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B/DX/17 Deeds and related papers concerning property in p. Llangatwg (Llangattock), Crickhowell, co. Brecon, and other papers Transferred by curator, Brecknock Museum, 29 March 1990. Probably orginally from Jeffreys and Powell, solicitors. AccNo.505 B/DX/17/1 22 September 1737 1. Samuel Croxall of city of Hereford, D.D.; Phillipa, his wife 2. Margaret William and David Evan of p. Llangattock Crickhowell, co. Brecon' Lease for 21 years Of mess. or tmt. and barn and outhouses etc. (30a.) (of 2.) except wood and underwood, p. Llangattock Crickhowell [see B/DX/17/3-4] œ6 rent, couple of quick fat hens at Circumcision and 5s. heriot Other terms Witnesses : Lucy Bagshaw, John Croxall B/DX/17/2 Same date 1. Samuel Croxall and Phillipa (as above) 2. John Williams of p. Llangattock Crickhowell, yeoman Lease for 21 years Of mess. and tmt. (of 2.) except wood and underwood œ10 rent, couple of quick fat hens etc., best beast as heriot Other terms Witnesses : as above B/DX/17/3-5 19 - 20 September 1750 1. Samuell Croxall of Gwernvale, p. Crickhowell, co. Brecon', D.D. 2. John William of p. Llangattock juxta Crickhowell, yeoman Lease and Release Of mess. or tmt. Y Laswern ysha with barn and beasthouse and closes etc. called Yr Wrlod dan y Tuy, Erwhen, Kaer Odyn, Kae poth, Laswen ycha, Laswern ysha, Kae dan yr hewle, Wrlod ycha, Croft y Peece, Cudrey Moel ycha and Cudrey Moel ysha (35a.) (of 1.); mess. etc. called Y Laswern Ycha with barn and beasthouse and closes etc. Cae Ener, Cae dan y Tuy, Cae lan Prees ycha, Cae lan Prees ysha, Cae Davidd, Croft Cae Davidd, Pantglase, and Y Werne (21 'covers') (David Evan by lease of 1. for 21 years), p. Llangattock juxta Crickhowell, mearing lands of Jane Williams, Richard Lewis esq., 2. Henry William, Edmond William and the Mountain Consideration : œ320 Dorse : witnesses : Philea (or Philla) Jones, 1.'s man servant; T. Williams With copy B/DX/17/6 7 May 1763 1. Henry Williams of Laswern, p. Llangattock near Crickhowell, gent.; Didville, his wife (eldest daughter of Thomas Williams of same p. yeoman, dec'd, by wife Jennett) B/DX/17/6(cont) 2. Jane Williams, widow, and Anne Robert, spinster, of said p. (sisters of Jennett; aunts to Didville) 3. Edward Williams and Thomas Williams of said p., yeomen Marriage Settlement of 1. Conveying mess. or tmt. Tuy yn y Blayney with pieces Cae ffawydden, Cae tuy Sheea, Cae Pwll, ddoy Cae Vach dwch llawr hewle, Calan gwyn, Coitcae bach, Coitcae Gwyn, Cae dwch llawr Tuy and Croft bach wrth y Glwd Dyffeth (25a.) purchased by John Williams, father of Henry, from Lewis Charles and wife Mary; mess. etc. Tyr Skibor Watkin with barn and pieces Cae pen y Lan, yr Groft with yr Skibor, ddoy Cae dwch llawr Skibor, Y Coed Ddoy Cae Rosser, Coed Watkin, Y ffawydd Dyon and Cae dan y Skibor (30a.) purchased by John Williams of Francis Lewis; mess. etc. Y Laswern Ycha etc. (as in B/DX/17/3-5) - all in p. Llangattock. Consideration : marriage; considerable quantity of furniture with his wife; œ60 portion to be paid by 2. Declaration of uses Dorse : witnesses : William Jenkins; (?) H. Williams B/DX/17/7-8 --- 1781 1. Henry Williams and wife Didvil (as in B/DX/17/6) 2. William Williams of p. Llangattock, yeoman (a nephew of Henry) 3. Francis Williams otherwise Reynold of said p., yeoman (eldest son of Edward William Reynold of same, carpenter) 4. Henry Williams of Crickhowell, attorney at law Marriage Settlement of 1. (unattested) Conveying uses of The Laswern (Henry Williams, Henry Watkin), Laswern hwnt (Anne Thomas Evan, widow), Tuy yn y^ Coed (Catherine Williams, widow), The Prisk otherwise Tyr Phillip Lewis (Anthony Lewis) purchased by Henry Williams