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The appraised property can be found in the centre of Kecskemét, in Kálvin tér, in the external rim of the precincts (Kosssuth tér-Szabadság tér), beside Csányi körút open also for Due to central location of the area it is easily accessible both by public transportation and car, although the question of parking is not solved at all. Parking is possible only in the In the downtown area there are lots of institutions, buildings of trading and servicing function, and museums, over the körút however the residential function is dominating. The architectural appearance of the neighbouring buildings show mixed picture. In the recent years the city has spent a lot of money on the modernisation of the façades of the buildings in the downtown pedestrian areas and on landscaping; although the areas over the körúton are rather heterogeneous both from architectural and aesthetic points of view. The size of the property registered as “post office” at id number 1135, is 3176 m2, it is in undivided joint property. According to the certificate of ownership of 04.06.2008. of the property the owners are the Hungarian Telekom Távközlési Nyrt inan ownership ratio of 5494/10000, and the Hungarian Post Zrt. in an ownership ratio of 4506/10000. The site is equipped with all public utilities, the surface is flat, the shape is irregular trapezium. The buildings are situated on the border line of the site, with framed building in style. The property is bordered by asphalted road on all the four sides. The small size inner yard surrounded by the buildings is not suitable for parking, it is used by the Hungarian Post The decree number 19/2005 (VI.01.) on the constructional regulations registers the property to zone of code number Vk/M 106095*. This indication covers the central mixed zone, within which the individual elements of the code number carry the following contents: 10 - area in the centre of the settlement 6 - framed building in 9 - 80% max. building in basic area 5* - 7.5-10.5 m maximum building height The original function of the building is telephone centre and plant area and office building serving it, although due to the more and more modern technologies significant areas have become vacant in the building and are unoccupied now. According to data supply there is one outsider tenant in the building, we haven’t received confirmation about this in the course of the scene survey. According to data supply the amount of the annual tenancy fee paid by Go-Max. Kft. is only HUF 272 thousand, therefore the size of the area rent by them is Practically there are three buildings located on the land area of undivided joint property of 3,176 m², which are passable through to each other: one of old construction of ground floor +floor 1 post office building – in the relation of which the certificate of ownership prescribes monumental protection –, one built in the ’70’s of ground floor + floor 1 post office building and the flat roof office building – telephone centre, subject of appraisal, of ground floor + 5 According to our information the building, subject of appraisal, built with the arrangement of ground floor + 5 floors, was approved in 1978. The building of longish shape has two entrances, one of which, the one opening from the street side, is out of use at present, it is closed with bars. The entrance in use is opening from the internal yard, the building hasn’t got own reception service, however entering the yard is possible only through the reception of the post. We did not receive information about the essence of the security system, all we experienced in the course of the scene survey, was that it is a clock in system operating with card, the reception is working for 24 hours. In the building, subject of appraisal, only a few important premises are defended with card system. Entering the ground floor there is a long passageway corridor in the opposite, from which the office and technology premises are opening to two sides. There is a staircase to the right side, in which there is a personal elevator for 4 and a goods elevator for 2 tons, and sanitary premises also open from here. According to the information received in the course of the scene survey the goods elevator has gone wrong and hasn’t been working for months. The personal elevator is operating, however it often needs fixing. On the other end of the longish building there is another backside staircase too, which is practically out of use. The basic area arrangement of the building can be considered identical in all floors, except We received the layouts of the individual floors and a list of premises, on the basis of which we summarised the basic areas of the building as follows: Useful basic areas of the building (m2) Office Summary of the basic areas by floors (m2) Ground floor There are the following premises on the ground floor of the building: reception premise of 0,4 kV, electricity supplying premise, battery premise, a diesel aggregator of high performance and its premises, and a cable premise and storage. There are technology premises, offices, and storehouses on floors I.-II. There is a filing cabinet of more than 500 m² on floor III, together with offices, a tea kitchen, Similarly to floors II-III, there are technology, storehouse and office premises on floor IV. On floor V. premises open only to one side from the passageway corridor, stretching in the middle, therefore the basic area of this floor is about half of the other floors. The office building – telephone exchange centre was built in the end of the1970’s with ferro We don’t have accurate information about the founding, it can be supposed that a ferro concrete foundation appropriate to the structure and size of the building was prepared. Prefabricated BVM roof panels were applied on the monolith ferro concrete pillar structure. The walling is partly TT vertical wall panel, and aluminium installed walls. As far as the façade appearance of the building is concerned it can be said that this was considered modern appearance 30 years before: prefabricated panel-elements dominated, combined with metal plate-cover. The external doors and windows are the originally installed Sopron type aluminium structures without exception. The building has flat roof, the stuck bitumen plate-insulation was covered again 2 years ago on the full area of the roof. (According to verbal information it still does not function perfectly). The doors and windows in the inside of the building are old type wooden structures. The covers of the premises differ in the departments partially renovated and in those in the original condition. We can find plastic (PVC) or ceramic cover on the passageways, the offices and technology premises are also equipped with the plastic cover. There is tiling or ceramic tile cover in the sanitary premises depending on whether it was renovated or not. Part of the office and technology areas are covered with suspended ceiling, the ventilation and air conditioning pipes are stretching above the suspended ceiling. The internal height is The heating of the building is provided by city district heating, the actual heaters are mostly old type cast iron radiators. Except for some offices (we haven’t visited any of these in the course of the survey) and technology premises there is no comfort air conditioning in the building. The outdoor units can be found on the roof. Several air conditioning engine rooms The electricity reception premise is located on the ground floor. In case of deficiency of electricity supply a diesel aggregator of high performance is providing electric energy. Firewater system is not developed, there are automatic fire extinguishers equipped in the technology premises. Lighting of the premises is provided by strip lighting. Land improvements belonging to the property include public utility connections (water, electricity, natural gas, telephone, sewage). The technical content and the condition of the building is basically reflecting the original conditions of the ’70’s. The internal developments are obsolete, the covers, doors and windows are obsolete, in most of the places the minimum restorations were not carried out either. On the basis of visual survey static problem could not be seen, and this cannot be supposed either due to the ferro concrete structure planned to be rather heavy duty. The building is practically not equipped with heat insulation, therefore it cannot be heated out in winter, but hot in summer. These days the applied external metal cover is considered as obsolete solution not only functionally but also from aesthetic points of view. On the basis of verbal information there was partial renovation carried out around the turn of the millennium in certain parts of the building, in the course of this the covering was exchanged in the sanitary premises and in the passageways on the two upper floors, and also the offices on these floors were renovated. In any other respect all structures, covering and other installations are originated in the ’79’s. Review of the building engineering systems is also timely, piping is the original everywhere. In case of long term utilisation full scale renovation-alteration works have to be carried out, therefore the capacity of profit production can be provided.


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