Muscular Aches
For muscular exertion after exercise or simple over-use, a blend can be
made using 7 drops Lavender, 7 drops Juniper and 8 drops Rosemary
in 50 ml carrier oil (Almond, Grapeseed or Apricot kernel, for exam-
ple). This blend can be used as a massage oil or up to 10 drops can be
used in a bath. If you suffer from high blood pressure, substitute Sweet
Marjoram oil
for Rosemary.
Aching Feet
After a hard day at work, try a footbath. If the feet are swollen and
puffy, use a few drops of Peppermint oil in cool water. If they are tired
and aching, use Geranium oil in warm water. Soak for 30 minutes or
so. For excessive foot odour, try a footbath containing a few drops of
Cypress oil.
We all get them from time to time! Try any of the following remedies;
A few drops of Rosemary and Juniper in a warm bath.
Lavender massaged onto the nape of the neck
A cool compress of Lavender or Geranium laid across the forehead.
To make a Compress.
Run some water of the required temperature into a bowl, place a few
drops of the appropriate oil onto the water; swish around lightly with the
hand. Lay a folded flannel or small towel onto the surface of the water
until it is wet through. Squeeze out lightly and apply to the affected ar-
ea. As a cold compress becomes warm, or a hot compress cools, replen-
ish from the bowl.
This leaflet lists some natural products which can
Sage Tea
Dried or fresh, this herb can be made into a tea to be drunk to help pre-
be used for all the family.
vent hot flushes during the menopause or as a gargle for sore and drythroats. See enclosed leaflet for how to prepare a herbal tea.
Lavender Oil
This oil is healing and antiseptic. It can be used neat on minor cuts and
Common Aliments
grazes and is especially good for burns. It is one of the few oils that canbe used neat on the skin, although dilution is recommended for babies.
Two to three drops on the pillow at night will promote restful sleep, as Colds and Flu
will 3-5 drops in a warm bath before bedtime.
A number of oils are beneficial to relieve symptoms, as follows; Eucalyptus
Tea Tree Oil
Pine Sylvestris (other pine oils are toxic)
Another oil that can be used neat. This is one of the most anti-bacterial and anti-viral of all the oils. It can be used in a burner to help prevent the spread of cold and flu bugs in winter. Tea Tree can also be used on
Any of these can be dropped onto a tissue and carried in a bag or pock- mouth ulcers (applied carefully with a cotton bud to the sore area). It et; a few drops can be placed on a pillow before sleep or evaporated in can also be dabbed onto grazes and cuts which are likely to become in- an oil burner. For a more concentrated treatment, a few drops can be placed in a bowl of hot water with a towel draped over the head (keepyour eyes closed!) for a few minutes.
Aloe Vera (whole plant)
My favourite remedy is 3-5 drops of Cajuput oil in a warm bath, this I
Extract of Aloe Vera can be bought in creams and gels, but why bother
find an excellent restorative after dragging yourself through a day at when the plant itself can be used? I recommend everyone keep a plant on their kitchen window sill, after all this is the place where you are And, of course, don’t forget the vitamin C! Despite the fact that most likely to burn yourself! When needed, simply snip off a leaf or part ‘scientists’ have found that a supplement of this vitamin does not help to of a leaf and squeeze the thick, clear gel onto the burn or scald. The ac- prevent colds, I’m sure that those of us who have tried it can attest to its tion of the gel is immediately soothing and promotes healing without scarring. It can also be used on cuts and grazes and can be beneficial onold scar tissue.
Travel Sickness
Peppermint oil
can be dropped onto a handkerchief or tissue to be used
as needed. If the sickness is a result of nervous tension, Lavender oil
This can be bought in tablet form or taken as a tea. It strengthens the immune system against infection, and is especially effective against
winter ailments. Take the dried herb in the form of a tea daily for six
weeks, rest for two and then resume for another six weeks throughout
the winter period. Echinacea Augustifolia is stronger and harsher, but
many herbalists prefer Echinacea Purpurea which has a gentler but
more sustaining effect.

Source: http://www.thesimmeringcauldron.co.uk/herbalfirstaid.pdf


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