of Phillip Lewis of Llangattock, p. Llangattock; Tyr pen y graig (Henry Watkin), ps. Llanelly and Llangattock, co. Brecon' Declaration of uses Unattested B/DX/17/9 6 April 1782 Will of Henry Williams of Llaswern, p. Llangattock, co. Brecon, gent. Ratifies marriage settlement with wife Didvil, Devises tmt. Tyr Coed (12a.), (Catharine Williams, widow) and mess. etc. Llaswern Hwynt (Ann Evans, widow), p. Llangattock, to Didvil for life, besides any jointure; on her decease, to nephew Francis Reynold and niece Jane Edwards, respectively, and heirs. Rest of real estate (not in settlement) to heirs subject to mortgage etc. all household goods, stock etc. to wife subject to debts (as sole executrix) Overseer : Rev. John Jones of town of Crickhowel Witnesses : Edward Davies, Morgan Morgans, William Forster Probate (St. David's), - July 1782 B/DX/17/10 Office copy of B/DX/17/9 B/DX/17/11 11 January 1799 1. John Williams of Laswern, p. Llangattock - Crickhowell, co. Brecon, gent. 2. William James of same p., shoemaker Lease for 99 years Of site of old mess. or dw. house Ty-pen-y-lan with land (5p.) for a garden, part of Laswern estate Rent 5s Covenant by 2. to build a mess. or cottage Dorse : witnesses : Baker Gabb, attorney at law, Abergavenny B/DX/17/12 1 February 1799 1. David Thomas of the Farm, p. Abergavenny, co. Monmouth, yeoman; Jane, his wife 2. David Phillips of p. Llanwenarth, co. Monmouth, yeoman Lease for 21 years Of mess. etc. Llaeswern hunt with all houses, land etc. except timber, fruit and other trees, coppice etc Rent œ24 Other terms Dorse : witnesses : William Hughes, Thomas Jones B/DX/17/13 20 August 1808 1. Rees Williams, gent. (ptf.) 2. David Thomas, yeoman; Jane, his wife (defores.) Fine (Great Sessions) (PRO copy, 14 October 1874) Of mess., 2 cottages etc., p. Llangattock, co. Brecon œ400 B/DX/17/14-16 January 1809 2 letters from Thomas Jones to Rees Williams, attorney at law, Crickhowell, regarding errors in calculating interest and account of interest 1799 - 1809 due to David Thomas. B/DX/17/17 Abstract of title of David Thomas and wife Jane, late Jane Edwards spinster, to Y Laswern Ycha otherwise Laswern Hwynt, p. Llangattock (1750 - 98) B/DX/17/18 29 May 1809 1. David Thomas of p. Llangattock, yeoman; Jane, his wife (1 of daughters of Thomas Edward Phillip of p. Llanelly by wife Mary, both dec'd; and niece of and devisee in will of Henry Williams of Llaswern, gent., dec'd) 2. Rees Williams of town of Crickhowell, gent. Mortgage for œ300 and interest on property in B/DX/17/13 viz. Y Laswrn Ycha otherwise Laswern Ycha otherwise Llaswern Hwynt with barn and beasthouse etc. (as in B/DX/17/3-5) with Bryn Glase) and Cae Bailey Ty'r David (Edward Evans, 1.), p. Llangattock, purchased by John Williams of Samuel Croxall D.D. Declaration of uses Dorse : witnesses : William Williams, vicar of Crickhowell; John Herbert of same and late of Gilvach B/DX/17/19 18 March 1815 1. William James of p. Llangattock Crickhowell, shoemaker 2. John Adams of Wenllan, same p., yeoman Assignment of Lease Of property in B/DX/17/11 B/DX/17/19(cont) Consideration : œ40 Dorse : witnesses : Thoms Jones; John Williams, his clerk B/DX/17/20 Will (copy) of John Williams of Llwinhouse [Llwmws], p. Llangattock, gent. Devises freehold Prisk and Tir-isha (Mr. Thomas Gratrex), p. Llangattock, and moiety of Pen y park (Mary Reynold) to daughter Joan Williams for life and heirs. Freehold called Blaenoney, Llaswern, Tiryblayney, Tir Skibor Watkin, Llwmhouse, Lloynymirch and Tir-pen-y-lan to eldest son James Williams and heirs. All household goods etc. to Joan. Sole executor : son James Witnesses : Margaret Morgan, wife of Thomas Morgan of Noyadd Farm; Thomas Gratrex