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Overall Efficacy of Fondaparinux vs Enoxaparin in VTE Prevention:

Fondaparinux better
Enoxaparin better
P = 0.000000000000000001
% odds reduction
Overall odds reduction for proximal DVT = 57.4% [CI: 72.3 - 35.6]; p = 10-6 Turpie et. al. Arch Intern Med 2002: 162: 1833-40 Baseline Characteristics
Fonda (%)
Therapies During Initial Hospitalization
Fonda (%)
70% of patients recruited from centers with cath labs.
2 of 3: Age>60, ST Δ, positive cardiac markers opidogrel, IV GP II
Clopidogrel, IV GP b/IIIa
IIb/IIIa as per local practice
1 mg/kg BID
Primary: Efficacy: Death, MI, refractory ischemia 9 day
Safety: Major bleeds
Risk benefit: Death, MI, refractory ischemia, major bleeds
Secondary: Above & each component (especially deaths) at 30 & 180 d
Hypothesis: First test non-inferiority, then test superiority
Major Bleeding: 9 Days
95% CI 0.45-0.62
ive Hazard
Fondaparinux is “non-inferior” compared with enoxaparin at 9 days, with substantially lower rates of important bleeds. The net benefit-risk balance clearly Bleeding increases the risk of death significantly. At one month and at 6 months there is a significant reduction in mortality with

Strokes are also significantly reduced by fondaparinux, so that there is a clear Consistent results are observed in those undergoing PCI (including early PCI) and Clinical Implications :Results
Treating 1000 ACS patients with fondaparinux instead of enoxaparin prevents: - 10 deaths or MI- 4 strokes- 25 major bleeds THE OASIS 5 TRIAL CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES THAT FONDAPARINUX IS THE PREFERRED ANTICOAGULANT FOR TREATMENT OF ACS.


Conversion Technique - By Jack Carpenter I have never used anything other than Colchicine circulate air around the treated crowns are in my opinion (DMSO has sometimes been used) to effect conversion. The use of DMSO did not seem to cause greater amounts of conversions. I am simply not familiar with the CRITICAL importance as crown rot may occur. Always several other things I have heard

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Caution In Using Celecoxib: Induction Of VEGF And Angiogenesis By This COX-2 Inhibitor H. Shu, H. Gao, K. Xu, Dept. of Radiation Oncology and Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University, Atlanta, GA Purpose/Objective(s): Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) plays a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of many cancer types and its elevated expression generally portends a worse prognosis. Gi

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