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Time: 11-1 PST; 12-2 MST; 1-3 CST; 2-4 EST Moderator Pin: 820338# Participant Pin: 743951# Welcome and Attendance Members in attendance: Kathy Kolaski, Dawn Farrell, Larry Niler, Karen Farrell, Carol Pozsik Approval of November Notes Final draft approved and will be posted to website NTCA update – Carol Pozsik No NTCA meeting held in December. Carol did report re: annual conference: APHL and the MD group want to charge extra for their meetings, but NTCA will keep their fee at $400. Conference logistics still being worked out with the Omni. Speaker recruitment goal is still to use attendees already present, and not to use outside speakers. NTCA considering separate Awards session, but unsure about providing food. Re website: Carol and Jennifer met with an IT specialist and are looking at software to enhance the website , e.g. to enable a listserv and members only section, with the hope of ‘giving members more for their money’. Info will be presented to website committee. Next NTCA call Jan. 11. Executive Director Report – Carol Pozsik No specific report CDC Report – Judy Gibson – Not in attendance  Committee Reports Re Membership Committee: Dawn decided against talking with Gail and Mary (they also declined to participate in Planning) and will pursue new members. Dawn will approach several interested parties, and will then ask members to choose a chair. The chair will also serve as the NTNC delegate to the NTCA Membership Committee. Re Planning Committee: Larry agreed to join the committee. Goal to recruit reps from all regions. Exec Board are members. Dawn said conference name and logo are finalized, and NTCA wants a title for our meeting. One possible theme suggested is MDR-TB. Kathy suggested keeping nursing as the focus. Discussed presenting several varied difficult cases, not just MDR. We agree Awards Session important, and Larry suggested doing a breakfast since it’s already supplied, or a luncheon where members could use per diem. Dawn will propose to NTCA. Plan to meet Jan. 5 to finalize title and work on agenda. Re Nominating Committee: Kathy announced she hopes to have a slate defined by mid-January. She would like at least 2 candidates for each position. Larry is willing to run for another term as secretary.  Awards Criteria – We’ll look at condensing criteria to try to reduce subjectivity. Maybe designate 3 – 4 categories for outside comment, and then have more specific points within each category for our internal review. We’d like to avoid competencies, but Kathy suggested making one of the overall categories ‘competencies in TB nursing’ to ensure the award is ‘TB specific’. Awardee doesn’t have to only do TB, but it must be part of his/her duties. Larry suggested we all write up our ideas and discuss at next meeting. Dawn would like preliminary criteria done at January meeting for February finalization.  Re Brenda Ashkar – Kathy says Brenda would like to use existing info from last year’s presentation, and add input from past presidents. Kathy suggested a list of all past presidents be included as part of a timeline. Dawn and Kathy suggest putting list of past presidents and Brenda’s slide presentation on website first, then adding written history for a brochure later. New Business – FYI, Dawn announced that Linda Brown from the Texas TB program informed her that there will continue to be an ethionamide shortage til at least February, due to manufacturing delays. Dawn will request committee reports after holidays so she can compile an ‘end of calendar year’ report. She’ll then obtain additional info for an ‘end of fiscal year’ report for May. Next Meeting – January 26, same time as above.


Dott. Damiano Angoli Researcher, Lab Manager email: [email protected] Citizenship: Canadian, Italian. Education and Languages: * 1988-94 Laurea (Doctor in Biological Sciences) with honor (110/110) in Biology at Dept. of Biochemistry and General Physiology, Electrophysiology Laboratory, University of Milan, Italy. “Regulation of intracellular pH in human promyelocytic leukemia cells�

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Univ. Doz. Dr. Dietmar Spitzer Beruflicher Werdegang Publikationen Buchbeiträge Vorträge Beruflicher Werdegang Medizinstudium an der Leopold Franzens-Universität Innsbruck Ausbildung zum Praktischen Arzt (Jus practicandi) Landeskrankenanstalten Salzburg Assistenzarzt Lungenabteilung, LKA Salzburg Ausbildung zum Facharzt für Gynäkologie u. Geburtshilfe an der Frauenklinik Salzburg Lei

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