of Crickhowell; Thomas Jones, attorney, Abergavenny B/DX/17/21 9 April 1816 1. James Williams of Llwmhouse, p. Llangattock, gent. (eldest son etc. of John Williams by wife Joan, formerly Joan Prosser widow, both dec'd, etc.) 2. William Jones of Bryn, p. Clodock, co. Hereford, gent. Deed to Lead to Uses of a Fine (attested copy 1836) of mess. Tuy Blaenoney and closes Gworlod Blaenoney. Cae main, Gworlod vach, Cae dan y ffordd, Cae-yr-vallen, Cae Kennol, Cae-bach, Ywern vach, Cae ycha, Cae ffynnon-vach, Coed ycha, Cae bach dysh Iaw'r heol, Cae ffynnon ore, Gworlod ffynnon ore, Cae cwm Onney, Cae Kennol and Guttus bach (90a.); barn Skibor newidd; 2 closes adjoining barn called Erw-vawr and Erw Vychan (15 a.); mess. etc. Tir pen y lan (William James) with closes etc.; mess. etc. Tyr Lloyn y mirch etc. as amply as descended on death of Rachel Jones (intestate) to John Williams late of Llwmhouse; property in B/DX/17/6; mess. etc. Llwmhouse otherwise Tuy or Tyr y Llymmus - all p. Llangattock Witnesses : Thomas Jones, attorney, Abergavenny; Roger Prosser, shopkeeper B/DX/17/22 16 April 1816 1. William Jones, gent. (ptf.) 2. James williams, gent. (deforc.) Fine (Great Sessions) (attested copy 1836) Of 6 mess., 2 cottages etc. in p. Llangattock œ2,020 B/DX/17/23-24 3 June 1816 1. James Williams (as above) 2. Thomas Phillips of Pontmoil, p. Trevethin, co. Monmouth, shopkeeper Mortgage Demise for œ1,000 and interest on Tir penylan (William James) and property in B/DX/17/6 (40a.) and Tuy or Tyr y Llymmus (James Williams) etc. - all p. Llangattock Other terms Dorse : witnesses : Thomas Jones; John Williams, his clerk With bond, same date B/DX/17/25-26 5 - 6 July 1821 1. Thomas Phillips of Pontmoile, p. Trefethin, co. Monmouth, shopkeeper B/DX/17/25-26(cont) 2. James Williams, late of Llwmhouse etc., now Crumlin, co. Mon., gent. 3. John Jones of town of Brecon, gent. 4. David Davies of p. Llangattock, esq. Assignment of Mortgage for œ1,000 and term of 1,000 years to attend the inheritance On Tir y Blaeyney otherwise Tuy yn y Blayney, Tyr Skibor Watkin, Llaswern otherwise Y Llaswern Ycha with closes (named as in B/DX/17/23-24), p. Llangattock Consideration : œ721 3s. 6d. to 1. from 4. Dorse : witnesses : William Vernon, shopman to Mr. Phillips; - ? - Hull, clerk to Messrs. Powell, Jones and Powell, Brecon; John Jones (Brecon) B/DX/17/27 16 November 1828 Will of Rees Williams of town of Crickhowell, attorney at law To be interred in p. church or yard of Crickhowell; 20 guineas for mourning. Devises mess. or tmt. the Britannia, Crickhowell, to friends John Powell of Brecon, attorney, David Davies of Llangattock, land agent, and William Parry of Tretower Court, esq., for 70 years if Charles Vaughan, tenant, and his wife Ann so long live, at œ25 rent etc. Reversion to trustees to sell. All law books and professional manuscripts to friend Henry Rumsey Williams of Caernarvon esq., son of late friend Henry Williams of Crickhowell esq., as token of esteem. All household goods and furniture and all other books (except wearing apparel and best watch to Daniel, son of sister Mary Protherch) to trustees to sell etc. and to pay œ100 to Wesleyan Society, City Road, London, at interest, with preference to the Welsh Wesleyan Cause, Crickhowell, and to pay 10 guineas to trustees for trouble, and œ500 each to nephews and nieces of late sister Mary Protherch, œ40 to Esther, wife of John Price of Crickhowell, carpenter, and rest to be divided between said nieces and nephews Witnesses : John Pratt, builder; Robert Harris, druggist; Charles Howe, draper; all of Crickhowell Probate (PCC) : 1 December 1829 B/DX/17/28 29 September 1831 1. John Powell of Brecon, attorney at law; David