lubrication intervals. This product is recommended for all automotive applications, both chassis and bearings; and for agricultural, industrial, off-highway, and construction service where outstanding grease performance is important. Xcel Universal Lithium EP grease is a multi-purpose grease. The lithium-12 hydroxy thickener system gives this grease a high dropping point and provides resistance to melting and leakage from bearings, couplings, and joints at elevated operating temperatures. Universal Lithium EP is especially engineered to protect against rust, oxidation and water washout. This high performance grease is recommended for all automotive applications, including chassis points, fifth wheels, and wheel bearings. It is also designed to meet or exceed most agriculture, construction and industrial applications. Xcel Multi-purpose grease is designed for both automotive and industrial applications. It is lithium-thickened grease formulated from fully refined quality lubricant base stocks. It has excellent temperature stability and will not melt at normal automotive service temperatures. Xcel Multi-purpose grease is recommended for lubrication of water pumps, universal joints, and regularly lubricated chassis points on cars, trucks, buses, tractors and mobile construction equipment. Xcel HD Wheel Bearing grease is sodium-based thickened grease. This grease has a good dropping point for higher temperature applications. The sodium nature of this grease imparts natural anti-rust protection. In the presence of small amounts of water, the grease will act to draw the water away from the metal to prevent rusting of the metal surface. Inherent fibrous texture promotes adhesion and cohesion; oxidation and corrosion properties are also present. Some performance levels are limited by viscosity grades. Please consult the Xcel Performance Application Chart, the Xcel Inspection Data Table for the appropriate Xcel product or contact your Xcel District Manager for more complete information and recommendations. Consult your Xcel District Manager for specific pack sizes and product availability. Xcel Lubricants • 1601 McCloskey Boulevard, Tampa, FL USA 33605 • Phone: (813)248-1988 • [email protected] • www.xcellube.com

Heavy Duty
Magna Plate A
Universal Lithium
Xcel Greases
Wheel Bearing
EP Grease
NLGI Grade
Thickener Type
Solid Lubricant
Dropping Point °C /°F
Timken OK Load Lbs. D-2509
Four Ball Weld Scar, mm D-2266
Four-Ball WeldPoint,kgf D-2596
Four-Ball Load Wear Index
Rust Corrosion Test, D-1743
Emcor Rust, IP220-mod,Distilled Water
Worked 60 Penetration, D-217
Penetration Consistency Change, Roll
Stability, D-1831, mm/10
Wheel Bearing Leakage, D-4290, g loss
Oxidation Stability D-942,
Pressure drop at 100 hrs, PSI
Copper Strip Corrosion, D-4048
Oil Separation, D-1742, % loss
Water Spray Resistance,
D-4049, % Spray-off
Water Washout,
D-1264, wt% loss at 79°C(175°F).
Characteristics Oil plus Oil Soluble
Additives Viscosities D-445:
@ 100C, cSt.
@40C, cSt.
Viscosity Index
(905RA) (903RA) (936AP)
Reference Formula
* Magna Plate A Grease is fortified with Molybdenum DiSulfide (Moly) Xcel Lubricants • 1601 McCloskey Boulevard, Tampa, FL USA 33605 • Phone: (813)248-1988 • [email protected] • www.xcellube.com Greases: Preferred (P) and Applicable (A) usage.
l Lithium
CV joints
Chassis (auto)
Chassis (truck)
Conveyor Belts
Drum and Shoe Bearing
EP (extreme pressure)
Extreme Temperature
5TH Wheel
General Purpose
High Impact Environment
High Water Environment
Off-Road Heavy Duty
Off-Road SUV/Utility
Outboard/Marine P
Table & RockNeck Bearings
Trunion Bearings
Wheel Bearing (auto/truck)
Xcel Lubricants • 1601 McCloskey Boulevard, Tampa, FL USA 33605 • Phone: (813)248-1988 • [email protected] • www.xcellube.com

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