Davies of Llangattock, land agent; Charles Vaughan of Crickhowell, victualler 2. William Parry of Tretower Court, esq. 3. David Thomas of p. Llangattock, yeoman; Jane, his wife 4. Crawshay Bailey of Nanty glo, co. Monmouth, esq. Assignment and Further Mortgage in fee on Y Laswern ycha otherwise Llaswern Hwynt etc., p. Llangattock Consideration : œ300 to 1. from 4. Dorse : witnesses : Mor : Davies; Thomas Williams, printer, Crickhowell B/DX/17/29 20 July 1835 1. David Thomas of Laswern Ucha, p. Llangattock, co. Brecknock 2. Crawshay Bailey of Nanty Glo, co. Monmouth, esq. Articles of Agreement for sale of Llaswern Ucha B/DX/17/29(cont) Witnesses : M.R. (?)Enery, clerk to Messrs. J. & C. Bailey, Nanty Glo [Nant-y-glo] B/DX/17/30 23 July 1835 Sale conditions of Laswern freehold estate with Tyr y blayney and Tyr Penylan (77a. 1r. 26p.) B/DX/17/31 12 August 1835 Letter 1. James and Powell, Brecon, to 2. T. Gabb esq., solicitor, Abergavenny, regarding Laswerne ucha, giving extract of Fine, August 1808 (B/DX/17/13) B/DX/17/32 24 - 25 August 1835 1. David Thomas of p. Llangattock, co. Brecon, yeoman; Jane, his wife 2. Crawshay Bailey of Nanty Glo, co. Monmouth, esq. Lease and Release Of mess. etc. Laswern Ycha otherwise Llaswern Hwyant (of 1.) and pieces (named) (28a. 19p.) with all houses etc. especially cottages erected on close called Baily ty Defaid Consideration : œ700 Recital of B/DX/17/18 and 28 Plan Dorse : witnesses : T. Gabb; Edward Davies B/DX/17/33 5 October 1835 Extract of Cwmyoy [Cwmiau] marriage entry : 15 November 1777, of John Williams of p. Llangattock, gent., and Joan Prosser of p. Cwmyoy, co. Monmouth B/DX/17/34 Extract from letters of Administration (PCC), 20 March 1833, granted to Joan Edwards, widow, natural sister and next-of- kin of James Williams of Crumlin, p. Monythusloine [Mynyddislwyn], co. Mon., dec'd B/DX/17/35 7 October 1835 Affidavit of George Reese of Kemeys Inferior, co. Monmouth, esq., relating to Joan Edwards of Llangattock, widow, of Thomas Edwards, formerly of Usk, co. Monmouth, afterwards Llanelly, co. Brecon, shopkeeper, dec'd (c. 1817 Edwards left Llanelly for the U.S.A either with his sister Mary Mason and her family or immediately followed by her. c 1822 deponent received a letter from Mary Mason informing him of death of Thomas Edwards at Fazettvill, U.S.A. Deponent had been 'interested for' Thomas Edwards and wife Joan in money transactions; informed by Mary Mason that property would be remitted after payment of Edwards's debts; deponent received œ23 or thereabouts from Mason as balance of personal estate which deponent paid to Joan Edwards) B/DX/17/36 18 November 1835 Affidavit of Mary Prosser (wife of John Prosser, p. Llandilo Pertholey, co. Mon., farmer) age about 68, and Thomas Delahay of Crickhowell, clerk to Mr. George Augustus Apreece Davies of same, solcitor, regarding Joan Edwards of p. Llanelly, widow of Thomas Edwards and daughter of John Williams of p. Llangattock. (Christened c. 1787 at Sharpers House near Llanthony Chapel, p. Cwmyoy, B/DX/17/36(cont) co. Monmouth. James Williams, brother of Joan, was also son of John Williams by wife Joan; James died at Crumlin, co. Mon., unmarried, c. October 1832 etc. Delahay unable to find record of baptisms of Joan or James in register of Llanthony Chapel which dated only from 14/2/1813 nor in that of Cwmyoy. Rev. John Bowen Evans, clerk of Cwmyoy and Llanthony, had been informed that register books were lost or destroyed) B/DX/17/37 16 January 1836 Affidavit of William Williams of Nantyrychen, Grwyney Fechan, p. Talgarth, yeoman, age 'One hundred years or thereabouts', only surviving brother of John Williams of Llwmhouse, p. Llangattock (John was eldest son of William Williams by wife Mary, sister of Henry Williams of Llaswern, p. Llangattock, gent., who left 2 other sisters Rachel and Ann and brother James who died in lifetime of Henry without issue. Henry died c. 50 years ago. Deponent's brother John, of Llwmhouse, held Llaswern Estate which descended to Joan Edwards widow, only sister and heiress at law of James Williams dec'd) B/DX/17/38 11 February 1836 Admeasurement and Valuation of timber on Laswern Farm purchased by Crawshay Bailey of representatives of late Mr. John Williams B/DX/17/39 Sketchplan of Laswern Farm purchased by Crawshay Bailey esq. of Mrs. Joan Edwards 1836 Field-names, use B/DX/17/40 9 - 10 March 1836 1. William Morgan of Abergavenny, co. Monmouth, banker 2. Rebecca Davies of Llangattock, co. Brecon, widow 3. John Jones of town of Brecon, gent. 4. Joan Edwards of p. Llangattock, widow 5. Crawshay Bailey of Nanty Glo Iron works, co. Monmouth, esq. 6. Joseph Bailey the younger of Glen Usk Park, esq. Lease and Release Of Laswern Farm (77a. 1r. 19p.) (John Jones and Henry James), Tir Pen y lan (formerly William Jones), Tir y Blayney otherwise Tuy-yn-y-Blayney and pieces (named), Tyr Skibor Watkin and pieces (named), Llaeswern otherwise y Llaswern ycha with pieces (named), p. Llangattock Consideration : œ1,000 to 12. (as trustee and executor of David Davies); œ972 3s. 6d. to 4. Recital of B/DX/17/23-26. Will of David Davies, 8 October 1825, devising rest of personal estate to Charles Wheeley and William Morgan, both of Abergavenny, executors. Death of Davies 11 November 1831 (PCC 19 June 1832) Death of James Willialms 11 October 1832 Map (field-names, areas, state) Dorse : witnesses : George Sydney Davies and Thomas Delahay, his clerk, of Crickhowell; Caroline Davies, Llangattock; G.A.A. Davies, solicitor, Crickhowell B/DX/17/41 'Old description of Llaswern Estate purchased by Crawshay Bailey esq. of Mrs Joan Edwards 1836' B/DX/17/42 31 May 1836 1. John Adams of Winllan,p. Llangattock. Crickhowell, co. Brecon, yeoman 2. Crawshay Bailey of Nanty Glo Iron Works, co. Monmouth, esq. Surrender of Term of 99 years Of Ty pen y lan with garden (Elizabeth James, widow, tenant), p. Llangattock Recital of B/DX/17/11,19 and 40 Consideration : œ40 Dorse : witnesses : T. Gabb and T. Jenkins, Abergavenny B/DX/17/43-44 Legal fees of T. Gabb and G.A.A. Davies on Crawshay Bailey 1835 - 36 B/DX/17/45-62 Papers relating to Rev. John James Evans, Cantref Rectory B/DX/17/45-49 1860 - 62 Matriculation papers of John James Evans B/DX/17/50-51 21 February 1864 Declaration of conformity and Licence of Curacy of St. Woolos, co. Monmouth, to John James Evans, B.A B/DX/17/52 28 April 1864 Licence of clerkship in same to Evans B/DX/17/53 24 May 1869 Insurance policy of Rev. John J. Evans, Cantreff Rectory, Brecon, on printed books and stationery at depot of the Christian Knowledge Society, Struet, Brecon B/DX/17/54 16 August 1873 1. David Evans of Brecon, banker 2. Thomas John Evans, Graiglas near Brecon, esq., and John James Evans, Cantreff Rectory Bond in œ18,000 to pay œ9,000 and interest B/DX/17/55 25 February 1882 Note by David Evans regarding policies on life of Rev. John James Evans B/DX/17/56-61 1878 - 84 Receipts for shares in The National Debt with note of sale and investment of proceeds in Alexandra (Newport) Dock B/DX/17/62 25 May 1894 Receipt by David J. Jeffreys, solicitor, Brecon, of deed of Covenant 14 September 1881 from Rev. J.J. Evans regarding Miers Estate for preparation of mortgage ? Stray item B/DX/17/63 21 May 1900 Appointment of Henry John Archibald Evans gent. as 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery

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